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Mohamed dekkak with Mohand Laenser

Mohamed dekkak introducing the annual investment meeting to  . Chapitre d’Afrique . 29-31 Octobre 2017 Marrakesh Mohand Laenser Secrétaire Général du Mouvement Populaire et Président du Conseil régional de Fes-Meknès of Marrakesh

The 22nd Conference for Climate Change marks Forest Action Day

  The United Nations’ 22nd Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Morocco rejoiced for the Forest Action Day. The celebration is part of COP22’s Agenda for Global Climate Action which is fromed to look after, reestablish and sustainably oversee the forests. COP22 Global Action Agenda features eight themes per day such as water, industry, and businesses, as well… more

Low Carbon Renewable Energy COP22 side event

Low Carbon Renewable Energy

Low Carbon Renewable Energy: The issue of Climate Change is utterly important to be discussed on a global scale as hundreds of countries have been suffering its fury.  In this regard, it is crucial for our global leaders to realize that the overall population needs good and reliable solutions to combat global warming. The United Nations yearly… more

Low Carbon Renewable Energy

Low Carbon Renewable Energy

COP22 Side Event: Low Carbon Renewable Energy: Lessons from MENA and Latin America Regions” The Council on Arab World Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean or CARLAC with the OCP Policy Center is organizing a side event in line with the upcoming COP22. Lead by no less than Ambassador Hasan Abdelrahman and businessman Mohamed Dekkak, the… more