5 Things Tourists in Morocco can do during Ramadan -

5 Things Tourists in Morocco can do during Ramadan
5 Things Tourists in Morocco can do during Ramadan

5 Things Tourists in Morocco can do during Ramadan

If you are going on a tour in Morocco this summer holiday during the holy month of Ramadan, you might be thinking that there would not be enough activities you can do. Fret not, because from visiting attraction to sampling local dishes, Morocco is still a go-to holiday spot even during Ramadan.


Here are some recommended top activities to get your authentic cultural Moroccan tourism experience.


  1. Take an Iftar and a Suhur Meal

When Muslims break their fast after sunset, they call it an iftar meal. It’s a festive celebration where cities come to life enjoying bountiful feast as well as lots of traditional Moroccan tomato soup. Family and friends gather over ambrosial foods so one will definitely enjoy iftar when visiting Morocco during Ramadan.

And if you know a Moroccan family, be sure to set a time with them for Iftar as this experience guarantees a taste of delish and tradition Moroccan home cooked meals.

Suhur, on the other hand, is a meal taken before dawn before Muslims fast. Tourists are encouraged to try to experience it too.


  1. Enjoy Suhur and Iftar on the beach side

The early summer mornings and after sunset hours are mostly the best time to go out. Prepare your meal, pick up some blankets and enjoy a picnic feast by the seashore.


  1. Go Shopping

To fully enjoy Morocco during Ramadan, grab every chance to get hold of huge discounts during a post shopping trip to markets or malls. Ramadan sale offers authentic Moroccan designed candle holders, misbaha as well as lanterns.

Muslims immediately after iftar go out to enjoy the gardens, medinas, street art performers, henna artists and much more.

Morocco’s bigger cities are inclined to live a fast paced life. During Ramadan, however, everything slows down. Working hours are cut short and shopping malls become less crowded, a good time for shopping and city exploration.


  1. Dine in Fast Food Restaurants

It is not difficult for tourists to travel to Morocco during Ramadan since majority of tour attractions are open during the daytime.

In case you’re craving for the old familiar favorite, famed fast food chains like McDonalds and Quick are still open during Ramadan.


  1. Visit the Mosques

In a Muslim country like Morocco, the best way to understand the spiritual significance of the holy month is to visit their mosques and observe the Muslims devotion to praying during Ramadan.


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