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Ibn Battuta is a huge name in the history of Islamic cultures. He is a Moroccan-born Muslim who takes pride in being the world’s greatest travelers of all times. He is a very well-known figure who is admired not only for the fact that he traveled the world but because he respected and honored his surroundings. Ibn Battuta was a man who deeply valued the versatility and diversity that exists in this world. He respected mankind and was genuinely interested in exploring; not only places but the rich and deep cultures, histories and ethnicities embedded in different parts of the world. The Ibn Battuta association has been established to keep the traditions of traveling and exploration alive!

In this comprehensive article, the discussion is about pivotal role the honorary president is playing for the appraisal and progress of the association. It also throws light on several other building blocks that collectively make this association be what it currently is – dignified and recognized on a global level!

Ibn Battuta Association: A Brief Insight 
Ibn Battuta association was set up in remembrance and to honor the greatest Muslim traveler of the world; Ibn Battuta. This is an association, traditionally based in Morocco. The association role to take the idea forward and contribute in setting up an association to pay tribute to the famous Moroccan world traveler.

Honorary President – Mohamed Dekkak
Mohamed Dekkak is a Moroccan businessman. He is the chairman of Adgeco Group and is also the founding owner of Ibn Battuta association. As the founder of the association, Mohamed Dekkak also plays the role of the acting honorary president of the organization.

Mohamed Dekkak’s vision for Ibn Battuta Association
This association has been established to honor the life, journey and cultural contributions of Ibn Battuta. It was sole because of him that the world got a glimpse of the 14th century. As the honorary president of the association, Mohamed Dekkak plays a very crucial building role to keep the association one step ahead. It is all because of his creative planning that the association continues to flourish and expand over the years successfully.

The core objective of Mohamed Dekkak as the head and leader of the association is to follow the routes that keep the name of Ibn Battuta alive in the hearts of not only the Moroccan people but people living in all parts of the world.

The Ibn Battuta Association named the AMARIB is an organization that has been set up to serve in the name of Ibn Battuta. Hence, everything that the association offers has been designed to live up to the standards that the big legendary name has set. This organization is a tribute to the name of Ibn Battuta and follows every principle that was set up by him in respect of cultural and traditional diversity.

Ibn Battuta voyages inspire the Association
As already mentioned, Ibn Battuta is a world-famous Muslim traveler. He went down into the pages of history for his immense, undying love for traveling places. Ahead in the article, we will also take a look at the brief life history of Ibn Battuta since it truly does hold a deep connection to the associations’ basic foundations and roots. The truth is that it are the countless voyages and journeys that Ibn Battuta went on that have inspired this association to be set up in his remembrance. Since Ibn Battuta himself was a Moroccan, it was imperative for the state to keep the cultures and legacy alive. The Ibn Battuta association has been set up to serve this very purpose.

Aims of Ibn Battuta Association 
Ibn Battuta; the name, character, and life of this man are the main inspiration for this association. Hence, it is regardless to say that the main aim of this association is to highlight and promote the celebrated personality of Ibn Battuta. However, as a vast set up association, this association has defined aims that act as building blocks for the association. Allow us to introduce you to the main basic aims that this association works day and night tirelessly, to achieve.

  • The main purpose of the association is, of course, to promote Ibn Battuta as much as possible. The name that is very big has been lost somewhere in the endless pages of history. The aim of this association is to help bring the celebrated and legendary character into limelight one more time.
  • The association aims to celebrate the birthday of the greatest traveler of the world with great valor and passion every passing year. The birthday for Ibn Battuta is 24 February of every year. This is not only a way to pay tribute to the great personality but also a guaranteed way revives the rich cultural traditions within Morocco. Hence, the association is dedicated to setting up major festivities every passing year to mark the birth occasion of Ibn Battuta.
  • The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is also dedicated to working on the socio-cultural relationships that the locals of the Moroccans share along with other nations. Just like any other country, Morocco also direly needs to develop and maintain healthy bonds with other countries. The majority of the population in Morocco is Muslims, and there are people from other ethnic backgrounds residing here as well. Similar to Dubai, Tangier is a metropolitan city that can be a big attraction for people. There are limitless work opportunities that are available for people to avail in this country. Hence, the association aims to form stable bonds between the locals of Morocco and citizens of all other countries of the world by welcoming them to indulge in the cultural heritage of Morocco.
  • Tangier is the city where Ibn Battuta was born. It also happens to be the place where the Ibn Battuta association is centrally based. The city has so much to offers; rich traditions, cultural values and endless entertainment. Hence, through the heritage and legacy of Ibn Battuta, we as an association hope to make Morocco a big tourist attraction for people around the world. As a well-developed country, Morocco is certainly able to cater hundreds and thousands of tourists every single year. Some tourists will also mean the economy of state flourishes. Hence, the association aims to promote and boost the tourism in the country.
  • Another aim of the Ibn Battuta Association is to encourage young talent and create more work opportunities for the people. As a culturally rich country, Morocco is certainly a land of budding opportunities. Particularly people who hail from an arts background i.e. artists, singers, writers, will find work opportunities through the Ibn Battuta lineage.

