The faster we get to know other people’s culture, the sooner we can attain world peace.

Travel is a more than just a learning experience, it’s also a movement – a revolution. You see, if more of the population travel, more people will discover the world’s culture.

Indeed, social awareness can also happen through books and media campaigns, but certainly, there is no substitute to exploring a place first hand. The experience is authentic, it will hug you from the inside and you get to value the moment even more.

Education is a foundation for a country’s sustainability and progress. And even though travel is not a textbook or classroom, it is the most valuable kind of education. As we say, experience is the best teacher. You use up all your senses and you see the beauty and concerns of the world. These experiences plant a passion or feeling, you will never get in any other way. It’s this birth of inspiration that moves global progress and change.

Traveling is best experienced when there is interaction with locals and there is an exchange of cultures. These factors nurture a lasting education and broadened perspective, a growth due to time spent in traveled places. Humanity is beautiful, much delightful than any earthly view, and realizing these through traveling certainly brings out the best of its colorful quality.

If humanity wants to follow a path to global peace, we need to learn to coexist, to cooperate and collaborate. We need to put into practice tolerance. One of the most effective means is through travel and sustainable tourism.

So if we want to make a difference in this world, let us encourage ourselves and others to travel and explore. To discover and learn more about other country’s culture and meet with locals. Share their stories.

If a person travels often, the more there is to learn from experiences, the more a traveler understands the issues and realities we face in the world. The cultivation of knowledge, awareness and tolerance, be it small or big is already a big step towards fostering a sustainable and positive transformation in our ever growing world.


International Travel

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is inviting travel enthusiasts to celebrate with them on November 9-12, 2017 for the International Festival of Ibn Battuta on Tangier, Morocco. Ibn Battuta has been a well-known figure in the field of geography and travel literature. He has traveled the world for almost 30 years and this year, the association celebrates his legacy.


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