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How to Travel with a Purpose

Have you ever experienced going back home from a long period of travel filled with a renewed sense of purpose? Frequent travelers believe that travel can change a person to become better. This means that in his journey comes many realizations about the world and the people. You begin to realize there’s more to what travel can do, it’s more than just a sightseeing tour. You have traveled with a purpose.

Here are some ways to find meaning in your travels:

  1. Discover the simple life

With just a backpack in tow, you realize you don’t need a lot of stuff to live happily. You discover your essentials and work on it. You began to appreciate the little things and understand the need to stick with the basics if you don’t want to carry loads of extra baggage that will only slow you down on your trip. Besides, you don’t want to be part of the cause for the world to have more landfills.

  1. Dine with the locals

A food tour can help you understand the taste buds of the locals and how it’s connected with their culture.

  1. Discover/Follow your passion

When you decided to embark on a life of travel, somehow, you decided to take a step away from the usual path. Leaving your office job allows you to uncover or follow your true calling and doing what you really love – photography, writing, diving or becoming a world-class entertainer, a chef, or a tourist guide perhaps?

  1. Volunteer

Time is your most precious gift to the world. And when you give a time of yourself to anyone in need or an organization that supports your cause, your heart will be filled with so much love. Volunteering is a noble act.

  1. Protect Mother Earth

When you have seen the most beautiful places the world can offer, your heart rejoices. You remember your dreamy hike to a rainforest, your dive into the deepest reef, your overnight lake camps and other experiences nature has offered you. But traveling also allows you to see the harsh realities of the acts of mankind and how it slowly kills our planet. Every man, traveler or not, should act on this. Practicing even the simplest ways to green the planet will go a long way.

The culture of traveling has already been present even in premodern times, long before there were social media. Ibn Battuta, a Muslim Moroccan traveler has in fact journeyed for almost 30 years in different countries across the globe. His journey has inspired countless travelers, geographers, and travel writers.  On November 9 til 12, 2017, a traveling fest will be celebrated in Tangier, Morocco in his honor. The event entitled International Festival of Ibn Battuta will have the theme, “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace.”


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