International Festival of Ibn Battuta -

International Festival of Ibn Battuta
International Festival of Ibn Battuta

International Festival of Ibn Battuta

Here’s your chance to meet the world by attending a travel festival. Everyone in the world loves to travel and get the new information of the world in different fields and departments. This festival happening on November 9-12, 2017 is not only organized for the keen interest of the people to enjoy but also the knowledge and information provided unique activities.

They can get the chance to meet the people of the world; they can also get information about the culture of the Morocco and especially the tales and experiences of the travelers from around the whole world.
Meet the World and Explore New Things

No doubt the International Festival of Ibn Battuta is a global event in which the groups from all over the world will participate. There will be artists and musicians who will present their stories and tales through their scheduled performances. These will include solo performances and group performances which will be presented on stage. It will all be entertaining with informative presentations. Groups from countries where Ibn Battuta visited and got the experience of traveling will also perform.

Presentation of the Story of Ibn Battuta

Moreover, the most important part of this festival is the presentation of theater plays about the life of Ibn Battuta. Actors will play their roles according to the story of Ibn Battuta in honor of his journey and travel. This show will take place throughout the festivity in any of the stages of the Tangier, Morocco.

Invitation to all over the World

The association of Morocco which is organizing the Ibn Battuta Festival is inviting the people from all over the globe, experienced travelers, artists, culture experts, students and many other professionals to come and visit Morocco. They all are invited to increase the agglomeration of activities.

Specialty of this Festival

The specialty of this Ibn Battuta Festival is all the information of the artists and musicians, travelers and the literature are in one place. These all are related to the story of Ibn Battuta in every stage. These are correlated with the activities of traveling, life, and visits of Ibn Battuta in every country of the world. Ibn Battuta was the famous traveler, and he shared most of the stories of his travels and journey.

Enjoyment and Information

The people of France and Europe must visit this interesting festival to get the idea of the culture of Morocco. The travelers especially young people will love to get the information about other nations’ travelers so that they can move all over the globe easily. It is also beneficial for the peace of travelers and ambassadors. Promoting the tolerance, peace, and harmony among worldwide cultures is another aim of the Ibn Battuta Festival.

Bottom Lines

By ending the details of the Ibn Battuta Festival, it can be said that this festival is os not for specific people, but everyone can enjoy it. So don’t forget to experience one of the best events in Morocco this year!


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