Arab Health 2021 Expo opens in Dubai

Arab Health 2021 Expo opens in Dubai

The 46th Arab Health Expo opens in Dubai, bringing the latest innovations in the healthcare world

The Dubai World Trade Centre has once again opened its doors to gather the different public and private organizations and dignitaries in the healthcare and non-healthcare industry on the 46th installment of the Arab Health Expo, which starts from June 21-24, 2021.

Informa Markets is organizing this meaningful event under the theme ‘Looking Ahead, Embracing Innovation ‘, which aims to provide the global healthcare industry a platform for discussion, education, trade, and networking, focusing on the developments, innovations, and concerns that must be given importance for the benefit of the global population.

Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman of Adgeco Group, has been a regular participant in the event. Attending exhibitions like the Arab Health keeps him informed on the current market situation in  Healthcare, and it opens new prospects for business partnerships and project development such as the building of healthcare facilities and services. According to Mr. Dekkak, since now that there is a worldwide pandemic, everybody is now well aware of the importance of health and healthcare programs. More and more institutions and organizations are creating solutions to control COVID-19, and participating in Arab Health is one of the best strategies to introduce these solutions to the market.

The Arab Health 2021 offers 12 medical and health conferences mainly focusing on education and technological advancement. Attendees can visit in person at the DWTC and Conrad Dubai for the exposition participated by thousands of exhibitors. Arab Health is a well-rounded event that covers ultramodern imaging equipment to the most economical disposables; innovations in surgery and progress in prosthetics.

  1. The Total Radiology conference

The Total Radiology conference expects more than 2,000 participants, influencers, and experts from different parts of the world.  This conference unveils the latest procedures in medical imaging, precise imaging identification to increase care quality for radiology patients. Furthermore, special guest societies such as the European Federation of Radiographers Societies, the European Society of Breast Imaging, the Radiological Society of Saudi Arabia, and the German Society of Radiology graces the event with their insights and information on technological developments in Radiology.

  1. The 13th Obs & Gyn Conference: Putting evidence into practice: Learning from case studies

The Obs & Gyn Conference brings together medical practitioners in the Middle East to discuss women’s health. Case studies will be presented focusing on the innovation of different solutions that promote women’s health.

The conference aims to improve knowledge and enhance the proficiency of attendees. Importance will be given on the practical application of the topics presented. All regional and international speakers will present recent and relevant case studies and will discuss the latest trends and cares including several sub-specialist topics and a diverse field of women’s diseases. The conference will also introduce delegates to new equipment and technological advances available in the market.

It is an international stage that showcases the latest developments in science and practice in the field. Together with training, the event delivers the participants with access to the industry’s finest, permitting the discovery of state-of-the-art products and devices accessible in the field.

  1. The 20th Surgery Conference: Innovative approaches for better patient outcomes

Surgeons are one of the essential building blocks in the healthcare industry. Their job requires comprehensive study and practical expertise. Arab Health calls on the local societies and well-known surgical groups worldwide to participate in the conference.

The Surgery Conference is a platform for surgeons, and it offers Industry talks on diversity and inclusion in surgery. Arab Health allows the most influential surgeons to assemble every year to develop technical proficiencies, share their advices to implement innovative techniques effectively and seamlessly, and see what is latest in the industry.

  1. The 7th Public Health Conference: COVID-19 Pandemic: A 360 Public Health Perspective

As COVID-19 is the primary concern for public health this time, the conference invites the general public to get involved in minimizing the consequences or effects of the pandemic.  The conference will educate the attendees on the function of digital health and innovation in pandemic response, assess the potential impact of climate change in health, and prevent these concerns.

Furthermore, the conference also delves into the pandemic’s effects on mental health and how support from different institutions can help people cope with the pandemic’s changes.

