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Julia, a volunteer coach for Anouar Association’s Solidarity and Development Program, calls for all computer coders to share and offer their talents, skills, and time to teach computer coding to the youth of Morocco, the prime recipient of the Anouar Association’s various projects. Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, the Founder and Chairman of the Anouar Association, had a vision in mind to help the less fortunate kids of Ait Faska, a community located in the rural province of Marrakech, Morocco, to be globally competitive and enhance their talents and capabilities using computers.  By volunteering as a coder, this vision of Mr. Mohamed Dekkak and the rest of the men and women behind the Anouar Association will be put into action and boost the spirits of these young people to build a brighter future ahead of them.

Computers: A Machine that Innovates Tomorrow

A Computer is a mechanical device that can be commanded using sequences of logic and arithmetic systems with the use of computer programing. Whereas, computer programing is the process of creating and designing indicated tasks in computers that have encoded instructions. Computer coding, on the other hand, is essential because it acts as the programming language used in comprising a series of instructions in producing different kinds of output in the system to perform algorithms. Computer coding is also called subsets of programming because it implements the first steps in setting up a program.  It is quite necessary to know or be knowledgeable about these things because it sums up the whole computer process and functions. Though it might sound complicated and challenging to analyze, being exposed to various computer functions would give anyone an advantage and bring a leap of advancement to the corporate world globally. Computers are known as an integral part of the professional life of people living in the 21st century.

Computer literacy is considered to be an essential skill in today’s fast-paced and modern world. Anywhere a person goes, there are the presence and use of computers. A lot of companies, institutions, and employers hire people who are computer literate and knowledgeable using specific software programs because they all base their concerns using computers and computer codes. Computer codes aid them to run their company fast and more efficiently because of the different command functions and algorithms involved. Therefore, computer code is the 2nd universal language wide used around the world, next to the English Language. Without the use of computer and computer codes, it will be much difficult for people to decode and encode essential functions that comprise the tasks assigned to them.

It was believed that in the coming years, there would be much more significant progress in the advancement of computer technology worldwide, as mostly, all people around the world depend on it. It will thrive more and change the whole perspective of computer technology from the past years. It is important to teach computer and computer coding to young people to help them be aware of the updates regarding current technologies and demands of the computer because it will help them land a job in government or private sectors shortly. These young people, when exposed to the uses of computer coding, will likely be more creative and imaginable in investing in new rooms of growth in tomorrow’s technological industry. If the professionals in the computer science industry would be generous enough with their time to be volunteers in teaching the youth, the call for a promising tomorrow would be likely to be successful and would build a positive impact in the world.

Do something worthwhile: Anouar Association’s Altruistic Goal for the Youth of Morocco

Volunteerism, according to Meriam-Webster Dictionary, is an act of doing something that requires time, skill, service, and availability to do a job in a community without any payment or without expecting anything in return. It is considered to be a social responsibility of an individual to society. Being a volunteer is offering oneself to the needs of others and being compassionate enough to the beck and call of the less fortunate who needed to help. Generosity and selflessness are the critical traits of volunteerism.

Anouar Association has been an advocate to enrich the lives of the less fortunate kids and elders in Ait Faska, a community found in the province of Marrakech, Morocco. Since founded on January 5, 2017, the main goal of the Anouar Association is to assist the neglected kids and elders through fundraising projects, encouraging privileged people to volunteer and ask for donations from partner organizations. Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, the founder and chairman of the Anouar Association, came up with different volunteering programs for our brothers and sisters who belong to the poverty line. One of these various programs is the call for Coding Coaches to share their skills and talents in computer coding to help the kids of Ait Faska see the importance of computers in the global competition and be able to help them seek and land future jobs or careers in information technology and computer science. Another factor that Anouar has in mind is for the children to view computer machines as an expression which one can learn from and act as a tool for creativity and innovation of change. Anouar wanted to provide different uses of computer systems for the benefit of these youngsters to find opportunities and empowerment for the skills that they need to bring contribution to the digital economy.

The association is fully aware that learning how to code opens exciting and countless career entrepreneurship opportunities when these children became adults. That is why Anouar is encouraging everyone in the computer science and information technology industry to have a compassionate and generous heart in volunteering their talents and skills to become a Coding Coach. Being a coding coach will bring a fulfilling experience, as well as an immersion to experiencing life in a multi-racial and multi-cultural environment, thus making one gain more knowledge and wisdom. It can also bring immense joy and provide a wider network and connections. Without an act of generosity and concern mentors, any positive outcome for youth development will never take place.

So come and take part in this once-in-a-lifetime but very rewarding experience of volunteering. For more information please visit the website: For more info, please visit our website:

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