Ibn Battuta Association

Ibn Battuta Association

Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta has been put up to mainly celebrate and continue the legacy of the great Ibn Battuta by means of cultural events.

Moroccan Muslim scholar and traveler, Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta, has been known for exploring places called Rihla. His voyage went on for 30 years, going through Islamic countries traversing to Northern & Western Africa, South, and East of Europe traveling to the Middle East, the subcontinent of India to Central and Southeast Asia and China. With vast distance and wealth of experiences, he went back to his country Morocco where he shared his story to Ibn Juzay.

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta commemorates the birth of the legendary Moroccan explorer every 24th of February by setting up a cultural festival which aims to promote travel, literature, history and building intercultural relationships.

Who is Ibn Battuta

Born in Tangier, Morocco on February 24, 1304, Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta has been known as Shams ad-Din. After pursuing education on Islam law, he decided to travel and left his home when he was 21 y/o. Most of his journey were land trips and went with a caravan to avoid any attack. He endured wars and shipwrecks, returning only after 24 years.

His exploration started in the Middle East sailing the Red Sea to Mecca and then traveled across the vast Arab Desert to reach Iraq and Iran. In 1330, he traveled again to the Red Sea then Aden until Tanzania. Two years after, he decided to explore India and was warmly greeted by the Sultan of Delhi and became a judge. He lived in India for eight years before heading to China. In 1352, he traversed the desert Sahara and went to Mali.

Lastly, in 1355, he went home to Tangier after the completion of Rihla. He died in 1368, and his story provided a good picture of the world during the 14th century.Mohamed Dekkak, a Moroccan businessman and Adgeco Group’s Chairman and Founder is Moroccan Association Ibn Battuta’s Honorary President. The objective of Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta also known as AMARIB is to fulfill activities devoted to the celebrated personality, giving tribute that he deserves. The organization also seeks to carry out big cultural activities to make Tangier a cultural tourism destination, therefore the promotion of Ibn Battuta’s story and character. This initiative brings together artists, travelers from countries visited by Ibn Battuta as they honor his journey. The aim eventually supports Morocco’s socio-economic and cultural tourism development.

Mohamed Dekkak, a Moroccan businessman and Adgeco Group’s Chairman and Founder is Moroccan Association Ibn Battuta’s Honorary President. The objective of Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta also known as AMARIB is to fulfill activities devoted to the celebrated personality, giving tribute that he deserves. The organization also seeks to carry out big cultural activities to make Tangier a cultural tourism destination, therefore the promotion of Ibn Battuta’s story and character. This initiative brings together artists, travelers from countries visited by Ibn Battuta as they honor his journey. The aim eventually supports Morocco’s socio-economic and cultural tourism development.

Ibn Battuta Festival

This 2017, in celebration of Morocco’s cultural heritage, the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta organizes the International Ibn Battuta Festival taking place in many areas of Tangier on November 8-10, promoting culture and travel. This event, entitled “Travelers, the Ambassadors of Peace” paved way seeks to inspire future travelers to go see the world themselves.

Aside from Ibn Battuta, the event will also introduce some of the world famous travelers in history, such as:

  • Marco Polo – The famous Venetian traveler who traveled for 24 years and introduced Europe to Southern Asia;
  • John Cabot – famous for becoming the first explorer from Europe who made contact with Northern American inhabitants;
  • Christopher Columbus – well known as the Italian explorer who discovered America;
  • Xuanzang – Chinese monk who connected the great Indian and Chinese cultures
  • Ferdinand Magellan – Portugal explorer who led the East Indies expeditions inspired the world’s first total circumnavigation of the globe.
  • Bartolomeu Dias – the first to reach the Southernmost tip, and discovered the Cape of Good Hope;
  • Jacques Cartier – first European who discovered Canada;
  • Herodotus – recognized as the “Father of History” is a Greek historian who traveled to Asia, Greece, Egypt and Rome.
  • Vasco De Gama – first to arrive at the India paved the way for the ‘Spice Route’ when he reached Calicut and made contact with the golden Indian shore lands.

The festival will showcase more literary tributes, art exhibits, conferences and social cultural activities with a musical parade to bring great entertainment to locals and visitors of Tangier.

Famous Travelers in History

Get to know more about Ibn Battuta at: http://www.amarib.org/

French Business Group

The year was 1974 when the French Business Group established their presence in the United Arab Emirates, as a nonprofit association and has been the first Chamber of Commerce in the Emirates. The organization promoting business ties between France and UAE, comprising of 77 countries, 107 chambers with thirty thousand companies is a member of the UCCIFE. With three hundred members in various industry sectors with business interests in France and the UAE, it is an active network with 60 networking events organized per year, from conferences, exhibits, and business after hours.

UAE’s business environment, in a promising investment and recruitment activity despite today’s regional economic challenges, the French business community still retains its confidence in the country, anticipating an accelerated growth and stronger trading performance.

