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Making someone smile is the best thing that can be done, and this is what the human world needs most in the present times. The Sahara spirit Foundation works on this very motto – to make life better and happier for other people! This is a non-profit organization that is functioning for the betterment and appraisal of human life around the globe.


The Sahara Spirit Foundation is a non-profit organization. The foundations for the organization were laid back in 2016. Hence, 2017 is considered to be the first functional year for the organization. It is a very petite and moderate sized organization at the given point and time. The association is non-profit; hence it does not offer any job openings other than the few hand-picked pioneer members of the firm. These people are the ones who have been part of the Sahara spirit foundation even before the establishment was set up. Only about 10 to 15 people are employed with the firm with more than 50+ volunteers who have joined to offer their services free-of-cost.

The organization is currently welcoming maximum volunteers to offer their services for the betterment of the organization. As a non-profit organization, the company is only concerned with building an organization that will serve mankind. The organization is centrally based in Morocco, and it is concerned with making Morocco greater.

Basic belief of Sahara Spirit Foundation

Sahara spirit foundation has been established and is running with only one intention – to make others happy. By making other happy, we mean that we wish to create a better life for people, by uplifting their existing life standards or making their access to resources and opportunities easier. The executive president Mohamed Dekkak and the chairperson Yahdih Kherr are determined to ensure that everyone’s self-identity is formed and maintained. Every child is born the same, and everyone has a skill as well. It is, therefore, important that every child is given the same environment, same opportunities and same training to allow them to flourish and excel in life. The globe has expanded, and the countries are developing at a very fast pace. To keep up with the evolving world and the challenges that the world throws at you; we have to make sure that our people are ready to tackle them all. Without the adequate knowledge, education, and training, it will become impossible to survive in such a vast and rapidly develop the world, and in the end, more and more people with our cultural heritage will be rejected on the wider scale.

Vision of the Sahara Spirit Foundation

Morocco is a wonderful place to live in. The Rich culture and star bounding traditions make the place such an amazing and awe-striking place to be in! It is one of the biggest cultural hubs in the world and is so welcoming to the cultural as well as the religious diversity. The Sahara spirit foundation has been made to keep the rich cultures of the place alive. However, the main aim behind the establishment of the foundation was to safeguard the basic rights of the local people and facilitate them in a way which is best. The whole point is to make the lives of the people, quality of life; education, healthcare and everything else dramatically better!

The core value of the people at the Sahara Spirit Foundation is to make the future for the locals better by working in the present lives that they have. We believe in utilizing the available resources in a way that are enough and fulfilling for all. The lives of Moroccan people have not been up to the mark that they deserve for a very long time now. A lot of time has passed ever since the local people have compromised on their basic necessities and needs due to the lack of adequate resources to fulfill their basic needs. The Sahara Spirit Foundation has the vision to give the people of Morocco a better life. This is said and intends to be done without any religious, gender or social biases. Every person living in Morocco will be given a good life regardless of his or her social, cultural or religious background. The idea is to improve the quality of life.

The vision of Sahara spirit foundation to give access to everyone to quality education is actually helping them to build a good life for them. With help and assistance from quality education, the children will be able to improve their standard of livings and create a good future for them. Better futures for the local people means that Morocco will flourish and prosper and the economy will expand as well. Quality education will help the children to live a life out of poverty and will not have to face starvation any longer. The whole idea is not only to help the young children of Morocco to survive. We intend to help them excel and progress and prosper in various fields of life so that they can become successful in their respective fields as well. Hence, the main focus of the foundation is to fulfill the vision that it has set up. Everyone who joins the foundation, whether it is someone on the higher board of committee or someone volunteering for the services needs to remember that they will have to work on this very vision under the supervision of higher authorities.

The Sahara spirit Foundation also understands the importance of good housing, medical care and job opportunities for people. Hence, another vision is to provide ‘sufficient’ opportunities to the people in all fields and areas of life for them to avail and move forward in life. Many people in life are unable to enjoy the good things because they do not have access to the needed resources that will help them to move forward. These people have the skills and are equally hard working as well. However, lack of resources makes them fall behind in life and forces them to live a life that they do not deserve at all. The Sahara spirit Foundation hopes that the needed opportunities will be provided to the deserving people so that they can build a better future for themselves, the society and the country as well.

