7 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Tolerance When Traveling -

Ways to Build Tolerance
Ways to Build Tolerance

Ways to Build Tolerance

When you experience something that annoys you so much during your travel and you learn to control yourself and view the situation in a much broader sense, looking at the different aspects of that person or situation to understand things, you practice tolerance.

When traveling, you are put into many environments that may be out of your comfort zone and with people that may make you feel uneasy. You may feel frustrated when your stillness is disturbed. These situations will give you a chance to apply the spirit of tolerance. Here are some simple ways you can practice while on travel?


  1. Try to look beyond the person that annoys you and go over the probable causes that make you upset.
  1. If you are bothered by others and loose focus, your tension builds. Recognize that it may just be your ego to limit the negative feelings you’re having.
  1. Relax and meditate. Sometimes you realize that some issues are not that important and do not necessarily define one person or experience. During stressful situations and when your spirit is calm, you learn to think first and react patiently with grace, becoming the best version of your self.
  1. Always remember that no matter how annoying a person or the situation can be, it’s only temporary. Things and situations change, it is imminent.
  1. A person has the power to control how these annoyances affect himself. You can try shifting your focus to more positive thoughts or persons. Learn to brush off and stay away from negative emotions.
  1. The truth of the matter is, no matter how likeable you are, it would be impossible to be accepted by everyone. Most likely, someone has been upset at you. So remember how did that person react? Keep in mind that even at your worst, some people were still kind and patient with you. Pay that goodness forward.
  1. Practice being patient and you become more tolerant. It will empower you.


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