The UAE is trying to develop a sustainable economy and as an economic partner, French companies are keen to be involved. As such, the chamber has put up sectoral committees to support its members foster more business opportunities in varied fields like renewable energy, construction, young entrepreneurs, oil, and gas. The French Business Group also have a wide range of business development services, assisting from small to mid-size companies on business don’t., industry analysis, marketing, looking for right partnership and more. It is a business center with an available fully furnished private office.


The chamber aims to foster joint ventures, trades and investments among UAE and France;

function in line with the interest of members, assist in all business endeavors of both French companies in Abu Dhabi and UAE companies in France,

Business Development Support

The primary objective of Business Dev’t. and Support Dept. is to be able to offer an extensive selection of sensible business and market services such as business support to both French and UAE companies.

Amongst the many services offered by the chamber to French businesses include assistance on setting up a company in UAE, professional advice and matching of business for potential partners. On the other hand, Emirati companies, through the chambers wide network spanning to thousands of companies are supported with information through meetings from trade events held in the country.

France and the UAE have built a sound commercial relationship and trade between these two countries keeps growing. For over forty years, the French Business Group has provided the French business community with a platform where business professionals can meet and discuss business concerns with a much broader business community.

The chamber’s business center, located in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s business district provides some of the following services to its members:

  • Modern workstations
  • Fast speed internet connection
  • Phone
  • Access to meeting areas, database, office and common facilities like kitchen

The French Business Group also organize PR and events for networking set in a relaxed and informal phase like conducting business meetings over breakfast. The organization also provide training and consulting services on specific topics.

Become a Member

Join now to increase your business exposure. A member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Abu Dhabi entitles your company to be published in the yearly Member’s directory, be introduced to fellow members and local French community, get special rates on tools and events, chance for sponsorship, make news contribution to official website and newsletter, partake in loyalty program, meet company delegations coming to UAE, participate in fairs and exhibitions in France or GCC countries etc.

Most importantly, becoming a member allows you and your company to be able to contribute to solidifying the French-Emirati relationship.

Official website: http://www.fbgabudhabi.com/en/


AmCham Abu Dhabi boosts UAE’s connectivity and business opportunities for USA and UAE

The movement for developing relations between the Unites States of America and the United Arab Emirates has set off in 2012 in the course of a discussion regarding the reinforcement of cooperation between the UAE local companies and those in the USA.

The discussion happened between the Chairman of the Federation of the UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry and President of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) and the US Ambassador of the United States to the UAE. The meeting focused on investment and industrial partnership.

Along with the heads of the two agencies, the Chairman of the American Business Group (AmCham) in Abu Dhabi, the Director General of ADCCI, the Commercial Counselor at the Embassy of the United States in the UAE; and the Director of Businesses and Communications Sector at the Abu Dhabi Chamber have attended the meeting.

The ADCCI stated that they are devotedly coordinating and working together with the American Business Groups and Councils that are established in the capital to maximize the involvement of the US firms in the economic development plan of the Emirate and provide more business opportunities for the entrepreneurs from both countries. It said that there was large fraction of companies overseas are now giving so much attention in developing industrial projects in Abu Dhabi with the help of their counterparts in the emirate because of its strategic location in the Gulf and the emergence of new markets in the region.

Later on, the formation of the an economic council for Abu Dhabi and the US was brought up by the Chamber in Abu Dhabi, the American Chamber in Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development in order to provide the businesses in both countries with a general platform to enable and increase trading activity and the volume of investments among the two countries.

An agreement was inked for the establishment of the Council to make the relations of the US and UAE stronger than before. The agreement covers the tasks of the new Economic Council which is composed of an Executive Committee, Consultative Committee and off-the-cuff working alliances present in several economic sectors including but not limited to investment trade, and industry.

The American Business Group of Abu Dhabi (AmCham) has been working in the background advocating investment, business opportunities and benevolence between the USA. AmCham Abu Dhabi stands as an autonomous, nonprofit business alliance consists of Fortune 500 conglomerates, small- medium enterprises, and renowned business personalities and tycoons. AmCham is a member of the global network of American Chambers of Commerce and is affiliated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C., Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AmCham MENA and the US-UAE Business Council.
The group is headed by an Executive Director and managed with its professional team. It is composed of the Board of Directors, four officers and eleven members at large. Every year, a general meeting and strategic planning Seminar are being held to introduce more improvements and keep the status as a leading professional organization.

The roundtable meeting is organized by the AmCham for more than 150 leading business administrators, businesspersons, researchers and government representatives from the capital of UAE and the USA. The gathering talks about the issues confronting the trade industry and investment between the two cities reaching to the and business routines, laws, and strategies, with the objective of raising US direct foreign investment in Abu Dhabi and the whole UAE, and to indorse exported goods from the US to the Middle East thru the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The agreement enumerates the commissions of the Executive Committee which comprise of supervising the advancement of the Council, attaining conclusions, and defining groups and units who are entitled to the statements of the Council for great consideration. On the other hand, the duties of the Consultative Committee as per the commission cover the daily processes of the congress, controlling, directing and enabling the undertakings of the employees, including the auxiliary group supporting to move forward and accomplish the work, along with going through the intelligences presented by the said groups, and verify if the said documents must be forwarded to the topmost Committee for deliberation.

