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Morocco and South Africa to resume diplomatic ties

Morocco and South Africa to resume diplomatic ties

  More than 10 years after the Kingdom of Morocco pulled out its ambassador from Pretoria, South Africa, Morocco and Southern Africa will resume diplomatic ties, announced South African President Jacob Zuma. The kingdom recalled its 2004 ambassador from South Africa when then South Africa President Thabo Mbeki recognized a breakaway region in West Sahara where Morocco… more

Morocco King Attends New Fez-Saiss Airport Terminal Inauguration

Morocco king Attends New Fez-Saiss Airport Terminal Inauguration

King Mohammed VI headed the inauguration of the Fez-Saiss airport’s new terminal last May 28, 2017. The building space is a reflection of the global influence of Fez as well as the city’s status as Morocco’s spiritual and scientific capital. Valued to be 471 million dirhams, the new terminal was designed to specifically follow the Morocco King’s… more

His Majesty King Mohammed VI

H.M King Mohamned VI

Life story OF His Majesty King MOHAMMED VI A descendant of the Alaouite dynasty, from Yanboo Al Nakhil of the Arabian coast, His Majesty, King Mohammed VI, is the present King of  Morocco. Descending from the prophet of Islam, Sidna Mohammed, by means of his little girl Lalla Fatima Zohra, the Royal family went to live, in… more

Morocco’s 2020 Vision and Plans for the Tourism Industry

tourism morocco

Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism has embraced a thorough procedure for building up Morocco’s tourism segment to make Morocco one of the world’s top travel destinations and to support tourism as the driving force for financial, social, and cultural development in Morocco. The administration’s 2020 Vision Plan, which looks forward to expanding incomes from tourism to MAD 140… more

Kingdom of Morocco: A Cradle for World’s Largest Solar Energy Project


As a country blessed with the highest level of solar insolation compared to other countries, the advantage of having sustainability has been placed on the production and utilization of solar power by developing more solar energy projects in Morocco. Morocco receives the sunshine for around 3,000 hours annually and reaching 3,600 hours in the desert.  Morocco is where… more

Health Care Industry in Morocco


COUNTRY OVERVIEW Languages, Geography, and Climate The Kingdom of Morocco is included in the Greater Arab Maghreb located toward the northwest Africa, bounded on the north by the Straits of Gibraltar and Mediterranean and toward the west by the Atlantic Ocean. Toward the south, the border is being shared by Mauritania and Morocco, then toward the east… more



The historical record of the Kingdom of Morocco extends to more than twelve centuries – since the foundation of the very first Moroccan state by the Idris dynasty, without mulling over traditional vestige into consideration Archeological proof has demonstrated that Morocco was occupied by primates no less than 400,000 years back. The written history of Morocco starts… more

The City of Casablanca – Morocco


A Look Into Casablanca’s Past Hailed as the biggest city in the Kingdom of Morocco, Casablanca is situated in the center west portion of the nation on the Atlantic Ocean. Considered as the biggest place in the Maghreb, the city is additionally one of the biggest and most significant metropolitans in Africa, in terms of finance and… more