Danish Business Council
Danish Business Council

Danish Business Council: The business committee of Denmark was introduced around the middle of 2004 with the collaboration of the Director-General of the trading chamber and firm in Dubai, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Mutawee, and Mr. Thomas Bay being the Denmark Consul.

The Danish commercial committee in Dubai is a non-profit organization that is aimed at maintaining good relationships and interconnects firms from Denmark in the UAE and the UAE firms. To accomplish these objectives, the organization put in place other standards and seminars each month, constantly updating its website, advertising on newsletters while strengthening its partnership with the business commission of Denmark in Dubai and the royal consulate general of Denmark. Danish business committee in Dubai performs several tasks with the aim of giving solutions to business owners and advertising the Danish businesses.

This association receives people and firms with the intention to have mastery in regards to Danish Businesses and create a relationship with other Danish firms in UAE. Becoming a partner gives you the advantage to grow professionally and form social networks and makes its associates prone as they take part in events linked to the business. This network links social, business, and relief to cheer up other associates to join the committee. Golf competitions, feast, wine tasting, and government and royal visits, name the rest, these are a few occasions that the committee has structured.

Becoming a member is advantageous as it exposes one’s firm and creates up to 4 business links on every occasion to uncover more chances in the UAE.

With the creation of the Danish business committee, Danish businessmen and companies can feel free and spread words about prosperity in business. This role is very important as it makes them consider the option to put their offices or their presence in the UAE market.

The growth experienced now was not only brought by the wealthy and various human resources in Dubai but results from steady changes of Dubai into a valuable town. It’s mostly because of the wonderful guidance of his Highness Mohammed Rashid Al-Maktoum who rules presently, and because of his reign, most popular Dubai’s opportunities and achievements have been realized. Buildings such as the Burj Al Arab Hotel which is one the tallest hotels in the world, the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest building are have been constructed in Dubai.

Secondly, travelers or expatriates can be owners of properties and lands in the country, and it is very important to influence investments internationally. Apart from oil production, another route of Dubai’s wealth is as a result of firms like monetary facilities, constructions, and tourism. All provide more employment chances for expatriates all over the globe.

According to the leader of the Danish Business committee in Dubai, marketing and trading between Dubai and Denmark have been outstanding for 5years and growing, and the opening of the committee has been on point as approximately 900 known Danish are now based in the UAE

The integrity of the United Arab Emirates as a practical platform was known when the UAE accepted a program for business by the Danish which was supervised by the Prince of the Danish Kingdom, and the Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Fishery at that particular time. Recently,  Danish firms in the UAE markets, principally those in Dubai that are skilled in the Oil and building area, the marine industry, food processing firms, audio-visuals, communication, medications and retails.

The UAE and the Danish ruling body are in partnership to cooperate on increasing the world’s availability of renewable sources of energy. Increased teamwork is necessary to take care of this increased demand for fuel and ease the unwanted effects of change in climatic conditions. Introducing a solution will raise the economic situation and understanding with the aim of bringing in other investors and boosting technological advancements.

The partnership includes bringing out certain opportunities and technologies as both nations can benefit from each other’s knowledge and produce better fuel and long-lasting projects. Denmark is said to be the leading nation to maintain availability as close to 100% of its fuel is gotten from renewable sources with the combination of fresh technology goods which accounts for 11% of the country’s total export. In contrast, The UAE, known to be one of the major exporters of fossil fuel, has anxiously begun to practice and promote the consumption of renewable fuel.

Together with its associates, they continue to help Danish firms to set up their firms in the UAE and encourage investment back in Denmark from the UAE and the other way round while steadily helping the committee to increase its associates.

This committee supports starters to improve their prospects and hold the traditional constitution of the UAE in high esteem as most people who are the newbie in the UAE are interested in the high standard of living.

Despite this circumstance, the Danish people that live in the United Arab Emirates did not give up; their number has grown steadily. Dubai is outstanding because 80 to 90% of e individuals that settle there have chosen to move or work according to their choices.

Danish migrants in the UAE think that there is a force that drives them to succeed in the town of Dubai and there exists a series of competitions spontaneously. The Denmark business committee supports business owners to encounter life in the UAE while creating the awareness of all chances, being enduring, and making sure they possess the correct capital to sustain them for a few years as their firms become stable.

Establishing a business in Dubai needs proper information or findings and proper mastery of the philosophy, area, and the way things operate in Dubai. It is known that setting up a business in a free zone is easier but still needs more time to plan outside these zones. Dubai is known to be the easiest regarding setting up a business as compared to other parts of the UAE

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