AmCham serves as an exceptional meeting ground where the executives can tackle and deliberate about the different concerns affecting the business the flow of business operation between the U.S. and U.A.E. The group had introduced a number of fundamental government support agendas, informative and networking plans and tailored business services for the advantage of its members. Owing to the unceasing reinforcement of its members, AmCham Abu Dhabi has been acknowledged as a representative of American business establishments in Abu Dhabi.

The group facilitates more business partnership opportunities for private sector companies based in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates to gain from the information and the background of American firms, particularly those running in the State, with the purpose of nurturing their competitiveness and take part effectively into the world market.

The UAE capital exhibited a firm stride in the direction of economic expansion, through its Economic Vision 2030, to intensify their assimilation in the global economy by building more prospects and delivering motivations and services to the private sector, UAE residents and companies from overseas to branch out their activities, increase their transactions and form strategic connections with the corresponding companies all around the world.

According to the Administrative Office of Customs in Abu Dhabi, the aggregate trade between the United States and Abu Dhabi four years ago had reached to over USD 14,483,917.

In order to develop and bolster trade and investment between Abu Dhabi and the United States, working groups like the AmCham will study, scrutinize and offer proposals to the Supervisory Committee of US-UAE Economic Council, to fortify economic affairs between the states and make suitable resolutions underlined to empower the private sectors in all of their activities in the two countries, by taking hold of the opportunities for investment and trade by local governments of the two countries.

Official website: www.amchamabudhabi.org

Sahara Spirit Foundation

Sahara Spirit Foundation firmly believes that everyone has a right for self-dignity. But given the challenges we face in today’s generation, a lot of people are being denied basic human rights. To help shape the lives of those in need, we rally to give everyone fair and equal access to information, social and economic services.

Our foundation is an independent and not – profit association with a mission to help transform and uplift the status of our less fortunate brother’s lives and somehow provide a better quality of life.

We recognize the process of connecting effectively. In this way, we work closely with neighboring communities because we believe that sustainable development starts when local people themselves are engaged, urged to take dynamic participation in their particular communities.

Much the same as the Sahara’s sunny desert, the Sahara Spirit Foundation shines its gleams and connects to the poor spirits who need supportive change and help them understand their maximum capacity.

The charity’s approach has been communicated by a consistent emphasis on seeking after quality education, independence and fundamental healthcare services given in a democratic Moroccan society.

Since we realize that our means are insufficient, Sahara Spirit Foundation carefully works together with government and non-government establishments, national and foreign associations, private and public agencies that share our vision.

We endeavor to give a superior state funded education for students, through innovation and by sharing powerful learning tools, bolster better strategies, and elevate the standard of teaching from both teachers and school pioneers. We help programs that recognize modern solutions that can have the capacity to unravel a student’s potential.

To help secure lives, we collaborate with healthcare organizations to bring the medical guide and services. To upgrade the quality of healthcare in key medical facilities, we plan alongside with community-level medical providers and disseminate clean, healthy practices.

To have the capacity to lead sound and fruitful lives, we arranged livelihood plans, campaign awareness, workshops, field works, training and different tools we believe are valuable and which in the end, assist the less fortunate elevate themselves out of destitution and accomplish long-term benefits.

Because of our partners’ hard work and unending support, we furthermore work to develop sound collaboration so effective activities can be created and ideas can be broadly shared.

The way out of scarcity starts when individuals who have fewer assets can gain access to quality medicinal services and better education.

Sahara Spirit encourages the young to be interested in the possibility of going into business. We completely support ladies and young leaders that enable development and excellence.

We take part in events that protect national legacy and embrace the latest aspects of innovation, utilizing social media tools to reach out and communicate globally.

We would like to unite and fortify our civil society. We advocate peaceful dialogues and keen participation by people of various upbringings to set further our democratic principles.

Sahara Spirit Foundation recognizes that education is a universal right and consequently empowers students wherever they may be to have admittance to the method for development, inventiveness, obtaining of information and aptitude and the act of obligation.”

Educators are fundamental to child’s learning. They would like to help their students succeed, yet frequently don’t get the support they need to do as such. The foundation recognizes that fair; in-depth assessments engage instructors to continue learning and progressing within the profession by focusing on their qualities and areas that need to be improved. Teachers, too, deserve continuous learning opportunities, extend support where needed and empower them to team up and share best practices. We’re working with school locales across the nation to make more customized, feasible solutions to teacher learning that can be embraced briefly and extensively.

Together with our partners, we’re working with educators to plan materials that help understudies. Teachers should be at the focal point of making and refining educational curriculum and instructional materials that address students’ issues.

