Mohamed Dekkak
Mohamed Dekkak

Chairman and Founder

Adgeco Group is a well-established and distinguished Holding Company in the United Arab Emirates, which is founded in 1992 by its Chairman and Founder Mohamed Dekkak which caters to the Middle East and the North Africa (MENA) regions. It is an establishment with experienced professionals and high-caliber management in their respective fields of expertise. Adgeco Group is a team of ultimate and irreplaceable experiences in industries like Oil and Gas, Security System Integration, Construction and Infrastructure, Real Estate Services, Energy and Power, Engineering, EPC, Consulting, Marine, Pressure Vessels, Scaffolding, Chemical Decontamination, Desalination and Sewage, and Horizontal Directional Drilling.  Adgeco Group of companies has exuded professionalism with their huge lists of clients in major projects such as Civil Construction Works and Installation of Ship Lift System Service, Radar Tower at DWC International Airport, Box Culvers and Vehicular Underpass, Zone K of the Yas Island Development, Port of Fujairah Oil Terminal 2 and many others. These projects allowed us to deliver prime and ideal services to our clients and will continue in doing business to showcase our excellent project execution fully.

Mission and Vision

The Company’s mission and vision are to be the leading and outstanding holding company in the United Arab Emirates with a strong focus to build partnerships and business for the future. To be the best contributor in nation-building through its activities and to open doors and give unlimited opportunity to entrepreneurs to excel in their businesses and to be able to employ their strengths as well as pursue long-lasting relationships.

The main role of our company is to provide adeptness and expertise in promoting projects and the experience in participating and obtaining tenders as well as accessing different government and privatized associations. The group’s business partnership works through agency or amalgamation arrangements furnished with the highest caliber of service resulting in an active, dynamic, and competent success of any business venture. As the pacemaker in the business alliances, ADGECO Group aims to create a harmonious and correlatively beneficial partnership with multi-national corporations globally intending to make access to the industrialized and emerging markets of UAE. As its Chairman and founder, Mr. Mohamed Dekkak’s perspective is to meet the important and firm competition in the local and global market.

Adgeco Group provides careers and employment to qualified individuals in their field of competence and expertise. Not only that the company offers employment, but the management will also ensure the growth and satisfaction of its employees and will help the individual to obtain more knowledge to enhance and understand their craft.

Throughout the years to this day, as a dynamic figure in the business is still driven to expand the company’s horizon not only for himself but the rest of the management and personnel, and its continued success are owed to him and his endless dedication to his work.

Together, both the company and its management and employees are working hand in hand to assure the finest and first-class service they can provide its clients and to those starting their businesses and willfully and consistently committed dedicating our experiences and professional efforts to serve the betterment of innumerable industries and businesses in the United Arab Emirates, MENA Region, and Africa.

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