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Ibn Battuta Travels to New Delhi

The young traveler arrived in India by way of Afghanistan’s high mountains, trailing the route of a Turkish warrior who, took control of the Hindu farming people of India and founded the Sultanate of Delhi a century ago. The first…
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Ibn Battuta travels on a Mongol Caravan

Ibn Battuta’s group was able to keep on track on Kipchak Khan Ozbeg’s caravan, the King of the Golden Horde. The ruler’s caravan was similar to a big city traveling with its people, with mosques and markets. You can even…
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Honorary President – Ibn Battuta Association

Ibn Battuta is a huge name in the history of Islamic cultures. He is a Moroccan-born Muslim who takes pride in being the world’s greatest travelers of all times. He is a very well-known figure who is admired not only…
Ibn Battuta The Journey Continues

Ibn Battuta: The Journey Continues

When Ibn Battuta went to Damascus, Syria after coming from Cairo, the government of Mamluk ordered caravans in carrying merchants and pilgrims along the Royal Road. Carefully monitoring the people going in and out of their territory, the Mamluks charged…
Ibn Battuta The Journey Begins

Ibn Battuta: The Journey Begins

Born and raised in the city of Tangier in Morocco in the year 1304, Ibn Battuta was born and raised from a Muslim family of legal scholars. At the young age of 21 in 1325, he decided to leave and…
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On the Rise: Morocco’s Economic Competitiveness

Morocco’s economy is in good shape, and increasing its focus on FDI will take the economy to higher ground Morocco’s economy has been in the uptick in recent years, and predictions for its growth continue to be positive. The country’s…
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