Fascinating Data on Japan’s School System

Fascinating Data on Japan’s School System

Fascinating Data on Japan’s School System
Fascinating Data on Japan’s School System

Education is an integral foundation of a country’s society. Japan’s educational system is highly regarded by many countries.

According to the latest study, Japanese kids are in the lead with regards to literacy and numeracy skills. Their country’s education system is very much distinct and we may be able to learn from it.

Japanese students, even as young as 5 years old can solve math problems easily. They learn by drawing and playing. Fascinating isn’t it?

This is simply because teaching in Japan is all about the quality of lessons, not quantity.

In Japan, a standard math class begins with traditional aisatsu or greeting to the teacher. Greetings are an important part of Japanese culture adopted also in school setup.  The teacher then questions his students if they know how to solve the problem on the board. The first student to finish raises his hand, teacher checks and gestures if correct. The student stands and moves away from his seat. Once another student raises a hand, the first student takes the teacher’s role and check if his classmate’s solution is correct.

Japanese educators believe in learning by means of teaching. Doing so will have students retain more information. Merely asking the students to listen as teacher lectures in front, students will remember just the 40%. It’s more efficient to let them discuss the problems and as they teach one another while also having a rest time to continue the motivation.

Parents in Japan realize how challenging it is to help their kids understand all the characters to use for communication. But due to the quality of teaching method, kids already know 1,006 kanji characters before they even leave primary school. By age 15, they will learn an additional 1,130.

Other than kanji, there are 2 sets of Japanese phonetic scripts, katakana and hiragana which may look complicated for many.


The unique school system of Japan

Japan’s educational system is a national pride for Japanese, having traditional ways of helping Japanese students leaving behind their counterparts.

The school system of the country includes six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, three years senior high school then four years in University.

Because Japan’s education system is so good, the country has 100% enrollment and 0 illiteracy. Although high school is not compulsory, enrollment remains high with almost 100 percent in the city areas.

Nearly all schools function on 3 term system with school years that starts in April. Japan has one of the longest school days having an average school day on weekdays that takes about six hours. Yet after school, even during vacation, students still work on drills and homework.

Unlike most schools in the world, there is no janitor in a Japanese school. Both teachers and students work a few minutes every day cleaning their rooms and toilets. Doing this exercise, students are disciplined to keep their areas neat and orderly for they have to clean it themselves.

In Japan, when a teacher gets sick, unsupervised students are relied upon to study quietly and independently that schools seldom use substitute teachers.


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