Ibn Battuta travels to Red Sea and East Africa -

Ibn Battuta travels to Red Sea and East Africa
Ibn Battuta travels to Red Sea and East Africa

Ibn Battuta travels to Red Sea and East Africa

For 1 year, Ibn Battuta resided and studied in Mecca. Afterward, he set off for his next adventure. He journeyed to Jidda on the Red Sea inside a small crowded ship called dhow together with other pilgrims.

It was his first experience traveling at sea and Red Sea can be unforgiving. The navigation was a difficult path due to storms and may throw the vessel off the course. There are also the concerns about pirates and passengers getting sea sick. In the end, the wind would help these boat reach their destinations.

Upon arriving on land, Ibn Battuta was able to lease camels to continue on with the trip. He visited coastal cities and villages in Yemen’s mountains. He was also gifted a horse by a sultan in Taiz.

From Taiz, his trip takes him to Aden, a coastal city located in an extinct volcano’s crater with the east side open, guarding the entrance to the Red Sea. Its harbor was walled with stones for protection. Aden charges tax on every product coming by means of this port. Trade markets include a wide variety of imports such as spices, iron, Indian silk, African ivory, fruits etc.

During this time, Muslim traders had a good control over the west half of the Indian Ocean trade centers. Muslim communities grew along Africa’s coast and eventually developed along India and Southeast Asia. This part of the world is not predominantly Muslim, it was a minority religion where most locals do not speak Arabic. This is the continued path that Ibn Battuta traveled. At each country, however, he would meet fellow Muslims who would welcome him.

Ibn Battuta decided to set off for another adventure prior to getting a permanent job – this time, down East Africa’s coast. It has been easier to sail south using a dhow due to good weather condition.


Travel Exhibition Honoring Ibn Battuta

Get to know more about Ibn Battuta’s adventures on November 9 to 12 as the city of Tangier celebrates the second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta. This event is being organized by the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta in honor Ibn Battuta being one of history’s great world traveler.


The festivity will highlight the many exciting activities such parades, street art exhibitions, cultural and musical performances, film shows, forums and so much more. The organization is inviting everyone to participate and celebrate with them. To know more about the said event, visit their official website at http://ibnbattuta.ma/


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