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Embellishment and landscaping of roundabout in Ait Faska

The beautification of public spaces like roundabout is an important factor for the community. It contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants and the enhancement of heritage.

As part of its development activities, the Anouar Association for Development and Solidarity has started the embellishment and landscaping of the roundabout in the region of Ait Faska, Ait Ouerir district of the province of Al Haouz.

On the initiative of Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, the neighborhood representatives and volunteers were invited to participate in the beautification of their neighborhood. A group of people, made up of volunteers from Ait Faska from the province of Al Haouz, decided to take charge of the landscaping and embellishment of the roundabout. The aim is to improve the living environment of their neighborhood and to enhance the attractiveness of the public space while creating social bonds.

The idea is to bring color to the roundabout of Ait Faska, at its entrances and motorway exits. The roundabout of Ait Faska will be dressed in flowers and plants, it is also equipped with irrigation and lightings to ensure the safety of the motorists because it poses a threat to the drivers of this road during the night. This landscaping contributes to the influence of the city and its image.

In addition to bringing about a visual and aesthetic change, this new landscaping is in line with the City’s desire to change its planning and maintenance practices for communal green spaces. Thus it is coherent with a policy respectful of the environment. By changing the practices and adapting the methods of working on green spaces, the community of Ait Faska tries to limit its impact on the environment. Today, all the developments in the town tend to combine aesthetics, quality and respect for the environment.

The roundabout has a number of advantages including:

  • Increased safety: A roundabout makes it possible to reduce speeds and points of conflict between vehicles. It eliminates conflicts in the intersection, including frontal collisions and side collisions.
  • Reduced speed: Unlike an intersection with a green traffic light, vehicles must slow down to move in a roundabout.
  • Increased capacity: A roundabout allows for better management of a large number of vehicles that make left turns than a left turn signal at a traditional intersection.
  • A decrease in stops and delays: It takes less time to give way at the entrance to a roundabout than to wait for the green light at an intersection or to wait to be able to enter the traffic at a stop sign.
  • Decrease in idle speed and air pollution: Reduced time spent at an intersection results in lower fuel consumption and better air quality through lower emissions.

Under the leadership of Mohamed Dekkak, this landscaping is intended to beautify the living environment of Ait Faska. It will evolve according to the ideas and the seasons of the local residents. The Anouar Association for Development and Solidarity hopes that this progressive enhancement will be appreciated by all the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

This roundabout project is one of the several projects of the Anouar Association for Development and Solidarity, to improve the community of Ait Faska in the province of Al Haouz.

For more information, visit https://anouar.org.ma/

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