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Invest in United Arab Emirates

Investing in UAE

Many investors are attracted to the United Arab Emirates for its diverse and developing economy as well as having an advantage on investment incentives like having zero percent of income and corporate tax, and the choice of having up to 100% foreign ownership in free zone areas.

Advantages of investing in UAE

The country is recognized to be stable in terms of its political and economic stand within the Middle East which ideally stands between Africa, Europe & Asia with more than a thousand flights weekly to most nations around the world.

UAE prides itself for having supreme latest infrastructure such as trams, metros, medical service facilities. It also offers high-class quality education from primary to the university that has international accreditation serving to a variety of local and international students.

In comparison to many countries, UAE’s crime rate is significantly low that USA expressed that UAE is recognized as one of the safest places in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

It has all the properties for making it a protected and secure investment and now one of the world’s fastest rising economies with an 11 percent annual growth from 2005 to 2007 and 4.1 percent in 2011.

Tourism, having an imperative impact for the country has rapidly developed, extravagant services, good weather with bountiful activities that will keep every visitor busing during their UAE vacation.

UAE caters a one of a kind modern and luxurious lifestyle and home to world’s megaprojects in preparation for the much awaited Expo 2020.

UAE recommends investments in industries in precious metal, hospitality and tourism, trading, oil and gas and clearly the real estate.

Venture Capital

The government of United Arab Emirates has declared new guidelines for venture capital funds.

The new regulation, which is intended to pull in investments to the nation, was put together through a Government Accelerators comprising of the Ministry of Economy and the Securities & Commodities Authority.

These guidelines stipulate that a venture capital fund’s NAV or net asset value must be equivalent to or bigger than the risk involved.

It is required that venture capital funds with assets of more than Dh180 million to issue a yearly report as per the standard f IFRS and assign a risk management officer. Those with assets under management of less than Dh180 million are required to draft a yearly report synopsis.

Likewise, funds are also required to carry out an annual audit of investments.

United Arab Emirates’ Minister of Economy, Sultan Al Mansouri, acknowledged the new guidelines as a good step to encourage the competitiveness of small to medium size business and also national organizations concentrated on innovation and development.

The Government Accelerators program was officially introduced in late of 2016 by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, intended to speed up the accomplishment of main goals of the National Agenda of the UAE Vision 2021.

The program, according to Sheikh Mohammed is intended to support coordinated effort amongst public & private divisions and the academe, seeking to “drive change, increase government effectiveness and service speed to create happiness for the people.

The venture capital industry of the Middle Eastern region is anticipated to be worth US$5 billion by 2019 from about $200 million in 2016.

Investing in Latin America

Trade experts would agree that the benefits of internationalization also equate to the challenges in the diversity of foreign markets. This entails companies the need to have a quality product while making sure the intercultural aspect is also well taken care of to be able to successfully access and develop other market. All these while guaranteeing the professionalism, competency and human facet of rendered service.

Investing in Morocco

Situated more than 3 hours from the primary cities of Europe, Morocco is a standout among the most vibrant nations in Africa. The country presents some advantages for world business and is turning into a famous destination for organizations to begin their business. Morocco has an accomplished and adaptable work force, appealing laws and policies, a steady situation in politics as well as infrastructures that sustain the market and effective flow of merchandise.

The development of internal investment in the country in the recent years has been remarkable. The scope of investors has turned out to be more diverse and keeping in mind that European nations, especially France and Spain continue to be the biggest financial investors, later years has been described by expanding business from different areas, like the Middle East. The government of Morocco has embraced a scope of legitimate and structural changes for the economy and making the Tax system simpler.

Due to free commerce understandings, Morocco is at the peak of the fundamental world trade routes, connecting the America, Africa, Europe, & the Middle East. The country is putting forth to the investor free obligation access to a market of 55 nations signifying more than one billion buyers and sixty percent of the world gross domestic product.

Investing in West Africa

The region of West Africa is an ideal example of a territory where difficulties & chances crash. It’s an area facing huge trials in relation to scarcity, well-being, learning, and nourishment. Poverty rates in West Africa are more than 3 times the world’s average, while under-five mortality rates are almost twice that of the world’s average. But still, the region is moreover the 2nd fastest growing economy in Africa, following East Africa, with a yearly GDP growth of six percent back in 2014.

It is home to Nigeria, Africa’s largest and densely populated economy. In addition, the disparity in issues like energy, agriculture & infrastructure is making huge necessity for innovation & investment. With this blend of difficulties and opportunities, West Africa represents an appealing target for impact investors looking to create sustainable social & environmental impact with investment return.

Finding the Right Partnership

Putting up a business overseas requires more than just having sufficient fund. To make it happen, the work entails getting the suitable manpower and more importantly the right business partner who knows the intricacies of starting up a company in a country of your choice. Look for a person who can support and expand your network as well as increase your net worth. Thus, business partners should have complementary skills and expertise, aligned with the company’s vision who are all equally committed to the success of the business.

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If you are an investor, the company can provide you with an opportunity to meet professionals and advisors in each country bound by trust and security to allow a faster and safer development of financial flows and exchanges on both sides.

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