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Deaf community experience a unique musicfrom Coke Studio

Coke Studio

Before the Coke Studio Season 9 launch, Pakistan’s greatest music stage, Coca-Cola Pakistan has made a remarkable music experience for the country’s Deaf Community. Creative innovation together with the stage’s philosophy of inclusive, Coke Studio for the Deaf empowers individuals with practically no or limited hearing capacity to get the essential experience of music. At the heart… more

Inspiring Syrian Refugee’s Journey to Olympics


Looking back as YusraMardini was swimming for her life, she never thought to be where she is now. The young 18-year-old girl just imagined practicing at the swimming venue of the Olympics as she needed to swim for her life when the boat carrying her and the others overturned in the Mediterranean Sea. A year ago while… more

The Social Impact of Volunteerism


A research conducted on the social effect of volunteerism evaluates if and how the national and community service has influenced the general public as a whole. This study distinguishes the particular social impacts of volunteerism, for example, on the economy, social welfare and the volunteers as people. The study presents existing proof from past researches, reports, and… more

UAE moving towards brighter future


The United Arab Emirates financial development is projected to pick up the pace one year from now by more than four percent a year until 2020 on high oil costs and Expo2020 related tasks, the latest report disclosed on Saturday. Business activity in the nation is projected to recoup in 2017 after a troublesome 2016 on the… more