Ibn Battuta on sailing the Black Sea -

Ibn Battuta on sailing the Black Sea
Ibn Battuta on sailing the Black Sea

Ibn Battuta on sailing the Black Sea

Having waited for more than one month for a nice weather, Ibn Battuta together with a small group embarked on an ocean trip crossing the Black Sea. Terrible storms hit the ship, causing panic but they, fortunately, arrived safely in Kaffa.

Kaffa is an Italian community that has 200 ships on the dock. It’s a place where traders coming from Venice, Genoa, Russia, Egypt etc. resides. Mainly because majority of those living here are Christians, there was just 1 mosque.

At the Black Sea ports, Ibn Battuta notice the products being traded – timber, salt, grain, fur, honey and wax. In addition, there are also products imported from Persia and China. Sadly, young slaves can also be seen being traded here.

During this period, the Black Sea ports had been part of trans-regional trade networks for more than two thousand years. At present, aside from being a host to modern-day ship routes, the region of Black Sea contains oil drill areas as well as well known holiday resorts.

Having arrived in al-Qiram, the group learned some good news! They were just in time to carry out the 700-mile journey to the Volga River with protection from King of the Golden Horde who has traveled just a few days ahead. To catch up, their group bought 3 wagons and animals to pull them.

Soon after Genghiz Khan passed away, the Mongol Empire was divided into 4 “khanates” for his sons and grandsons. The northwestern khanate which includes most part of the East Europe and Russia was taken by the Golden Horde. But not like the Mongol’s invasion of Persia where they resided in cities and embraced the Persian culture, the Golden Horde maintained their nomad customs on the Russian steppes.



More About Ibn Battuta

Recognized as one our history’s great travelers, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is organizing a 4 day event in celebration of his legacy. There will be fun and exciting outdoor   activities including parades, carnivals, cultural and musical shows, street art exhibitions and a lot more. The event is the second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta with this year’s theme entitled, “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace”.

This is set to be a huge travel and cultural event which also supports the city of Tangier to become a cultural tourism destination. Other great world travelers in our history will also be honored and presented during conferences, movies and exhibitions.

You can take part in this huge event. The organizers are calling out for volunteers, sponsors and partners. Recently, a Call for Papers was recently launch inviting writers to submit their original works under the conference theme. Furthermore, nationalities most specially from countries where Ibn Battuta traveled are encouraged to come and see this festivity. The event will be held from 9 to 12 November 2017. Visit https://ibnbattuta.ma/ for more info.


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