CARLAC Participation in Ibn Battuta Festival

Making the journey out to some interesting event with an open schedule will let the life show you what amazing opportunities were waiting for you. Traveling will captures you with a sense of wanderlust. People who are fond of traveling know its worth in their life. A single journey takes him to more destinations to visit. Every country has its own culture and a traveler love to experience different cultures. A mesmerizing event about traveling in a particular region will inspire you to travel more. This global village is full of happenings all the time. You will find many international events organized in the different corners of the globe. Therefore, attracting people towards a particular event is hard to achieve in such vibrant world flooded with events all the time.

The only event that could beat the complexities is the one with versatile and extraordinary activities like the International Festival of Ibn Battuta. The second edition of this amazing festival is going to happen in the November of 2017. This fragrance of this incredible event is spreading in the every corner of the world. Various organizations are taking part in this traveling festival like the CARLAC. The CARLAC Participation in Ibn Battuta Festival highlights the importance of this amazing event.

About the CARLAC

The rich cultural heritage of the Arab world is appreciated throughout the world. Most of the people visit this land to know the vibrant culture of Arab. The region of Latin America shares the same culture with the Arab world. There is a huge majority of people who have an Arab ancestry, and they are now blended with the Latin America. A mutual corporation between the Latin America and the Arab world is considered necessary for a good cultural and economic relationship. For this purpose, the Council for Arab Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean was designed.

It helps in strengthening the Arab-Latin American relations. It is a non-profit association formed to identify the effective means of establishing the right set of networks to look into a combined support on some issue of mutual interest related to trade, social development, cultural talks, higher education, and investment.

The introductory convention of this Council was held in the year 2014. This Council has different working groups including Food Security, Travel, and Tourism, Innovation and Technology, Education and Culture, Energy, Investment Promotion, and Finance. The Travel and Tourism is a destination management, event management, and international travel management company that serve the client across all the business or industries purposes. Mohamed Dekkak is the Chief Financial Officer and Founding Member of The CARLAC. He is paying tribute to Ibn Battuta Medieval Moroccan traveler of all time. Participating in the second edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta is the best way to revive the traditions of Ibn Battuta. This council is planning to sustain the tourism sector and conserve the tradition of traveling by remembering the greatest travelers.

What is the amazing aspect of Ibn Battuta Festival?

The Moroccan Association organizes the Ibn Battuta Festival to celebrate the cultural heritage of Morocco. November is the prestigious month when this amazing event will take place. They will promote culture and travel in a new way. This event aimed to inspire the modern travelers to go and explore the globe themselves. Ibn Battuta brings the tradition of traveling to the world. So this festival will not only revive the history of Ibn Battuta but will also introduce other famous travelers of all time. It involves the following popular travelers:

  • Marco Polo is one of the famous travelers who dedicated 24 years of his life to travel. He was the Venetian traveler who completed his journey on the Silk Road. Marco Polo not only travels through the different areas but also excelled all the other travelers in his writings and determinations. The International Festival of Ibn Battuta will also introduce Marco Polo to the world.
  • John Cabot is another well-known traveler who becomes the first explorer from Europe. He was a Venetian explorer and navigator who traveled by sea to different areas of Asia.
  • Christopher Columbus is one of that Italian explorer who discovered America while traveling. He made four different trips from Spain. He believed that he would surely find a direct water route from Europe Asia but failed to accomplish his aim. The tough journey of Columbus marked the beginning of centuries of trans-Atlantic colonization. There is much more to his life which you will get to know through this international festival in Morocco.
  • A Chinese Monk who connects the India with the culture of China was Xuanzang. You will get to know about this great traveler by attending the Ibn Battuta festival of Morocco.
  • Ferdinand Magellan was a Portugal explorer who set out from Spain to discover a western sea route to the Spice Islands. He is also the first European who got the courage to cross the Pacific Ocean. He encountered many hurdles along his way.
  • The first person who reaches the southernmost tip was the Bartolomeu Dias. Along with his journey, he was successful to discover the Cape of Good Hope.
  • Jacques Cartier was the first European who discovered Canada. The journey of Cartier is the best example for any person who is afraid to explore the world.

The list does not end here as you will get to know about many other greatest travelers of history. Herodotus and Vasco De Gama are the other famous travelers who will be introduced in the international festival of Ibn Battuta.

How to keep the tradition of traveling alive?

