2017 Must See Cities in Morocco -

2017 Must See Cities in Morocco


2017 Must See Cities in Morocco

2017 Must See Cities in Morocco

Morocco is a country that continuously gained strength as years progressed. Last year, it attracted more than ten million visitors that contributed to six billion dollars to Morocco’s GDP.


Although easily accessible, the country offers a unique way of life for foreign travelers. The fusion of French, Arab and Spanish influences makes it all the more interesting to discover.


The sceneries are equally mesmerizing, from Atlantic coast to snowcapped mountains to desert dunes of Sahara. It is difficult to choose a few spots in a very diverse land but here’s our take on Top 3 Must Visit Sites in Morocco for 2017:




One of the well known cities in Morocco and a preferred destination for most travelers, Marrakech is globally connected making it a top choice for those visiting Morocco. The city offers a good number of tourist spots, from Djemma El-Fna square to world famous souks filled with pottery, goodies and spices. The city also caters to modern travel junkies as there are an array of clubs and entertainment spots to enjoy.


Not to be missed: the call to prayer during sunset where sounds of prayer rings across the city as the sun sets and every one prays silently, it’s magical.




Moving north, one can discover a UNESCO heritage site in the city called Fez, world’s largest functioning Islamic city. The temperature here is much cooler compared to Marrakech and has a more laid back feel. Here, it’s easy to walk and wander as it’s one of the biggest city pedestrian spaces in the world. The place is filled with alleys and surprises in every corner.


Tourist spots in Fez includes Boulnania Madrasa mosque, the world’s oldest university (Univ. of Al-Karaouine) and Merenid Tombs which has a majestic viewpoint. Not to be missed is a dinner in Café Clock and day trips to Meknes and Volubilis Roman Ruins.




Visiting Ourzazate would let you discover the other side of Morocco where majority of the residents are Berber and entirely traditional language. The humble city holds a culture that is very much different compared to other Moroccan cities. The Berbers constructed many of the iconic kasbahs, structures in which the area is most known for. Also called “the door of the desert”, Ourzazate is a must experience when traveling to Morocco.


Coming from Ourzazate, one can take a journey to the famed Sahara Desert if you want to ride on camels or camp out under the desert sun or maybe take a trip to the greenery side on the palm valleys of Draa. For day trips, you may check out the fortified town of Ait Benhaddou.


Other interesting cities:

Essaouira – imagine beaches and experience what was once a hang out spot of Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Marley.

Agadir – for a more upgrade travel kind and you aim for resort type of luxury holidays

Chefchaouen – experience Spanish influence in Morocco in this so called blue city. Spain’s influences are well presented in food, culture, and way of life.


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