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The 22nd Conference for Climate Change marks Forest Action Day


The United Nations’ 22nd Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Morocco rejoiced for the Forest Action Day.

The celebration is part of COP22’s Agenda for Global Climate Action which is formed to look after, reestablish and sustainably oversee the forests.

COP22 Global Action Agenda features eight themes per day such as water, industry, and businesses, as well as resilience in cities, buildings, energy, transport, oceans, and agriculture.

agenda was launched to increase collaboration among administrations, cities, industries, stakeholders and peoples to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and support susceptible countries to become accustomed to climate waves and shape their particular green and ecological outlooks.

With regards to cooperation, another event to look forward which is happening on November 10 is the “Low Carbon Renewable Energy: Lessons from MENA and Latin America Regions”. It is a side event of the COP22 and will open the on November 10, 2016 in Bab Ighli, Green Zone, City of Marrakech.

The event is organized by CARLAC or the Council on Arab World Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean in partnership with by the FGV, School of Public Policy, OCP Policy Center, and the Abu Dhabi-based Masdar. CARLAC is a non-governmental and non-partisan organization aiming to provide other ways to form appropriate networks to concentrate on a wide-ranging chain of deliberations and combined teamwork, exclusively between the Arab World, Latin America, and the Carribean.

CARLAC focuses on discussions regarding common interests predominantly on investment, social and cultural development, trade and commerce, and higher education.

On behalf of the other members of CARLAC, Mohamed Dekkak, Finance Officer and Founding Member of CARLAC invites the people who will be in the COP22 to attend their event.

During the Global Climate Action Launch Event, it was noted that protecting and up keeping the forests is vital to achieving international sustainable development objectives, together with battling drought and scarcity of water.

The Strengthened Action in Favor of Forests in the Mediterranean-Sahel Region in the Context of Climate Change or AFMS is a fresh idea that was mentioned.

The said program is created to aid the countries to undertake multifaceted assurances to forests, together with reworking and alleviation  in accordance to the agreement, as well as to enable funds that will aid in expanding forest supervision also to improve the flexibility of the population that greatly depends on forests.

The UN has stated that the forests are among the principal and most economical reactions present and vulnerable to climate change. States, the community, the commercial sector and native groups are exerting their efforts and binding them to save the forests and to constrain the heat to under two degrees Celsius beyond pre-industrial standards, in adherence with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The UN-FAO or the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations also commented that improved forests are imperative to promote and help many supplementary worldwide development objectives.

At present, forest dilapidation causes the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for up to twelve percent which is greater than the whole transport sector.

On the other hand, by ceasing deforestation, decreasing and retreating forest dilapidation, forests could provide significant aid to the resolution of climate change in the forthcoming years.

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