Honorable Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Mohamed Dekkak
Honorable Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Mohamed Dekkak

Arab Business Club offers a unique platform that provides networking opportunities to higher management from international companies performing business activities in the Arab world. It serves as a professional platform that brings together elite people in business, investors, and decision-makers from the region and from all over the world. A setup that pulls altogether business opportunities for investors and meetings amongst prominent Arab people in business and top professionals from the world over.

The Arab Business Club is an ideal platform where concepts meet investment, and cultural social, and lingual barriers are eliminated to allow the business to grow in the Arab community and the rest of the globe. Concepts like the ambassador’s program, meet the CEO program, networking events, and an interactive online site with all the improved facets tailored from leading social networking websites designed to cater to the members’ needs. The invitations are delivered only to the higher echelon of international companies, assuring that members will be networking with the top movers and shakers of the Arab business community exclusively through this portal.

The Arab Business Club which was established in 2008, has been guided by its core values that identify the character of the organization and serve the business essentials. Arab Business Club seeks to encourage and solidify business relationships formed on trust and transparency between business professionals and removes barriers between individuals of various nationalities.
The organization is an international business based in Dubai and New York, with ambassadors in Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Sweden, Germany, UK, Qatar, Spain, Kuwait, Russia, and Tatarstan. Members are wisely chosen and get to participate in events &exhibitions organized by the Arab Business Club, letting the members network their business plus enjoying the advantages related to their membership. The Arab Business Club offers three varieties of memberships: Premium, Elite, and Corporate. The membership is available to business professionals in numerous industries in aviation, investment, oil and gas, fashion, media, from general to top management of international companies.

The achievements of the Arab Business Club have made many initiatives possible and helped expand business opportunities for members. It serves as an ideal platform to develop strategic partnerships & mutual relations among the region’s key players & business leaders, through providing interactive opportunities. The organization’s aim is to be the leading business club. Members benefit from premium quality leads, going to exclusive events for members along with government leaders from the Arab world. Putting out their business in a cozy setting, allows member attendees to introduce their products and services to business professionals. The club’s networking events take place even on the international stage in Asia, Europe, and United States attended by key CEOs and director generals of the region’s top free zones. This includes onsite events set at conferences, seminars, exhibits, and trade shows to bring more marketing exposure.

This 2017, the organization headed by the President and Chairman of the Board of Arab Business Club, Hamdan Mohammad Al Murshidi stated their delight to have been part of the Dubai Festival in Mumbai. Trade between United Arab Emirates& India has been going for years the organization strives to make it more valuable for both countries. The Arab Business Club aspires on becoming the world’s leading Business Networking Club, pursuing the Elite Business Circle in the Arab world, therefore it provides opportunities for international companies to market themselves and stand for their country in this circle.

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