Executive President of Sahara Spirit Foundation

Mohamed Dekkak is the founding member of the Sahara spirit foundation. He is also the acting executive president of this non-profit organization. Mohamed Dekkak is a world-renowned Moroccan businessman and is popular all around the globe for his intelligent business skills. Sahara Spirit Foundation is one of the very recent ventures that Mohamed has made his way into. As the founding member of the non-profit organization, he is one of the pioneers who played a pivotal role in the establishment of the organization. As executive president of the organization, Mohamed Dekkak now holds a very important position for the firm and is involved in important tasks and activities. He is also responsible for overlooking every decision that is taken by the company.

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Message of Mohamed Dekkak – Executive President

As the executive president of the Sahara Spirit Foundation, there is an immense responsibility that lies on the shoulders of Mr. Mohamed Dekkak. As one of the founding members of the organization, Dekkak himself is the creator of the vision that the foundation works for. However, as the executive president, it becomes mandatory for him to understand, support and work for the fulfillment of the vision in the long run. As the executive president, Mohamed Dekkak promises to deliver what has been committed to. He admits that as major areas of Morocco remain to be underprivileged till present date, this is an eye-opening moment for them. They are, therefore, not only striving for a better future for the Arab world but for all other places in the world that truly deserve the help. This is a charitable organization that is solely working to help and facilitate the deserving and needy people who are truly worthy of the help. All other personalities that have joined the foundation as an executive management committee team member are also equally committed to making the lives of the local Moroccans dramatically better.

There is a basic belief that Mohamed Dekkak believes in. He truly believes in transforming the lives of people for better. Everyone in this world deserves a life that is fulfilling and giving. While many of us are able to enjoy such life on our own, many are unable to live up to the given human standards as well due to the lack of resources and access to them. Mohamed Dekkak believes that there is no better thing for the slightly more blessed people like us to work for the better life for people who are truly worthy of it. There is nothing better to do in life other than to promise people a life they are entitled to live. That is the true meaning of life.

Understanding role of Executive President

The thing about non-profit, state-based organization is that they do not work to create work opportunities or earn huge profit margins. The whole point of a non-profit foundation like the Sahara spirit foundation is that it is dedicated to making the lives of people better and to make the communities flourish as well. The main aim of this organization is to work for a specific cause that it is dedicated to working for. Every profit or monetary benefit that the organization makes or earns is utilized for the fulfillment of the causes. Hence, you will find that every last bit of profit that is generated is re-invested with the foundation for a different cause. Therefore, there are not many employees for such organizations. The Sahara spirit foundation is no different. Established in the year of 2016, the foundation only has a handful of committee board members at executive posts. Everyone else associated with the organization is working free-of-cost and on a voluntary basis.

The executive president of the Sahara Spirit Foundation is Mohamed Dekkak. As the Executive President, Mohamed Dekkak holds a very important and imperative position for the organization. As the founding member of the non-profit organization, he is one of the pioneers who played a pivotal role in the establishment of the organization. As executive president of the organization, Mohamed Dekkak now holds a very important position for the Foundation and is involved in important tasks and activities. He is also responsible for overlooking every decision that is taken by the company. It is furthermore important to understand the role of executive president to apprehend the role he has in the organization. Allow us to take you on a quick overview of what the role and responsibilities will be for Mohamed Dekkak in the foundation as the executive president.

Role in policy formation

The first important role that the executive president plays for the foundation is that he is directly involved in the formation and implementation of policies for the organization. He is the highest authority of the organization, next to the CEO and chairperson. Hence, he can question and demand answers for all tasks and activities. The development and enforcement of policies are also done under the supervision of the Executive President. These policies are the defining factor for the organization. The establishment and implementation of these policies are crucial to ensure that the values and goals of the foundation are fulfilled. It is also helpful to see that the organization is performing on the set-out lines in the right direction.

Role in organizational management

The next important thing that the Executive President needs to overlook is the daily based activities and performance of the workers of the association. It is important to remember the non-profit organizations do not have contract-based workers and only work with help from the volunteer workers. This is why it becomes even more important that the executive president takes up the role of organizational management perfectly with a flaw. The president might not be present physically every single day, but he will get a report of every last detail of the organization on a daily basis. This will help to keep an insight into what is happening and what is the status of every task, project, activity or event that the foundation has planned. This is how the executive president will be involved in the management of the organization.

