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The Festival that Celebrates the Legacy of Ibn Battuta


The Festival that Celebrates the Legacy of Ibn Battuta
The Festival that Celebrates the Legacy of Ibn Battuta

In celebration of the Kingdom of Morocco’s vibrant culture, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is organizing a unique travel and cultural event for its second edition of Ibn Battuta International Festival under this year’s theme entitled “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace”. The event is scheduled to take place on 9-12 November 2017 in the city of Tangier, Morocco.

Founded to mainly celebrate and promote the story behind the legendary Ibn Battuta as a traveler and its contribution to mankind, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta seeks to connect the visions of past explorers to the modern day travelers.


Travelers as Ambassadors of Peace

Some parts of the program will cover major activities that will surely inspire the youth of this generation to discover the world that lies beyond its country’s borders. By means of traveling, people will have a better knowledge of the diverse culture of other nations and be able to carry out a better understanding of the world that’s beyond them. When there is an understanding amongst people from all nations, there is peace.

The approach to a cultural awareness which is also an integral goal of this festivity contributes to understanding, a path that leads to healing and peace flourish.


Event activities

Activities will include some interesting highlights such as Ibn Battuta Carnival, a street parade of school youth from across the globe. There will also be music shows, art exhibitions that will take us back to medieval time, a film showing particularly the documentary of the journey of Ibn Battuta.

Being home to Ibn Battuta and other famed artists and writers, the event will also celebrate the journey of other world famous travelers and will be depicted into a colorful street art exhibition. Building walls will be painted with profiles of these travelers, translated as works of art by selected painters. This also offers a good chance to know more about travelers coming from other parts of the world.


Meet the World

Since this is a global event, groups from different countries, artists and musicians are participating in presenting their stories and talents during scheduled performances where a mixture of solo and musical ensemble will be presented onstage. It will be an entertainment showcase of world-class cultural performances where performers get to represent the country visited by Ibn Battuta himself.

Moreover, the event will host theater plays. Actors presented in the spotlight will re-enact the story of Ibn Battuta in honor of his journey. This show may take place throughout the duration of the festivity in any of Tangier’s stage.

In line with this, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is inviting people from all across the globe, travel enthusiasts, art aficionados, outdoor adventurers, cultural experts, students, and professionals to come to visit Tangier this year. The second edition of Ibn Battuta International Festival happening from November 9 to 12 promises a unique travel and cultural 4-day immersion to discover more about why and how Travelers can be Ambassadors of Peace.


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