Ibn Battuta Travels to New Delhi -

Ibn Battuta Travels to New Delhi
Ibn Battuta Travels to New Delhi

Ibn Battuta Travels to New Delhi

The young traveler arrived in India by way of Afghanistan’s high mountains, trailing the route of a Turkish warrior who, took control of the Hindu farming people of India and founded the Sultanate of Delhi a century ago.

The first group of Muslim soldiers ransacked towns and destroyed Hindu believers image of gods.  Later on, warrior kings established a tax system instead of slaving the peasants. They substituted the residing Hindu leaders with Afghan Turks and took over a big expanse of the area just about the tip of the subcontinent.

The Muslim sultans in Delhi, however, are unsafe. They are continuously challenged by oppositions from India’s Hindu majority who fought back against the conquerors and were compromised with continuing Mongol invasions coming from the north. Approaching India, Ibn Battuta paid a visit to Chagatay Khan who occupied Indi and made threats to Delhi, the new capital city. However, Sultan Muhammad Tughluq’s defense force pushed them back to Indus River.

India has gradually taken under the control of Muslim leaders. Hindus even converted to Islam and looked for work in the new government.  The have acknowledged the economic advantages of being a Muslim – way lower tax and advancement opportunities but there were also some who remained Hindu in countryside areas, hating the imposed Muslim government.

The Sultan required more scholars, judges, and administrators to solidify his control of India. He all the more so needed poets, writers, and performers to honor and amuse the new leadership. He looked upon foreigners to occupy these positions. He does not trust Hindus and is afraid they would protest against him. He enlisted foreigners and compensated them with grand gifts and big salaries. Turks, Persians, and other Muslims assembled to the new kingdom for rewards. The language of the influential government was Persian which set it apart from the capital city. Ibn Battuta aimed to find work from Sultan Muhammad Tughluq.


International Travel and Cultural Festival

Get to know more about the adventures of Ibn Battuta on the second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta happening on November 9-12 in the city of Tangier in Morocco. Entitled “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace”, the theme for this year’s event will be centered on the idea of introducing travel as a means for a global cultural understanding and promoting worldwide peace.

Everyone is invited to come and participate in this huge event organized by the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta. There will be colorful outdoor activities such as parades, carnivals, street art exhibitions and cultural shows. They have also prepared conferences, travel exhibitions, film showing and much more. The event has also just released a call for paper as well as volunteer invitation to those who would like to be part of this international travel event.


Visit the event’s official website at http://ibnbattuta.ma/ to know more information.


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