Role in creating organization visibility

This is the most interesting role that the executive president plays. The executive president of any organization, just like Mohamed Dekkak is for Sahara Spirit Foundation is usually a very strong and known personality. It is otherwise not possible to have such a top position in any organization. Mohamed Dekkak is a world popular Moroccan businessman who has successfully managed to build and sustain long-term economic and socio-cultural relationship with other industries in various fields all around the globe. He is also actively working with many other organizations with only one intention of making Morocco great again. For a man who is so well-known and popular, it is only natural to have the access and power to bring visibility to the organization. Sahara Spirit Foundation is a non-profit firm that depends solely on the visibility and marketing those others can do for it. Hence, the executive president has the biggest responsibility to take the organization into the limelight and make it a focus for the maximum public so that they want to become a part of the foundation and assist in its tasks for social welfare.

Role of financial officer

While the foundation or association does have an appointed chief financial officer, the executive president asks for reports from the officers to see what the progress of the financial spending, expenses, investments and revenues for the organization is.

Team working at Sahara Spirit Foundation

In addition to the honorable executive president of the Sahara spirit foundation, there are a handful of other people who are also dedicated to make the association progress and flourish. The team is very limited and well-defined. The association is non-profit; hence it does not offer any job openings other than the few hand-picked pioneer members of the firm. These people are the ones who have been part of the Sahara spirit foundation even before the establishment was set up. Everyone else who joins the foundation is volunteering for the job. Allow us to take you on a quick overview of all the exclusive management committee members of the Sahara spirit foundation.

  • Chairman

Yahdih Kherr is the director of the organization. He is also one of the founding members of the firm. In addition to being a part of the Sahara spirit foundation.

  • Executive President

Mohamed Dekkak is the acting executive president of the Sahara spirit foundation. Mohamed Dekkak is a world-renowned businessman and is the CEO of the Adgeco Group of Companies. He is also the acting honorary president of the Ibn Battuta Association and Union road association. Dekkak is also the appointed chief financial officer for CARLAC. In addition to all this, he is also the honorary and executive members of several other organizations based UAE and Europe.

  • Vice President

Acting as the vice president, Sheikh Naama Maolainine is a prominent figure in the organization. He is also the president of the Othman Bin Affan Association for camel taming. Currently, he is also pursuing his doctorate degree at the University of Mohamed V, Rabat. Sheikh Naama Maolainine is a notable social activist who is actively involved with different NGO’s and social welfare organizations active in Morocco.

  • Founding Members

Khadija Sabil is a founding member of the foundation. She was one of the visionary minds behind the establishment of the firm. She is currently acting as the researcher in Gender and Sociology as well as the Chief Editor of the leading magazine; Nissae Mino Imaghrib that is dedicated to the present social issues that prevail in the society.

Mohamed Al Moedin is also amongst the founding members of the organization. By profession, Mohamed Al Moedin is the international correspondent for Madrid, Spain for the Middle East countries.

Latifa Labsir is another prominent name that comes forward when we talk about the honorary members of the organization. She is the youngest founding member of the board and takes immense pride in that. By profession, she is the professor of Literature at the University of Hasan II literature at Casablanca. She also holds the doctorate degree in modern narrative media and has penned several best-selling books including ‘Women of Morocco’ in the year 2008.

  • Members

Hassan Derham is a member of the Sahara spirit foundation. He is also the chairman of the Al Rimal oil company for storage and distribution. Derham is also the social member of the union of Special Forces as well.

Hind Ghazali is the only female member of the board of the foundation. She is professionally the commercial director of the CASABLOC concrete industry. She is notable in her field for having excellent communication skills.

Dr. Abdur Rehman Aennoud is the last member of the board committee. Other than being a member of the board, he is a visiting lecturer at the University of Al Akhwayane, Morocco.

Sahara Spirit Foundation

Purpose of Sahara Spirit Team

As a non-profit organization, the Sahara Spirit Foundation is dedicated to working for the betterment of the underprivileged. Hence, the foundation has been set up to fulfill a purpose, and it continues to strive towards achieving its goals. The purpose of establishment of the Sahara spirit foundation is very simple. If you ever want to become a part of this great initiative, it is imperative for you to truly apprehend its purpose and goals that it has set to achieve in the long run.

