Casablanca Architecture

Casablanca developed from the medina and the first basin of the port, mainly from 1920. It is the urbanist Henri Prost who drew the first extensions between the years 1917 and 1922. When this one leaves Morocco in 1923, the bulk of Casablanca’s structure…
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Embellishment and landscaping of roundabout in Ait Faska

The beautification of public spaces like roundabout is an important factor for the community. It contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants and the enhancement of heritage. As part of its development activities, the Anouar Association…
Casablanca Movie

Behind the Scenes: Casablanca, the Movie

Just Another Movie Casablanca In the old times, when studio factories stretched across LA under a harshly blue sky, the conclusion of production on one movie was almost indistinguishable from the final periods of the movie that had been completed…
Coding Program Volunteer

Call for Coding Coach

Julia, a volunteer coach for Anouar Association’s Solidarity and Development Program, calls for all computer coders to share and offer their talents, skills, and time to teach computer coding to the youth of Morocco, the prime recipient of the Anouar…
Khadija Janan

Khadija Janan Call for Sponsorship

A Child’s Call for Sponsorship Khadija Janan, a young girl from Ait Faska Morocco, extends her gratitude to the leaders of the Anouar Association for Development and Solidarity in Ait Faska for providing financial support to cover for her medical…
Mohamed Dekkak Raphaël Cohen Serge Berdugo at Meeting on Moroccan Judaism for shared Moroccanness initiated by the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad Marrakech

Understanding the History of Judaism in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is among the last nations in the Arab-Muslim world with Jewish society. Acquired by the changes that shook the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages, and the biggest community of Jews in the Maghreb, the last…
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