Comprehensive review of Ibn Battuta Association
Ibn Battuta is world renowned and much-celebrated personality of the modern world. Though he is a famous Muslim figure that lived in the fourteenth century, his popularity regarding traveling and exploring cultures remain unmatched till present date. Hence, the whole purpose of this organization is to honor the great legend that Ibn Battuta was. The honorary president, Mohamed Dekkak, through his association celebrates the popular personality as much as he can.

As the association is set up in the heart of Morocco, the skilled and immensely talented staff of the organization carries out several activities and festivities to honor the late great traveler. All this is, of course, done under the superlative supervision of the head Mr. Mohamed Dekkak.

With the help of the association, Mohamed Dekkak also hopes to make Tangier, the city of Morocco where Battuta was born, as a major tourist attraction spot in the world. Hence, the association in involved in setting up major events to attract people from all parts of the world to visit Morocco. Today, the legacy and life of Ibn Battuta are helping to revive the culture, tourism, and economy of the Moroccan state.

The basic purpose of the Association or the organization is to pay tribute to Ibn Battuta by keeping his legacy alive. The man loved to travel; hence the association celebrates his passion and deep love for traveling and exploring different cultures by setting up celebratory festivals every single year. These celebrations are held in the heart of Morocco and people from different parts of the world and belonging to varying cultural backgrounds fly in every single year to take part and enjoy this vast cultural celebration! An extensive series of cultural events is planned, comprising over some days.

Brief look at the life of Ibn Battuta
Born Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta, this man has gone down in the deep pages of history as one of the greatest, notable and most celebrated travelers the world has ever seen. It is pride for the Muslim community all around the world that Ibn Battuta himself was a Muslim. He is one of those few men in history who promote unity and harmony and honored the religious, cultural and societal values wherever he went. Let’s take a quick look at the birth, life events and death of Ibn Battuta as the association we are talking about is solely set up to honor this man.

  • Birth and early life

Ibn Battuta, as he is famously known as, was born as Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta on February 24. The year was 1304. His place of birth was Tangier, Morocco; this is the same place that is home to the Ibn Battuta association. He is also popularly titled Shams Ad-Din. Born a Muslim, his early years were spent learning and understanding the Islamic laws and core religious values. However, it did not take long for him to recognize his passion for traveling. The first time he decided to go for a voyage was merely at the age of 21 years. His traveling trips were mostly in groups, known as caravans at the time. This was done to avoid the hardships and any attacks that the foreigners would launch. He suffered many hardships during the 30 years he spent exploring the world.

  • His journey

The journey of Ibn Battuta began at the tender age of 21. He started off by exploring the Middle East via the waters. He took the route of the Red Sea to Mecca from Morocco and then proceeded towards the Arab Deserts en-route to Iraq and Iran. This was his first trip. After reaching Iran, he returned home. His second trip came in the year of 1330. This time he took the same route to the red sea but traveled in a different direction. He proceeded towards to Tanzania, and this was where he decided to move ahead into India. The state of India was very warm and welcoming; particularly the Sultan of Delhi at the time. He stayed for a few years in India before deciding to travel one more time towards China and neighboring countries. It was in the year 1352 when he finally reached the Sahara desert. This marked the end of the second spell of his traveling.

  • Final years and Death

The third and final spell began not long after. In the year of 1355, he traveled all through the remaining part of the Asian Sub-continent. This was, however, the shortest journey and did not last long as his health began to decorticate. Unfortunately, he had to return home.

The time back home was limited and his days were counted. However, on his return home he had enough time to narrate the endless stories of his journeys to Ibn Juzay. His journey of the world is known as Rihla in history. He died in 1368. However, his stories were enough to make him a legendary historical figure. His journeys have given the world a very clear depiction of the 14th century.