Sahara Spirit Foundation recognizes the basic human needs and strives for the fulfillment of all those needs for people who are incapable or lack the adequate resources to have them. Poverty is contagious and one of the most depressing things in the world. Poverty kick starts when people living in an area do not have enough resources or adequate access to the resources that will fulfill their needs. Amongst the most basic human needs fall quality education and good healthcare in the present age and time. There are several other things, similar in nature that is listed as basic needs. It is even saddening to think that there are people, living in the same part of the world who is dealing with different conditions in life.

The purpose of this foundation is to work for the betterment and upward mobility for all such less privileged people. The Sahara spirit Foundation welcomes all young people; budding with talent and immense capabilities, to come forward and become a part of the initiative. As a foundation, we are completely in support of the interest the young individuals show for business, development, and progress. Moreover, there is no discrimination that you will see amongst people in this foundation. Gender biases are not allowed within the firm as that is something that the foundation is struggling to eliminate from the society in the long run.

The foundation is truly supportive of all activities that are carried out to protect, preserve and encourage the cultural heritage of Morocco. We are hopeful that are a foundation, we will be able to utilize all available resources for the better future of underprivileged people in Morocco as well as in other parts of the world. However, the prime focus of our foundation definitely remains to be the less capable local people of Morocco. We want to ensure that we can use technology and modern developments to socially connect Morocco to other major and developed parts of the world. This will bring stability and sustenance to the economy in the long run.

Lastly, the foundation wishes for harmony and unity. The purpose of all these efforts is to ensure that we can solve all ground level problems for Morocco through speech and not war. We want to ensure that peace is not only maintained by the local people of our country but for everyone else as well, in all different parts of the world. With commitment, hard word, resolve, and devotion; we strive to bring together a society that is strong and stable.

Work approach of the organization

As the Sahara Spirit Foundation has laid out several goals to achieve, it is important to remember that the organization has a work approach by which it works for the appraisal of its goals. There is a very simple and easy work approach that the Sahara spirit Foundation follows. The foundation is committed to working towards achieving quality, education and basic healthcare facilities as well. It is important to take care of all these important entities of the Moroccan society to ensure that the society continues to progress and develop.

The one thing that prevails in the Moroccan and African society is the lack of adequate resources for the people. The lack of resources and the lack of access to the efficient resources make it difficult for the people to live a healthy life and enjoy the good things of life. As a non-profit organization, the Sahara spirit Foundation takes assistance from the government and non-government organizations. This provides the adequate funding that the foundation requires. There are different categories into which the services of the foundation have been divided into. The work approach for the organization is categorized to make the quality of education, health care and overall life better and effective.

Education is the basic foundation for any society to develop and progress on. As far as the educational services are concerned, the foundation is concerned with creating an extensive public sector education that is available to everyone in the society. This is done with the help of several different tools, by devising different educational policies and by boosting the standard of teaching and education. The whole point is to make quality education available to everyone as it is a worthy right for every living person. These educational policies and tools are utilized to unlock the potential of the students and polish the skills.

The foundation in addition to making the quality of education better is to improve the quality of life and health for the people as well. To save lives and to improve healthcare services, the foundation is working in close partnership with different healthcare institutions and medical facilities as well. The aim is to promote good quality healthcare service to improve the quality of health care, treatment and health practices in different parts of the country.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, the organization is actively functional and operating to boost the basics for everyone. The Sahara spirit Foundation arranges several projects, campaigns, lectures, workshops and other tools that are helpful for the promotion of social welfare as well as providing long-term benefits to the local people. It is undeniable because of the tireless efforts and hard work of the team members and volunteers that are part of the foundation that people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and avail the basic goodness of life as well. All projects that are designed and implemented by the firm are done so by keeping in mind the core purpose for which the organization is operating for.

Sahara Spirit Foundation – Present Causes

There are several causes that the Sahara Spirit Foundation has set up as goals and is striving to achieve in the long run. These causes are the ‘factors’ that are very important to be improved and corrected in the present society that we live in. Hence, the foundation is working towards a better future for the locals and working to offer better social welfare services to everyone who is worthy of it.

