Dalai Lama: On Travel and Happiness -

Dalai Lama: On Travel and Happiness
Dalai Lama: On Travel and Happiness

Dalai Lama: On Travel and Happiness

“Trust leads to happy days and happy lives.”

Dalai Lama was asked about how traveling the world can lead to peace and gave this short meaningful answer: Travel teaches us to trust.

For many young and modern day backpackers, the very mere fact that you are traveling to a far away place is happiness in itself. The longer your travel is, the engagements you have with foreign, locals and their cultures becomes much meaningful and deeper.   When you see yourself in foreign lands speaking foreign languages, you tend to rely on the kindness of strangers and your concept of trust builds up. And by opening ourselves up to others, we are bringing the world closer together.



Bhutan on Happiness

Those who have visited Bhutan may have experienced the country’s approach to happiness. More than half of Bhutan’s kingdom is protected in national parks and reserves and nature lovers can trek through the country’s century old forests that cater to rare species. Its beautiful country state will always bring a lasting smile to any avid traveler.

Bhutan road to happiness starts from environment protection to promotion of the country’s cultural heritage.

Dalai Lama also said that to have a happy life, good physical health is important, but true wellness should include a happy mind. He advised not to focus too much on problems because it becomes unbearable. But if we look at a wider perspective, there is enough room for hope and enthusiasm. When it comes to traveling, this pursuit can make our world a happier place because traveling teaches us to trust one another.

Dalai Lama encourages everyone to get on that long journey and experience other country’s cultures and be more compassionate.



International Festival of Ibn Battuta

Get to know more about interesting travel stories and life learnings associated with TRAVEL and CULTURE at the second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta scheduled on 9-12th of November 2017 at the city of Tangier in the Kingdom of Morocco. Carrying the theme, “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace”, this exciting happening will be full of fun and meaningful social activities for everyone to enjoy. The event, hosted by the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is mostly organized by volunteers coming from different parts of the country.


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