Ibn Battuta association acts as a memorial
Ibn Battuta traveled the world over a span of 30 years. The association has been set up as a memorial that celebrates and reminisce the birth, life, and journey of the popular Moroccan traveler. There are a series of events and activities that are set up for the locals and tourists to enjoy all year long. However, the biggest event by the association is arranged and set up on the 24th February of every single year. This day marks the birthday of the world popular Moroccan traveler, and hence, a series of cultural events are enjoyed throughout the day. The purpose of these festivities is to encourage the essence of traveling, literature, cultures, and history. These events also encourage the formation and sustenance of lifelong relationships between people belonging to different cultural backgrounds.

Mohamed Dekkak urges people to join and volunteers at Ibn Battuta Association
The Ibn Battuta association is solely working to revive the culture, tourism and boost the economy of Morocco. Ibn Battuta is the only famous name that the country takes pride in possessing. While it was centuries ago that Battuta lived, his legacy remains intact till the present date. The Ibn Battuta association has now chosen to intelligently carry the legacy of Ibn Battuta forward to make Morocco great again.

As the honorary president of the Ibn Battuta Association, Mohamed Dekkak urges people belonging to different ethnic, social, cultural and religious backgrounds to all comes together and joins hands and volunteers with the Association. The main aim is to celebrate the name, personality, character and life journey of Ibn Battuta. Dekkak urges the historians, scholars, singers, artists, travelers, writers and people from every field of creative arts to step forward to help with this initiative. Not only will this be a great living tribute to the celebrated traveler but will also be the biggest step to boost the state of Morocco. The country that has practically disappeared from the map of the earth will become distinctive and recognized again. People from different countries will help boost tourism, social relationships and economic set-up of the country.

Future Endeavors of Ibn Battuta Association 
The association has been around for not a long time now but has successfully managed to make a good for itself in a very short period. Interestingly, this association has set a very solid ground for Morocco to flourish as a state one more time. The team of the association ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to creating attractions for people all around the world. To make people engage with the Ibn Battuta Association, every year the association comes up with different festivities and activities to interest people from different parts of the world and diverse cultural backgrounds.

The Ibn Battuta Foundation and the honorary president promise to make 2017 a year like for the association like no other. This is why there is a wide list of activities that have been arranged by the capable staff at the association. There are many things that are happening for the first time this year. Therefore, the future surely does seem very bright and positive for Morocco this year. Allow us to brief you through all the festivities that are happening in Morocco this year, thanks to the Ibn Battuta Association and of course, the endless efforts of Mohamed Dekkak!

  1. First International Ibn Battuta Festival

The city of Tangier in Morocco is going to host the first international Ibn Battuta festival. This festival intends to promote the cultures and traditions of Morocco to highlight the heritage and bring it into a global perspective.

The festival will be dedicated solely to Ibn Battuta. Mohamed Dekkak in a recent address revealed that the international festival is solely circled the celebrated personality. The prestigious festival will talk about the birth, life, journeys, experiences, explorations, and death of Ibn Battuta. The purpose is to remind people of the great life that Ibn Battuta lived. It also intends to form socio-economic bonds with people in different parts of the world. Another mission is to promote tourism in Morocco which has almost diminished in the previous few years.

  1. Celebrating Ibn Battuta international days

The international days are being celebrated this year between the 24 to 26 February. The days have been organized by the Association to welcome tourists from all around the world. The attractions have been created by reviving the rich Arab culture during these days. The state of Morocco is very deeply interested in establishing solid, long-lasting and stable social and cultural bonds with people in different parts of the world. These international celebratory days will highlight the country and make it a central focus of attraction for people all around the globe as well.

  1. Conference debate 2017

The conference debate 2017 has been organized to revive the experiences and journeys of Ibn Battuta. It will include a series of lectures that are arranged by the staff and team at the association. The lectures will welcome hundreds of students, laureates and scholars from different reputed educational institutions of the world to come together to talk about the great Ibn Battuta. The lectures will comprise of knowledgeable people pouring into Morocco from different parts of the world. The whole point of this activity is to keep the legacy of Battuta alive and make the present Morocco recognized for it.

The topic around which the lectures will be surrounded this year has been announced. The topic for this year will be ‘In personal opinion, to what extent has the legacy of Ibn Battuta been kept alive in the modern cultural heritage of Morocco?’.

