Achieving Peace Through Tourism -

Achieving Peace Through Tourism
Achieving Peace Through Tourism

Achieving Peace Through Tourism

Being one of the world’s biggest industry, tourism has a huge influence on many social communities. While this influence is constantly looked in terms of economic impact, many researchers believe that certain kind of tourism can carry out peace or lessen, at least, the possible chances for conflicts.

These positive effects, however, does not come from corporate forms of tourism according to research but on alternative forms of tourism. The kind that has the capacity to establish a sustainable global progress as well as peace.

Initiatives that support responsible tourism also promotes peace for they play a part in international understanding and cooperation and preservation of world heritage. This shows that tourism can lessen the chance for people resorting to violence to tackle problems.

A simple concept of tourism which is getting to know the people and the place you’re visiting can further promote peace. A profound travel experience may clear any misconceptions and stereotype and cultivate positive views like unity, compassion, respect, open mindedness, and tolerance.


International Festival of Ibn Battuta

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is working on putting up a unique kind of travel festival set to take place in the city of Tangier in the Kingdom of Morocco on November 9 to 12, 2017. Tagged as the second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta, the celebration aims to present not only the legacy and values exhibited by the Prince of Travelers but to also promote peace by traveling.

Having the theme “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace”, the festivity seeks to show how the culture of traveling can be utilized to obtain harmonious relationships among people of different cultures. Having volunteers participating from all over the world to support this event is a good start. This idea presents that every traveler has the potential to become Ambassador of Peace.

The festival will cover many interesting cultural activities to improve the understanding of world culture and history and its relations among international communities. There will be carnival parades, conferences, cultural and music shows, film shows and art exhibits to name a few.

The organization is encouraging the participation of the international travel and cultural communities. If this kind of tourism initiative becomes widely recognized and supported, tourism can very well become an effective global peace industry.


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