Individuals with no home are among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our general public, regularly requiring an uneven and expensive price to avail of public health services. A comprehensive study presents that support in housing is the best, most financially savvy solution.

The Sahara Spirit Foundation works to make lasting housing a reality for people encountering homelessness in Morocco and African regions. For many years, Sahara Spirit has looked to promote empathetic and practical answers for homelessness.

Sahara Spirit extends its assistance to other non-profit organizations trying to address important issues of interests – education, culture, health and social service – and that fundamentally serve vast demographic and geographic population. In all aspects of subsidizing, the Foundations try to recognize those associations accomplishing differentiated results on different associations attempting comparative endeavors for similar populaces. The Foundations additionally search for proof of sustainability.

The Sahara Spirit Foundation supports programs that offer meaningful projects in arts and sciences, organizing those which empower engagement by young individuals and make an enduring and quantifiable effect. The Foundation additionally supports select projects sustaining and creating artistic ability.

Sahara Spirit helps low-income population have access to medical centers, hospital, and specialized medical institutions. With regards to the shortage of medical professionals to meet the nation’s growing healthcare needs, the Foundation support programs intended to upgrade abilities and increase the quantity of professionals and educators. The Foundations likewise bolster medical exploration and the improvement of young professionals to make a wide and persevering effect on the country’s health.

Energy has been on all the presence of system mechanisms and tools among others to make our lives easier and more comforting. The foundation will raise awareness on renewable energy and everything associated with it. Sahara Spirit will raise this subject to the common society for better understanding how the renewable save lives and money.

The Sahara Spirit Foundation supports organizations that handle the bases of chronic poverty by applying compelling solutions for the most difficult social and financial issues. The Foundation organizes supporting projects that have demonstrated successful in encouraging financial freedom and in reinforcing families. Preference is additionally given to programs with the possibility to scale profitable practices keeping in mind the end goal to reach more individuals in need.

Official website: http://saharaspirit.org/

New Arab Foundation

About US

A fresh idea, not necessarily unique, deserves some merit and consideration. It is at some crucial times of conflicts, war and terrorism and despair that new concepts of peace and development become utterly necessary.

That is the thing that has driven the members to focus the energy of Arabs into new beneficial endeavors. They are worried at the present course of a few countries in the Arab world which he feels is “in intense, big dilemma,” particularly in hotspots like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and Libya.

He proceeds with: “The Arabs are encountering turmoil and clashes never saw since colonial times, with country states defenseless from within and without. The emergence of military tyranny in the 50s, the Arab-Israeli clash, the Soviet intrusion of Afghanistan (the origin of the “jihadist” development), and the Iran-Iraq War, First and Second Gulf Wars, all these joint events shaped a watershed in the Arab world.

Trillions in fortunes and living were dissuaded from societal development to local and “sectarian” wars, damaging countries and terrorizing the presence of others.”

In the Arab world, the young generation who are unemployed, embarrassed at home, less fortunate with no plan to get away from a hopeless life.

The fresh approach paved a way for the creation of the New Arab Foundation, an association and research organization with a mission to present a road map of achievable objectives toward a New Renaissance for the Arab world.

The New Arab Foundation is a not for profit, non-partisan public policy institute and thinks tank gives administration consulting and puts resources into new and creative thinkers inside the Arab World and in the Diaspora, with the end goal of discovering imaginative answers to meet the difficulties confronting the Arab World.

The New Arab Foundation underlines work that is receptive to the changing and risky conditions and issues confronting the Arab World in the age data economy of the 21st Century. This is a period formed by changing innovation and necessities the Arab World is confronting: education, literacy, medicinal services, public transportation, occupation, country and urban improvement, agriculture, housing, water supply, renewable energy, public safety and security, innovation and technology systems, government transparency and accountability, solid financial institutions, natural protection, renewable resources, national defense, dispersion of wealth and financial opportunities, compromises and conflict resolutions.

The New Arab Foundation likewise exists to address the psychological and social needs following many years of dictatorships, wars and tyrannies by acknowledging the rich qualities of the Arab World as far as ethnicity (Arabs, Amazighs, Kurds, Armenians among others), language, culture, religion (Islam, Christianity and Judaism), and additionally upholding expressions, music, and cultural events to help on facilitating and rebuilding the countries following years of corruption, disregard and dictatorial government.

New arab foundation education

The foundation has what it takes to make the future surpass the past with capable experts and skills from around the globe. The Foundation’s primary mission is energized by the indication that every era of citizens should have a life much better than the last. The educational, political, health care systems in the Arab World are battling with the high absence of education rate, high unemployment, no equal opportunity, the smothering bureaucracy that prompts exploitation, ineffectiveness, and hatred, poverty, marginalization, even disregard to rural areas.

The New Arab Foundation is committed to inventive thinking, means and measures to address the adversities that make the Arab World falls behind from being developed. The Arab World needs and requires smart ways to address the financial difficulties confronting nations troubled with local and foreign debts, emerging from inefficiencies, mismanagement, wars, and conflicts, and discover approaches to pay for required public, environmental and social investments. The Arab World is yet to create thorough policies and procedures to face international threats and difficulties.

