Four Surefire Ways Travel Makes You Smarter -

Four Surefire Ways Travel Makes You Smarter
Four Surefire Ways Travel Makes You Smarter

Four Surefire Ways Travel Makes You Smarter

Our experiences when we travel create some neurological connections in our brain, making us quick to respond, think logically and act on problem-solving more effectively. It drives us to reflect differently, embracing unique cultural practices.

You’re only as smart as your experience, so if you don’t challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zone, you are setting limits on your potentials. Because doing things you already know the hard way and your new experiences will keep your cognitive skills sharp.

Without further ado, let me share some great ways travel makes you smarter.


  1. You Meet New People


Travel opens up your world to many kinds of people – some you like, others you don’t like. Everyone you meet has a story so be reminded of this before you make any judgments.


Through interactions, your social skills will improve. You get better at storytelling and learn new skills that will boost your confidence.


  1. Expand Food Appreciation

When you go to foreign lands, you get to sample a wide range of foods that are both familiar and foreign. And food can be a great source of interesting stories too. You expose your brain to new flavors and sensations.

When you find a food you like so much, ask how it’s cooked and teach your loved ones the newly discovered recipe.

  1. Learn New Languages

Yes, we may struggle to communicate when traveling in a country that speaks a different language. Sign language and doing hand signals may help, but what I recommend, learn and try to speak their language, even just the basics. Locals appreciate it when they hear a foreign visitor make an effort to speak their language. Learn the locals words for thank you, please, hi or ask for directions.

The more foreign words you bring with you when you travel, the better for your brain.


  1. Say Yes to New Experiences

You may never get a chance to do your dream bungee jump, so why let fear cripple you. Say Yes to that bucket list because you never know what outcome it may give – a possible business idea perhaps? So go for it!


A Travel Fest

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