A Closer look at the Finnish Educational System

A Closer look at the Finnish Educational System

A Closer look at the Finnish Educational System

Getting to know Finland is understanding the world’s leading country when it comes to education. It’s educational system tops almost every standard in education such as the ratio of the number of students per teacher, learning results, school grades, scholastic skills etc.

Their educational status is due largely from many procedural guidelines and policies. Finland presents the same education features to every student in spite of social background or region.

There are no private schools in Finland because the government’s education system is public. It is where homework is rarely given because they believe that students must concentrate more on everyday tasks and interests outside of school. Tests are seldom given to students to give them enough time to focus more on subjects and develop styles of learning.

In addition, teachers in Finland are experts, highly experienced professionals, and polite. To become a teacher, you must have a master’s degree and should take an entrance test prior to signing up for a teacher training school. After which, only one out of ten applicants will be chosen. Many regards the profession to be amongst the most difficult. And because the country puts so much faith on those working in the field of education, there is no such thing as teacher inspection in the country.

Since Finland believes highly in its education system, there is also a high level of trust on its products, the teachers. Trusts run in the system and people – between teachers and students, between parents and teachers and the students themselves. Government officials from the education sector believe that is education should be built on trust. It’s where teachers have the right to select the curriculum which they think is fitting for their students.

Classrooms in Finland are relatively tiny. They believe that the smaller the classrooms and students are closer to one another, the setting creates intimate relationships that encourage students to easily learn. However small, rooms are still furnished with the needed services and facilities. It features bookshelves, music instruments, computers with internet access.

The government of Finland relief on the belief that the human brain is the resource we all should take care of. Thus, teachers, Finnish parents and decision makers invest highly in education. Finland’s education system puts emphasis on global educational standards so their students will be competitive on the international market.

At present, electronics is Finland’s sole biggest manufacturing industry. Additionally, 3.5 percent of the country’s national GDP is used in research and development. Compared to many countries, Finland has more researchers per capita.


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