With substantial sponsorship from benefactors and individuals, the New Arab Foundation tries to put resources into extraordinary people whose capacity to correspond to wide and influential crowds can change the Arab World strategy in vital territories, bringing promising new thoughts, verbal confrontations and answers to the forefront, without ideologically or partisan driven resolutions yet accentuation on financially savvy arrangements, of all shapes and sizes pictures, and fair investigation.

The New Arab Foundation will fill the requirement for consultancy management and think tank skill from around the globe. With so much ability accessible and willing to contribute, we can assemble a global association offering innovative services and aptitude to compete with consultancy management services given by the World Bank, Center for Strategic and International Studies,International Monetary Fund, McKinsey and Company,Booz Allen Hamilton, Accenture, Brookings, Washington Institute, and Crisis Management Group among others.

Having obtained its tax exempt status, the New Arab Foundation is looking for substantial financing from people, organizations and companies for its mission to enlist the best and the brightest of Arab talents from around the globe. It is our plan to set up the office in Washington, DC with arranged regional offices in North Africa and the Arab Gulf.

The New Arab Foundation challenges the minds and talents of our today’s youth, to contribute to life, to building and contribute to the future to do better than the past.

At the New Arab Foundation, we try to set the standards for openness, corporate responsibility, corporate governance, and certainly the conflict of interests. We go past that to guarantee there is no lifetime term for foundation officials by building measures in the bylaws for the limit of terms to stay away from the basic issues numerous Arab or Arab-American associations face, where the founders of publicly funded associations have lifetime tenure. We trust that you as individuals help us keep this dedication by choosing and selecting board individuals who are likewise as dedicated and resolved to sound straightforward corporate administration.

The New Arab Renaissance starts here. http://www.newarabfoundation.org/

Arab Peace Corp

Motivated by then US President John Kennedy’s Peace Corps, the Arab Peace Corps under the initiative of the New Arab Foundation’s vision and mission is first “to break the negative, strengthening thesusceptible youth being used by ‘terrorists’ to battle against what they are told is the reason for their suffering. Eventually, they are most of the time executed in the battle, a circumstance that is publicized with a specific end goal to reinvigorate the negative winding and to recruit more.”

He clarifies that the Arab Peace Corps would then work “toward actualizing advancement programs for less fortunate communities in the Arab world as well as in Europe, the US and Canada. Changing the force and innocence of youth into positive, self-strengthening commitments for the better good of themselves and their general public will expand their feeling of having a place with their community, society and country.”

“The Arab Peace Corps would be a voluntary service for two years employing the dedication, abilities and dynamism of school graduates and retirees from inside the Arab world as well as from the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia among others to assemble and rebuild devastated or underestimated communities in medical care, education, agriculture, artisan and small commercial ventures, public improvement and participation, instructional exercise and tutoring programs among numerous.”

“This public service would not just have a positive helpful outcome to those communities, it would likewise give significant abilities and life experiences to the Arab people who volunteer and serve as the Arab Peace Corps members.


Why the Arab Peace Corps is essential to the Arab World

  • Because Arab nations are encountering turmoil and clashes they have never seen since colonial period and their country states are undermined from within and without.
  • Because trillions of dollars have been stolen from society building and utilized rather for wars, or lost to management and corruption.
  • Because huge sections of the Arab populaces are disappointed, jobless, baffled with the absence of essential services, economic opportunities, and government accountability and transparency.
  • Because this has prompted a negative, self-propagating cycle in which regularly growing quantities of young fellows and ladies are without quality education or employments, prompting misery, sadness, and weaknesses which succumbs them to join extremist groups.
  • Because with commitment, new thinking, and projects receptive to society’s needs, we can divert the energy of the youth into positive, self-fortifying commitments to benefit the greater good through every individual’s accomplishment of feeling of having a place in the society and a stronger sense of self-esteem.
  • Because we aspire the Arab World to end up a model to the worldcontributing positively by today’s younger people attempting to reestablish communities and social orders to peace, solidness, financial improvement, and good administration.

These are the reasons the Arab Peace Corps is extremely essential. We request your support in changing the Arab world.

The Arab Peace Corps will mobilize the young generation today, young college graduates as well as skilled professionals to volunteer for two years to utilize their expertise and personalprinciples to serve in defenseless communities in the Arab world and Diaspora.

College graduates, skilled technicians and artists, will be formed into groups taking into account skills complementation with the necessities of specific activities or communities. Taking after a month of preparing, they will be sent for 22 months to a community to help, particularly young fellows and ladies, to learn new abilities, fortify the social fabric, and create occupation opportunities that will advance self-esteem, sustain family and unite community, and will diminish vulnerability to radical groups. Our long term objective is to have groups functioning in nations over North Africa and in the Middle East.

