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Mohamed Dekkak President Gate One Properties

Gate One Properties is innovating the Real Estate Industry with progression and passion. Celebrating 12 years of solid foundations in Real Estate, Gate One Properties is one of the region’s prominent real estate companies offering wide-range and professional property services to businesses, stockholders, and investors globally. Known for excellent service and capabilities, Gate One has a diverse collection of property listings and investment opportunities in the UAE and abroad.

Gate One Properties is one of the pre-eminent property companies with a good, portfolio of excellent sales, leasing, and property management services, a complete one-stop solution. Gate One Properties gained good standing in property management; because of their outstanding service that delivers proficiency and integrity.

Honoring Gate One core values that include:

INTEGRITY: Embrace the maximum values of proper performance and TRANSPARENCY in each aspect of the business to yield a company that is trusted by its clients.

EXCELLENCE: Committed to professional excellence guarantees that customers receive the highest quality of service. Aim to deliver perfect execution and delivery of products and services.

TEAMWORK: The culture of teamwork permits merging the excellence and proficiency of professionals to deliver optimum solutions to the clients.

INNOVATION: Increase creativeness and advantage. In today’s modern technological world, new ideas, thoughts, and procedures are necessary for the continued success and growth of a company

LEADERSHIP: The spirit of leadership is instilled in every employee.

Gate One properties accomplished emerging long-term business relations by meeting clients’ special needs in ways, which are innovative and commercially sound.


Gate One Properties, aims to make a significant contribution to the future of real estate projects. Gate One Properties have a combined team style of development to guarantee that projects fully address all design and lifestyle factors from the initial planning stages through to execution.

Proficiency and principled business practices have always been a guiding force in the success of Gate One properties. Their attitude is based on a commitment to core values, with customer tactics meant to ensure the growth of value over a wide range of market conditions. Successively, every service-oriented teams focus on a client’s specific goals.

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