The Moroccan Association decided to set an event to pay tribute to the greatest traveler, Ibn Battuta. This event aims to promote the legacy of Ibn Battuta through some interesting activities. Ibn Battuta was a Muslim traveler and scholar who is known to explore different places of the world. He dedicated his 30 years of life to traveling and exploring the versatile cultures of the globe. He started his journey with Northern and Western Africa, moving towards the Middle East and then visiting the Southeast Asia. Ibn Battuta shared his story with Ibn Juzay on his return. An event was already celebrated on 24th February of every year to commemorate the birth of the legendary Moroccan explorer. That event aims to promote the literature, travel, and history.

It was necessary to promote the culture of traveling, and the Moroccan Association has taken this responsibility. It involves many activities like Carnival, art exhibition, theatre, plays, travel movies and what not. A modern traveler wants something unique to celebrate his journey. The International festival will give them a chance to celebrate. The art displayed in the streets of the Tangier will take the travelers back in the medieval time. A traveler can never stop himself from watching the mesmerizing paintings with profiles of travelers translated into an amazing art. The Ibn Battuta Carnival give travelers another chance to share happy moments with each other. It is an expression of culture that encapsulates music, costumes, dance, music and other marvelous performances. Another spectacular event that will open up the story of Ibn Battuta journey in an interesting way is the Travel Movies. This activity has the greatest power to move the minds of the people than the literature. Most of the people love to listen to music. Therefore singers from different parts of the world will perform music and show the real tradition of Morocco.

Many enticing activities performed in the international festival of Ibn Battuta will revive the tradition of traveling. People will always attract to an event with innovative and versatile activities. Organizing such events and then promoting them in the world is the best way to remember the traditions.

Importance of traveling in one’s life

Traveling plays an important role in people’s lives, and it is evident from the life of Ibn Battuta. Investment on traveling is actually an investment in yourself. The Tourism and Traveling working group of the CARLAC council allows people to enjoy more new cultures, lifestyles, and people. You will be opened to new insights with all the newness in the life. Attending such events like the International festival of Ibn Battuta will contribute to your educational path. You will get the chance to discover a new sense of life direction and purpose. Traveling will let you explore the new world and gain knowledge. Investing money on traveling actually worth it. You will discover new places and culture of different areas.  An international festival celebrated in the other part of the world will let you know that all people share similar needs. You can never deny the benefits of traveling. Let’s take a look at the advantages of traveling in your life!

Overcome stress and tensions of your life

Stress and tension hit every person’s life, and it is necessary to overcome them. Traveling to a different nation and participating in the innovative festival will temporarily disconnect you from your hectic routine and gives you a chance to appreciate things you have around.

Give you a chance to have fun

Traveling to a different place will help you have lots of fun. There is always a time when the little being in you wants to have some fun, and you can fulfill his desire by participating in the international festival of Ibn Battuta. No matter what your age or profession is, you will love to attend such innovative and informative festivals.

Enhance your productivity

When you get out of your comfort zone, then your mind works more creatively. Similarly when you visit Morocco to participate in the International Festival, then your mind will develop new neural connections that trigger creative thoughts. Breaking out of your daily schedule and making way towards some versatile event is important for every person to function productively.

Meet New People regardless of their Cultural background

The International Festival of Ibn Battuta highlights the worth of traveling. When a person traveling around the world, he would be able to make new friends. A person can even become best friend with another person living in the other corner of the globe. Through traveling, you will get to know the language of the other country and the way they communicate with each other. Ibn Battuta got every bit of knowledge about the other country through visiting them.

Increase your Confidence Level

Visiting a place where you do not know any person will boost up your confidence level. Ibn Battuta suffered a lot during his journey but dealing with those obstacles enhance the confidence level of the greatest traveler. He develops the ability to cope with those hurdles. In the same way, traveling to a new mysterious land will help you grow as a person and deal with all the issues successfully.

Realize the worth of life

Being occupied by the tough schedule, people often forget the worth of life. People often realize the value of life when you turn the 60s. They will stack up with regret that they have wasted this wonderful gift of God. When a person travels and experiences more of the life, then he became overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude for the amazing moments he shared with others.

Give you Practical Education

Traveling to a new place gives you a chance to meet different people from vast societies and culture. It will provide an education which is impossible to attain in any traditional school or college. You will get a real-life education and will know about the greatest travelers of history.

Get a Chance to Make Memories

Meeting different people with a different culture will give you a chance to make beautiful memories. You will surely enjoy your time in this festival with your friends and family members which will let you save memories of a lifetime. Capturing these memories in a photo album and showing it to your people will also convince to visit such versatile events of the world.

The ultimate aim of the Moroccan Association is to support the cultural tourism development. The CARLAC Participation in Ibn Battuta festival indicated that they also aim for the same task. The Association seeks to carry out such big events, and the Council planned to support it in every aspect.

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