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Deaf community experience a unique musicfrom Coke Studio

Before the Coke Studio Season 9 launch, Pakistan’s greatest music stage, Coca-Cola Pakistan has made a remarkable music experience for the country’s Deaf Community.

Creative innovation together with the stage’s philosophy of inclusive, Coke Studio for the Deaf empowers individuals with practically no or limited hearing capacity to get the essential experience of music.

At the heart of the one of a kind studio-like set-up empowering hearing impaired persons experience  and feel the music of Coke Studio, is a unique couch or lounge chair installed with several vibration motors and LED lights that are adjusted with the sound of the tune being played. An impressive LED light around the lounge chair gives synchronized mood lighting to hoist the experience visually. At long last, a LED screen before the couch shows the video playback, while the studio is decorated with guitars on stands, a drum, and a console on a stand adding to the general ambiance.

The setup developed in China was initially tried out by the Coca-Cola brand group not long ago when it was introduced in Bangkok. 8 students and staff of the Deaf Reach School were taken to Bangkok to experiment with the product. Their experience was completely noteworthy, with the people really experiencing Coke Studio for the first time in their lives! In view of this extraordinary achievement, Coca-Cola Pakistan chose to get the system set up for long haul use in Pakistan, with a dream to empower more individuals from the Deaf Community to likewise encounter the music of Coke Studio. The system is projected to get into Pakistan soon.

Rizwan U. Khan, the General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan expressed during the event, “Coca-Cola, in light of its comprehensive image attribute, rotates around uniting people. It reduces social barriers and urges individuals to share their experiences and feelings. Be that as it may, regardless of reaching the masses, an expected 9 million of our populace have some type of hearing impairment, and have not encountered the enchantment of Coke Studio. We are truly glad that we are presently ready to make them a part of this interesting experience and keep them associated with other individuals who have been loving Coke Studio for as long as 8 years.”

The founder and director of the Deaf Reach Program in Pakistan,Richard Geary, as far back as 30 years embraced the partnership with Coke Studio, “Our joint effort with Coke Studio mirrors our methodology towards opening new experiences for the Deaf Community and opening up doors for their consideration and achievement. Coke Studio’s new initiative won’t just attract a circle of individuals who most of the time marginalized, however, serve to make more mindfulness and acknowledgment from the majority of people, helping them to better comprehend the difficulties confronted by those with a hearing disability.”

Season 9 of Coke Studio, the greatest and the bravest yet, is relied upon to be aired toward the beginning of August. It will include both reputable artists and numerous talented newcomers, for whom Coke Studio guarantees to be a platform for their career launch, as it has been for others before them in the previous 8 seasons.

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