Established and experienced professionals highly skilled in developing communities will manage the work of the volunteer groups, giving tutoring, coaching and skills improvement for each individual volunteers and the groups.

The Arab Peace Corps will give volunteers food and lodging and a little living stipend. Volunteers who finish the full two years will be granted scholarships for graduate study with partnered universities. The New Arab Foundation will likewise work with organizations and governments to give occupation priority for the individuals who effectively finish their duty.

Envision volunteer groups made up of young Arabs, Amazighs, Circassians, Kurds, Armenians, all professionals, meeting up from all parts of the Arab World, extending from Morocco over North Africa through the the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East, North America, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. These smart, devoted professionals -teachers, artists, engineers, health workers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, environmentalists and others – embody the best in the Arab World, rich with its culture, tradition and values, religions and ethnicities.

Now envision many these groups, spread out over the Arab World and the Diaspora, doing community work to enhance essential health, basic education, infrastructure, job opportunities, and environment. Inside these communities, volunteer groups concentrate on the dreams as well as disappointments of vulnerable youth, both men and ladies, giving them motivation to move in the direction of a positive future, dismissing them from fanaticism and viciousness, and preparing them for positive roles within their communities, to develop as opposed to demolish. They encourage these groups as volunteers as well as cultural ambassadors.

Visualize the huge number of empowered youth professionals coming back to their communities following two years of genuine involvement in societies, with new abilities and understandings of the significant issues influencing the Arab World, prepared to tackle positive leadership in their groups, their social orders, and the worldwide community. Envision their communities respecting the service made by these volunteers upon their arrival, offering grants and employment priority.

At long last, envision the communities transformed that develop as an aftereffect of the work of these youth volunteers – communities with positive youth leaders, enhanced services, more employments, a better environment, and intensified security and peace.

This is the Arab Peace Corps’ vision, an initiative brought by the New Arab Foundation. We welcome you go along with us in transforming this vision into reality.

These are the reasons the Arab Peace Corps is indispensably imperative. We request your support in changing the Arab world.

Official Website: http://arabpeacecorps.org/

Danish Business Council

The business council of Denmark was inaugurated in mid-2004 with the participation of the Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dubai, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Mutawee, and the Consul of Denmark, Mr. Thomas Bay.

The Danish Business Council in Dubai (DBCD) is a not-for-profit association which is organized to cultivate a better relationship and connections between companies from Denmark in the UAE and UAE companies. To achieve the organization’s objectives, it set up different conventions and conferences every month, keeping up its website, releasing updates ad newsletters while reinforcing its relations with the Trade Commission of Denmark in Dubai and also with the Royal Consulate General of Denmark. DBCD carry out a series of activities with the intention of enriching business potentials and bringing the Danish businesses to the light.

The organization welcomes individuals and companies who would like to have a better understanding regarding Danish businesses and to build a partnership to different Danish companies in UAE. Being a member of the council will expand the professional and social networks and also increase the exposure of the members by participating in business related affairs. The networking events combine social, business, and leisure to encourage more members to join the organization. Golf tournaments, gala dinners, wine tasting, and Government and Royal visits are just some of the events that the council is organizing.

The membership is useful to introduce someone’s company and invite up to four business connections in every event to discover more opportunities in the UAE.

With the establishment of the Danish Business Council, Danish entrepreneurs and firms can walk around widespread concerns and business prospects.  It plays a significant role as a means for Danish companies considering in putting up their offices, divisions, or presence in the UAE market.

For the past few years, a huge number of emigrants to Dubai has been recorded due to its attractive opportunity of tax-exempt capital and comfortable way of living. Being considered as the commercial capital of the UAE, the emirate of Dubai was formerly a desolate backdrop in the oil-rich region, but is presently a booming city, fascinating thousands of people and opening its doors to new expatriates each month.

According to a study, around eight per cent of the total population of Dubai is Emirati, the remaining account to expats and migrant workers. The development was not only brought by the rich and diverse human resources in Dubai, but it is also caused by the consistent transformation of the Dubai into a sustainable city. This is mostly due to the idealistic governance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum who is the present ruler, and under whose leadership many of the Dubai’s well-known breakthroughs and projects have been carried out. One of the world’s tallest hotel, Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Dubai Mall and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa are constructed in Dubai.

On the other hand, emigrants can both own a property and plot in the emirate that undoubtedly encouraged to induce international investment. Aside from the production of oil, Dubai’s other sources of wealth comes from other industries such as financial services, construction, and tourism which produce more job opportunities for expats everywhere in the world.

According to the president of DBCD, the commerce and exchange between Dubai and Denmark have been growing progressively for the past five years, and the inauguration of the council is very timely as there are more than nine hundred recorded Danish people living in the UAE.

The reputation of the UAE as a viable market was acknowledged when the UAE welcomed a Danish business commission led by the Prince of the Kingdom of Denmark, and Minister for Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries at that time. At present, Danish companies who are present in the UAE market especially in Dubai specialize in the oil and construction sectors, maritime industry, food industry, audio-visual, communication, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and retail.

