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Ibn Battuta on sailing the Black Sea

Ibn Battuta on sailing the Black Sea

Having waited for more than one month for a nice weather, Ibn Battuta together with a small group embarked on an ocean trip crossing the Black Sea. Terrible storms hit the ship, causing panic but they, fortunately, arrived safely in Kaffa. Kaffa is an Italian community that has 200 ships on the dock. It’s a place where… more

Meanwhile in Marrakesh: World Arabian Horse Racing Conference 2017

Mohamed Dekkak is receiving Honors and Award during Fusion Grand Orient Gala Dinner at Palais Namaskar, World Arabian Horse Racing Conference, Marrakech

It is my great honor to attend the prestigious event and three-day conference and I made sure that I never missed any opportunity brought by The World Arabian Horse Racing Conference: A three days of convention and roundtable discussion in Marrakesh, Morocco under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE and Minister of Presidential… more