  1. Cognitive Archaeology

The first cause or purpose for which the Sahara spirit Foundation is working for is the cognitive archaeology. This understands the roots, literally, of origin of the human race. This is the best way to ensure that you understand the climatic changes as well as the human evolution by the environmental evolution. It is mandatory to understand how the world has evolved over the years if you want to know what resources are available to the present date and time to facilitate the underprivileged, needy and deserving people in the present times. Through cognitive archaeology, you get the chance to study the roots, the soil and all the changes that have left an impact on the environment as well as the human nature over the years. This is helpful to fulfill their needs in the given way.

  1. Encouraging basic education

In today’s modern times, every child has the right to basic education just like good food and shelter. Every 2 out of 5 children in Morocco are deprived of quality education due to the inadequate availability of resources. Education is the building block on which any stable society stands and establishes. To ensure that the future of the country you live in is bright and positive, from a development perspective, it is important to ensure that every child has the right to good quality education. Sahara Spirit Foundation is also working to provide basic education to both male and female children in addition to promoting quality education in different areas of the country. Girls have equal rights to good education as boys. The Executive President Mohamed Dekkak is particularly very concerned and keen for every girl to get a quality education.

  • Media literacy

Another cause for which the Sahara Spirit Foundation is working is to promote media literacy in the region. Media is the transfer and sharing of verbal, audio or visual messages on a given scale. The media today has expanded to a global level. Creating media literacy in Morocco means we are creating awareness amongst the locals. There are several topics and issues that are imperative to talk about to ensure that people are aware of their basic rights and do not remain deprived. Knowledge is only helpful when it is put to the right use. Hence, through media literacy, we hope that we will be available to create awareness amongst the people of Morocco.

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Ways to become part of the Foundation

There are multiple ways that are guaranteed to help if you wish to become a part of the Sahara spirit foundation in the long run and serve for the wellness of the citizens of Morocco and all other underprivileged people all around the world. If you want to become a part of the foundation in a way that suits you most, you have the option to do so! Let’s take a look at the imperative ways through which you can become a crucial part of the Sahara spirit foundation.

  1. Workplace campaign

The thing about non-profit organizations is that it does not offer you a contract based employment. This is good in a way that people from different fields and belonging to various professional backgrounds can contribute and plays its role in the appraisal of the organization. You can also become a part of the foundation by ensuring that you successfully run a workplace campaign at your industry or company.

  1. Youth involvement

Sahara spirit Foundation strongly promotes and encourages youth involvement. The youth of any country, state or place are the spines that hold that place together and contributes to its growth in the long run. The one reason why this organization promotes the involvement of youth is that the young people come from a solid modern educational background. This is helpful because the young and skilled people can utilize their educational background and personal skills for the social welfare of other entities. The youth of the society are also energetic and fresh-minded. Hence, the youth can play an imperative role in taking the society ahead, one step at a time.

  1. Become a partner of the firm

If you are a businessman or entrepreneur or if you come from a solid and stable financial background, you can join the foundation by becoming a partner with the organization. This is the guaranteed way to ensure that you bring welfare for the organization by joining it as an executive member of the board.

  1. Join as a volunteer

The one easiest and most convenient way to join the foundation is by becoming a member of the board. You can join as a volunteer and offer your services to the foundation to facilitate it for the fulfillment of its goals and long-term plans as well.

  1. Sponsored programs

If you want to become a part of the Sahara spirit foundation but are very caught up in your work commitments, you can become a part of the foundation via sponsored programs. This way the foundation is also able to avail monetary benefits from the sponsored organization, which is crucial for the organization. As a result of this collaboration, you will be able to bring welfare and benefit for the foundation.

Join as a volunteer for the Sahara Spirit Foundation

Sahara Spirit Foundation is solely dedicated to the betterment and progress of the underprivileged and less capable living in Morocco. While the executive management committee has limited members only, the organization is always open to welcoming as many volunteers as possible. Some volunteers will mean that there are more manpower and increased number of skilled individuals working in collaboration with the organization. This is helpful for the organization to become stable and fulfill its dreams of making the world a better place for the less privileged as well. Joining the organization as a volunteer is fairly easy. You only have to send in an application to the Sahara spirit Foundation stating your purpose, skills, qualification and other mandatory details. You can also log on to the official site for the firm saharaspirit.org for all relevant details.