  1. Young talent writing competition

This year the Ibn Battuta association is creating a platform for the young writers to come forward and demonstrate their writing skills at an international level. There is, of course, an age barrier for the people who can participate in this writing competition as it is solely intended for young aged people. The Moroccan association has actively worked towards creating a writing platform for the young talent to forward with their ideas and deliver it with the excellence of written speech. The whole idea is to bring forth young talent who can promote and highlight the essence of traveling by talking about the world’s greatest traveler of all times – Ibn Battuta. All participants of the competition are expected to write anything in relevance to the life accounts, experiences, journeys and writings of Ibn Battuta.

The inspiration is, of course, Battuta. This is a big way to encourage and revive literature in Morocco. Another highlight of this literary competition is that it is not a one-time chance. In fact, in a recent address, the honorary president of the association promised to provide a regular literature platform to the top runners in the contest. He has made it clear that they are looking for the ‘top travel writers’ who can highlight the magnificent life of Ibn Battuta for the world to get a closer look at the gem who hails from the state. There are various themes, all surrounding the life of Battuta that the participants will be able to work on.

Mohamed Dekkak announces Ibn Battuta Festival 2017

As the honorary president of Association of Morocco, Mohamed Dekkak is dedicated to making this association progress and develops in the long run. The association intends to keep the cultural heritage of Ibn Battuta alive throughout the years. Hence, every year it comes up with different activities and events to interest the people. In 2017, Mohamed Dekkak has announced the Ibn Battuta Association will hold the the second edition every Ibn Battuta Festival. This festival will celebrate arts and culture to honor diversity.

The second edition international Ibn Battuta Festival is going to be held in different areas of the Tangier city in 2017. The dates that have been announced for this year are November 9 to 12, 2017. This event is titled the ‘Travellers – Ambassadors of Peace.’ The event intends to promote culture, traveling, and tourism throughout Morocco. This event is dedicated to inspiring the travelers in various parts of the world to come and explore Morocco and also go exploring the other parts of the world. The world is a hub full of diverse cultures and traditions. As it has been made obvious by Ibn Battuta, the world is a magnificent creation of God that is meant to be explored. Hence, the core aim of this event is to explore Morocco and relive the cultures and traditions of Ibn Battuta.

The Ibn Battuta international festival is a great celebration of the literature, traveling, arts and different cultures of the world. The event is solely meant to promote the socio-culture in Morocco and bring entertainment for the locals. Hence, a wide range musical show has been organized for the locals to enjoy. The musical parade is going to be carried out in various areas of the Tangier city.

In this event, we will be talking about the life and journey of Ibn Battuta. However, in addition to talking about the life of Ibn Battuta, many other world popular travelers will also be talked about. The lives of world famous travelers will be highlighted at this event. The fellow travelers have been shortlisted up till now to be discussed at the event. The whole purpose of the event is to remember the greatest travelers of the world and by retelling their tales; promote tourism in the present age and time as well.

  1. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is also a very notable name in the world of travelers. In this event, the people will also remember Marco Polo. A Venetian traveler, Marco Polo traveled the world for 24 long, consecutive years and introduced the European part of the world to South Asian sub-continent.

  1. Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is the father of American because he takes the credits for discovering America while on the voyage. He came from an Italian heritage and was a sailor who traveled the world by sea. On his voyage aboard, he discovered America many decades ago.

  1. Xuanzang

Xuanzang is a religious person who hails from the Chinese traditions. Xuanzang holds the credit for exploring the depths of the Asian cultures. Most prominently, this renowned monk was dedicated to exploring the Chinese culture. In relevance to his heritage, he also actively explored the Indian cultures and established a link between the two diverse cultures of China and India.

  1. Herodotus

The one thing that travelers are most popular for is exploring the cultures and history. Herodotus is the father of history, as he is popularly known as. He was a Greek local who explored and discovered the history of Asia, Greece, Egypt, and Rome. He always used to come back home from each voyage with rich cultural stories to share that later on became the history for every cultural state.

  1. Vasco De Gama

The one thing that India is famous for, from a traveling perspective, is the spice route. Vasco De Gama holds the credit for discovering and exploring the Spice route. He also was the first person to travel to India via the spice route. He is said to have reached Calcutta via the spice route. Once in India, Vasco De Gama also explored the rich Indian golden shore lands.