Arab Peace Corps
Arab Peace Corps

Arab Peace Corp is a Non-Profit Organization. Motivated by then US President John Kennedy’s Peace Corps, the Arab Peace Corps under the initiative of the New Arab Foundation’s vision and mission is first “to break the negative, strengthening the susceptible youth being used by ‘terrorists’ to battle against what they are told is the reason for their suffering. Eventually, they are most of the time executed in the battle, a circumstance that is publicized with a specific end goal to reinvigorate the negative winding and to recruit more.”

He clarifies that the Arab Peace Corps would then work “toward actualizing advancement programs for less fortunate communities in the Arab world as well as in Europe, the US, and Canada. Changing the force and innocence of youth into positive, self-strengthening commitments for the better good of themselves and their general public will expand their feeling of having a place with their community, society, and country.”

“The Arab Peace Corps would be a voluntary service for two years employing the dedication, abilities, and dynamism of school graduates and retirees from inside the Arab world as well as from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia among others to assemble and rebuild devastated or underestimated communities in medical care, education, agriculture, artisan and small commercial ventures, public improvement and participation, instructional exercise and tutoring programs among numerous.”

“This public service would not just have a positive, helpful outcome to those communities; it would likewise give significant abilities and life experiences to the Arab people who volunteer and serve as the Arab Peace Corps members.

Why the Arab Peace Corps is essential to the Arab World

  • Because Arab nations are encountering turmoil and clashes they have never seen since the colonial period, and their country states are undermined from within and without.
  • Because trillions of dollars have been stolen from society building and utilized rather for wars or lost to management and corruption.
  • Because huge sections of the Arab populaces are disappointed, jobless, baffled with the absence of essential services, economic opportunities, and government accountability and transparency.
  • Because this has prompted a negative, self-propagating cycle in which regularly growing quantities of young fellows and ladies are without quality education or employment, prompting misery, sadness, and weaknesses which succumb them to join extremist groups.
  • Because with commitment, new thinking, and projects receptive to society’s needs, we can divert the energy of the youth into positive, self-fortifying commitments to benefit the greater good through every individual’s accomplishment of a feeling of having a place in the society and a stronger sense of self-esteem.
  • Because we aspire the Arab World to end up a model of the world contributing positively by today’s younger people attempting to reestablish communities and social orders to peace, solidness, financial improvement, and good administration.

These are the reasons the Arab Peace Corps is extremely essential. We request your support in changing the Arab world.

The Arab Peace Corps will mobilize the young generation today, young college graduates as well as skilled professionals to volunteer for two years to utilize their expertise and personal principles to serve in defenseless communities in the Arab world and Diaspora.

College graduates, skilled technicians, and artists will be formed into groups taking into account skills complementation with the necessities of specific activities or communities. Taking after a month of preparing, they will be sent for 22 months to a community to help, particularly young fellows and ladies, to learn new abilities, fortify the social fabric, and create occupation opportunities that will advance self-esteem, sustain the family and unite the community, and will diminish vulnerability to radical groups. Our long-term objective is to have groups functioning in nations over North Africa and in the Middle East.

Established and experienced professionals highly skilled in developing communities will manage the work of the volunteer groups, giving tutoring, coaching, and skills improvement for each volunteer and the groups.

The Arab Peace Corps will give volunteers food and lodging and a little living stipend. Volunteers who finish the full two years will be granted scholarships for graduate study with partnered universities. The New Arab Foundation will likewise work with organizations and governments to give occupation priority to the individuals who effectively finish their duty.

Envision volunteer groups made up of young Arabs, Amazighs, Circassians, Kurds, Armenians, all professionals, meeting up from all parts of the Arab World, extending from Morocco to North Africa through the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East, North America, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. These smart, devoted professionals -teachers, artists, engineers, health workers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, and others – embody the best in the Arab World, rich with its culture, tradition and values, religions, and ethnicities.

Now envision many of these groups, spread out over the Arab World and the Diaspora, doing community work to enhance essential health, basic education, infrastructure, job opportunities, and the environment. Inside these communities, volunteer groups concentrate on the dreams as well as disappointments of vulnerable youth, both men, and ladies, giving them the motivation to move in the direction of a positive future, dismissing them from fanaticism and viciousness, and preparing them for positive roles within their communities, to develop as opposed to demolishing. They encourage these groups as volunteers as well as cultural ambassadors.

Visualize the huge number of empowered youth professionals coming back to their communities following two years of genuine involvement in societies, with new abilities and understandings of the significant issues influencing the Arab World, prepared to tackle positive leadership in their groups, their social orders, and the worldwide community. Envision their communities respecting the service made by these volunteers upon their arrival, offering grants and employment priority.

At long last, envision the communities transformed that develop as an aftereffect of the work of these youth volunteers – communities with positive youth leaders, enhanced services, more employment, a better environment, and intensified security and peace.

This is the Arab Peace Corps’ vision, an initiative brought by the New Arab Foundation. We welcome you to go along with us in transforming this vision into reality.

These are the reasons the Arab Peace Corps is an indispensable imperative. We request your support in changing the Arab world.

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