  1. The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PMR) Conference: Defining the future scope of physical medicine and rehabilitation

The PMR conference will run for two days highlighting topics on physical medication and therapy. The participants can expect a forum filled with insights on innovation on unified pain management policies to improve effects on patients. There will be an evaluation of the strategies and recovery for neurological disorders and neuromuscular diseases and evaluate the introduction of psychological principles into physical rehabilitation, including pediatric, Covid-19, and cancer rehabilitation.

Delegates are open to discussing the advanced technologies and the recent improvements made in the subject.

  1. ENT Conference : Innovation: the new normal

Many developments have been introduced in the field of ENT since the onset of the pandemic. The ENT Conference highlights the most groundbreaking methodologies in Otorhinolaryngology and surgeries involving the head and neck. The ENT Conference is a new addition to the Arab Health conferences, and it offers the participants’ lectures from societies and local and international experts.

This conference will be an opportunity to reflect on the past year and benchmark your skills against the most topical research-driven procedures, instructions, and techniques. The conference’s key topics will tackle Rhinology and anterior skull base surgery, Otology, Cochlear implants, Head and neck surgery, facial plastic surgery, Audiology, Laryngology, and Paediatric otolaryngology.

  1. The 12th Quality Management Conference

The 12th edition of the Quality Management conference is a two-day convention that tackles maintaining or enhancing the current healthcare solutions amid scarcity and increasing demand for services.

The first day is Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Impact on Quality Management, and the second day discusses the update and future trends in Quality Management Fundamentals.

Several topics such as E-Health, Digitisation of Quality Management, Accreditation, High technology, Leadership and culture, and Risk management will be the forum’s highlight.

  1. The 17th Orthopaedics & MSK Conference: a 21st-century roadmap for Orthopaedic & MSK health

The conference will cover several topics, namely, diagnosis and treatment of common upper & lower limb conditions, MSK Imaging, fractures, integration of technology into Orthopaedics, MSK oncology, sports medicine, trauma, and Ortho-Biologics.

As the title suggests, the sessions focus on the latest medical methods, systems and management practices, and new procedures for identifying and remedying orthopedic ailments.

  1. The Family Medicine Conference: Evidence-based practical recommendations for family

The Family Medicine conference is a new sub-event at Arab Health that primarily focusing on the wide-ranging analysis of the latest information, visions, and techniques in primary care.

The conference brings hot subjects and issues to the table, such as chronic diseases after COVID-19 recovery – updates for primary care, lipids and cardiovascular risk management, Hypertension, Management of Type II Diabetes, Respiratory diseases, Obesity, and weight management, and Mental health.

The agenda tackles evidence-based applied endorsements to advance coordinated care. Talks and deliberations will focus on inter-disciplinary methods within the family medication to support the early identification and prevention of diseases.

  1. The Pharma & Drug Discovery Conference: A new, resilient reality

The conference is participated by innovators, vaccine professionals from industry, academia and research institutions, and non-profit organizations to strengthen drug discovery models further and shape future global health for the benefit of generations to come. They intend to support the National initiative to foster population health and enhance the UAE’s medical research and development capabilities, including the local capacity to develop vaccines.

As disease epidemics can result from rapid population growth, immigration, continued urbanization, and climate change, the conference will contemplate the past vaccine development to apprise and structure the forthcoming models in vaccine breakthrough.

  1. The Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Conference: Transforming healthcare with AI

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) shapes healthcare. This conference invites health tech transformers to discuss the outlook, implementation, and advantages of integration of AI and why healthcare must do so.

The conference will delve into the history of AI and modernize every medical aspect, with practical visions and a deep dive into the latest developments.

  1. The Digital Health & Innovation Conference: Enhancing the delivery of healthcare

The Digital Health & Innovation Conference is a new sub-event at the Arab Health Congress with discussions specializing on Merging technology and health: a transformation program for health systems, Telemedicine and remote monitoring in a post-COVID world, Enhancing the patient journey, The role of social media in raising health awareness, Managing digital transformation in a conservative healthcare sector, and Top trends in healthcare for the year 2025.

This conference serves as a go-to event for those who have questions regarding digital health requirements, improvements, and its management through the helpful advice of the experts.

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