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Encouraging Moroccans Abroad to Invest in Morocco

Speakers from the first forum of Skilled Moroccans Residing in the United Arab Emirates, held in the conference room of the Sofitel Jardin des Roses Hotel in Rabat on Friday, March 16th at 9:00 am seek to encourage Moroccan entrepreneurs living abroad to invest in Morocco. Mohamed Dekkak Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group was invited to be a part of this great meeting.

Casablanca Finance City (CFC) Managing Director, Said Ibrahimi, stressed that it is necessary to encourage Moroccan investors living abroad to operate in the Moroccan market in order to promote and facilitate the development of economic exchanges between Morocco and foreign markets. Mr. Ibrahimi also said that Morocco has a “pull ” of investors because of its many strengths including political stability, open market economy, strategic position, strong infrastructure, rich history and excellent relations with African countries.

He also highlighted the network of 15 international airports serving 32 African cities, 1800 km of motorways, the first TGV in Africa and a maritime connection to 161 ports and 63 countries. The Kingdom of Morocco also has a strategic position at the crossroads of continents with 3500 km of coastline overlooking the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, he added, noting that Morocco has an open economy, giving access to a free market of one billion consumers with countries representing about 60% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product.

Abdel Karim Ben Ateeq, Minister Delegate responsible for Moroccans residing abroad and immigration affairs, called on the Moroccan community residing in the United Arab Emirates to mobilize and contribute to the development project known to Morocco.

Speaking on Friday at the first forum of Moroccan competencies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) organized in Rabat, Benitez said that the future of Morocco’s development is linked to its competence at home and abroad, stressing that the Moroccan competencies have been able to impose their presence in the Diaspora as in the UAE where ” Strongly in decision-making

With regard to political stability, Morocco has experienced a dynamic of political, economic and social reforms and has strong historical and spiritual ties with Africa, said Ibrahimi.  Moroccan entrepreneurs are distinguished by their skills, performance and good integration in their host countries and are therefore a good link between their host and home countries, said Adil Zaidi, the president of the 13th region and the project “CGEM MeM.”

Moroccans residing in the United Arab Emirates, whose number is estimated at more than 25,000 Expats, hold key positions in various fields, including the banking sector, finance, tourism and journalism thus constituting a bridge between Morocco and UAE as well as with the other countries in the Gulf and has strengthen Morocco’s external trade.

More than 150 Moroccans residing in the United Arab Emirates and Morocco, including businessmen, business leaders, and executives took part in this forum whose work revolves around three themes namely, investment opportunities in Morocco, the business climate between Morocco and the UAE and the role of financial and port platforms in economic development.

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