The BPUR International and Mr. Mohamed Dekkak

BPUR International is a non-governmental organization that aims to conduct a worldwide movement to commence an ‘’International Treaty to Ban the Political Use of Religion’’.  It is an organization officially enlisted mainly in the UK.

There were a lot of minority groups that attempted to separate religion from politics but through the launching of this new organization, the issue of the erroneous and inaccurate use of religion especially in politics will be the main focal point.

The desire and need in separating religion from politics are consistently happening and will always be present.  The occurrence of destruction in some vital aspects of the world has a higher percentage than its essential benefits.

It is said that religion promotes peace and unity in diversity but why it is being the root of war and disagreements between different sectors of the world. Worldwide agreements were being ignored and were not given importance.

Therefore, BPUR International introduced a treaty that will establish a worldwide with a comprehensible directive to stop the use of religions in politics that weakens and demoralize human equality and to stop the discernment of religion’s just rights and duties.

The BPUR International strongly believes that through this International Treaty, wars will stop and peace will prevail.

With its confidence, The BPUR international community is obliged to and ought to entrust enormous resources to deal with the said issues caused by the political use of religion. Although there is yet no serious efforts have been made to address the root causes, the organization is looking forward to a great solution through the help of its team from all over the world.

The battle to ban and stop this issue is ongoing. Innocents and minorities were being used and abused. If we will not stop this, more and more dangers will take place and abuse continues.

We must put in our minds that with this current issue, we also give power and authority to some groups and sectors with the intention to create chaos put global consensus at risk. A huge number of political interests will become higher which can lead to legitimizing the terrorist attacks and retaliation against immigrants.

BPUR International believes that now is the time to launch and enact the international treaty with its goal to ban the political use of religion.

The BPUR International is being advised with specialty by Mr. Mohamed Dekkak who is the Chairman and founder of ADGECO Group. He is immeasurably lucrative in modern entrepreneurs, a shareholder, and a humanitarian. His goal is to actively promote Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence. He focuses to apply upright values to make a noteworthy difference. He is not only the CEO of the ADGECO Group but he is also an active member of various numbers of businesses and organizations. He is indeed very focused on developments and progress. He never stops leading and is well dedicated to promoting and creating good possibilities to make a better world. His dedication and perseverance are undoubtedly sharp. With his goals together with the BPUR International mission, there is no doubt that they can make the world better and equality will rise again.

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