The UAE and the Government of Denmark have entered into an agreement of cooperation on progressing renewable energy and global sustainability. Amplified teamwork is essential in catering to the growing demand for energy and alleviating the undesirable consequences of climate change. The introduction of these challenges would arouse more economic prospects and cooperation with the purpose of drawing in more investments and to encourage the advancement of technology.

The agreements underline and brought up particular opportunities and technology fields where both countries can share their knowledge and develop more clean-energy and sustainability projects. Denmark is considered as a front runner for sustainability, producing almost one hundred per cent of its energy comes from renewable sources with the integration of green technology products accounting for eleven per cent of the aggregate exports of the country. On the other hand, UAE, which is one of the main exporters of fossil energy, has eagerly incorporated and promoted the use of renewable energy.

With the combined efforts of it members, they are continually helping Danish companies to establish their companies in the UAE and reassuring investment into Denmark from the UAE and vice versa While dynamically endorsing the council to multiply its membership and impact.

The council also helps the beginners in working on their potentials and valuing the traditional legacy of the UAE as many people who are new to UAE are concern about the high cost of living. Furthermore, the education and health benefits in Denmark can be subsidized or free while in Dubai even though there is no tax to be paid, the people are required to spend the huge amount of health, schooling, house rentals and other costs of living.

In spite of this reality, the Danish people in the UAE was not discouraged, and their number has improved gradually. Dubai is very distinctive for the reason that eighty to ninety per cent of the people settling in the city has preferred to transfer or to work according to their choice.

The number of Danish emigrants in the UAE suggests that there is an existing motivation to flourish in the city of Dubai while there is a great deal of competition at the same time. The DBCD is encouraging the business people to experience the life in the UAE while being aware of all the-the possibilities, be persevering and ensure that they have enough capital to propel them over for the first few years as their businesses find its stability.

Setting up businesses in Dubai also requires research and understanding about the philosophy, environment, and how things are carried out in Dubai. It is said that establishing a business in the free zone areas is more uncomplicated now yet still utilizes more time and rigid outside these areas. Dubai is the easiest to do business in compared to the other regions in the UAE.

Official Website: http://danishbusinesscouncil.org/


Spanish Business Council

The nations in the Middle East and GCC have completely aided from the recapture in surging oil process and world trade as well as the growing movement in the outline of exchange between Europe and Asia.

In this regard, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is just one of the countries in the region who has taken advantage of the opportunity of receiving a large volume of investments due to its available airports, sea ports, transportation networks, and logistics system that support the trade industry. According to word Bank, UAE ranked twenty-four for its logistics performance in the world and got the top spot among other countries in the Gulf and MENA region.

The UAE is well known as the first stop of all the goods exported by Spain in the Middle East and is the third destination for the whole MENA region. According to statistics Spain exports to the UAE amounted approximately one billion Euros with the trade equilibrium has been in the favor of Spain.

Inspired by the vast opportunities for business relationships and due to the advantageous effects of the said trading agreement, the Spanish Embassy and the Spanish Commercial Office in the UAE established a non-profit organization, Spanish Business Council in 2005.  The Spanish Business Council (SBC) has been brought into the light to create a commercial policy to reinforce business and social bonds between Spain and the United Arab Emirates, by way of connecting the Spanish firms to public and private sectors of the UAE.

The Spanish Business Council serves as a platform for Spanish firms or individuals and foreign companies or individuals who have the same interest in forming business affairs in the United Arab Emirates.

The management of the council includes the decision-making body which is the Board of Directors, headed by a chairman and two vice-chairmen and managed by an office coordinator.

The council is founded specifically to progress the business affairs between Spain and UAE which is underlined as the most effective way of strengthening their bilateral relationship. The objectives of the council will be achieved by endorsing the importance of Spain-UAE commercial and business interests at the same time stirring more economic and commercial affairs, investments and other projects between the two countries. SBC provides a hub for sharing of knowledge and practices and to converse and interrelate with private ad local firms and individuals in the UAE by launching assemblies, congregations, discussions, symposiums, and functions. In line with the development of business relations, SBC intends to promote Spain’s cultural heritage and influences for familiarity purposes between the UAE and Spain and to set a good image of Spain in the UAE.

Spain is known to be fifteenth biggest economy worldwide and is considered the fourth largest in Europe. The country has restructured procedures for establishing businesses by decreasing the quantity of licensing prerequisites. The trade policy of Spain is comparable to the other nations associated with the European Union, with its combined weighted average tax rate of 1.6%, as per the Index of Economic Freedom survey of 2013. Almost all segments in the state welcome foreign investments.

The majority of the exported goods of Spain to UAE includes commodities, industrial products, and capital goods. The shipments of agro-foods and drinks have improved during the past few years. The amount of agro-food exports increased by twenty-eight percent from 2007 to 2009 whereas the quantity of exported beverages increased by twenty per cent respectively. At the same time, Spain brings in commodities and capital goods in demand from UAE and this imports accounts in eighty-nine percent of Spain’s total imports.  Some of the main goods that are imported include plastics at twenty-one percent and aluminum at thirty-seven per cent of the overall imported goods from January to May 2010.

Blessed with a strategic location at the Gulf gateway between Europe and Asia at the mouth of the UAE, particularly Dubai has been considered as a major destination for global and regional tourism, making a stand as a sought-after place for shopping, vacation, intercontinental sessions, and media happenings. The robust progression of the tourism sector has doubled its effect in the economic development of UAE, not just the implication of its direct input to GDP, but also for its secondary influence on retail transactions, transportation, and logistics.

Several meetings have been held carrying one intention which is the development of bilateral relations. There are a lot of Spanish companies who are leaders in different fields like financial services, information and communication technologies, civil engineering, and transport infrastructure evidenced by the development of a bullet train which connects the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah covering the large part of the Panama Canal.

The UAE is steadfast in reinforcing the participation of different organization in the SBC for the stimulation of a much-improved service, trade, investment, and industrial sectors undertakings as a vehicle to realize a tactical public-private collaboration between the two countries.  Spain can provide the investors from UAE exceptional prospects in various sectors and can function as a natural center or lobby or an entry way to European and Latin American markets.

With SBC, UAE and Spain can produce favorable chances to perform simultaneously to develop the most dynamic sectors by means of sharing information and teaching the finest preparation in the subject of Small-Medium Enterprises campaign and modernization.

The SMEs will become a vital catalyst in refining the attractiveness of the economies of both countries and in the course of producing better investment movement. The UAE will cooperate with Spain on programs which tackle with business meetings and networking proceedings for the ground-breaking UAE and Spanish businesspersons in a consistent manner.

The UAE also uttered their concern for the improvement of their collaboration with Spain in fundamental fields such as renewable energy, petrochemicals, education, transportation, healthcare, innovation, construction, and tourism. Consensual traffic of visitors has reached almost 70,000 in 2012, compelled by the improved air linkages between Spain and UAE.

Nowadays, Spain and the UAE are striving to enrich economic and commercial relations and start a mutually promoted business prospect for both nations in diverse sectors with unlimited growth opportunity including but not limited to biotechnology and health sciences, water treatment and desalination, environmental, information and communication tools, renewable energies, and aeronautics.

Official website: http://spanishbusinesscouncil.ae/

French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morocco

CFCIM Organization

Managed by a Board of Directors with fifty-two directors coming from different industries who are all elected by the member to lead for 6 years.

The Chief Executive Officer is solely responsible for CFCIM’s operations and staff management. This is set on the concept of strategic orientations identified by the Bureau and the Budget as voted by the members of the Board of Directors.

On the other hand, included in the Commissions and Committee members that are administrators and collaborators performing work of study and centralization on information for the Bureau.

Becoming a Member

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco offers a variety of significant benefits that are enough reason to join CFCIM.

The organizations act much like your business partner who actively looks for business opportunities.

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morocco supports local and foreign investors in starting a business in Morocco.

The more a member takes part, the more interest he finds himself in, creating a more dynamic environment within the chamber. Becoming a part of the CFCIM enables a member to develop business opportunities by increasing one’s visibility and network expansion and having a chance to affiliate with field experts gaining vital information. Practical solutions and advice given by professional experts in different fields of marketing, management, communication, tax, logistics, legal matters etc. One may also benefit from special privileges given to members and also a chance to share an expertise.

Events and Exhibitions

The organization has, for thirty years, have organized big professional events such as trade shows and is continuously offering new formats to coincide with client’s needs.

CFCIM develops a list of events per year taking into account prime market trends and companies’ expectations. The organization furthermore offers assistance in advertising, tips, event participation etc.


Among the certifications gathered by CFCIM are Quality Approach – ISO 9001 v2008 Certification for continuous improvement of their Quality Management System. Having been awarded with Evaluation ISO 26000, CFCIM has been the first company in Morocco to obtain AFNOR CSR commitment assessed and to acquire a score matching up to 2nd level of the AFAQ 26000.

CFCIM’sHQE Aménagement certification for Berrechid Ecopark project, affirms that the company is taking into consideration the environmental and energy concerns and also the health conditions of occupants eventually creating good progress to everyone.

All financial accounts of the company are reviewed and certified.

Moving forward…

CFCIM’s envisions to increase and maintain the number of members through its valued services and good relationship to companies. It also aims to enhance the products offered to better suit the needs of its members, to play a part in making Morocco as a hub to sub-Saharan Africa, become a reference for French companies to do business in Morocco.

The overall excellence that the chamber aims is grounded on each and every one’s responsibility to the every day’s lives, recognizing values, being service oriented, having an entrepreneurial spirit, competence, camaraderie, ethics and performance.

Official Website: http://www.cfcim.org/cfcim-business