The BPUR International and Mr. Mohamed Dekkak BPUR International is a non-governmental organization that aims to conduct a worldwide movement to commence an ‘’International Treaty to Ban the Political Use of Religion’’.  It is an organization officially enlisted mainly in…
Anouar Association

Anouar Association

The Anouar Association is a nonprofit organization that has been working for the poor and downtrodden for a long time. It has been about 40 years now that Anouar Association, under the Chairmanship of Md. Dekkak has been doing this…
Netherlands Business Council

 Netherlands Business Council

The Netherlands Business Council is known for their industrial sector within their country as through their industrial sector it allows them to export chemicals, edible goods, and fuel. Overall on every economy ranking, the Netherlands is ranked 17th as the…
Mohamed Dekkak Chairman of Adgeco Group Horse Riding


A Lifelong Love for Horses:  Horses are some of the most beautiful creatures we share this world with, whether leisurely horse riding in a field or seeing them compete in some of the world’s biggest races, horses have always been…
1. Mercedez Benz 1966 2

Vintage Cars Collection

A visionary entrepreneur who loves to take a ride through history: Nostalgia is the driving force for many collectors. Whether you call them “classic” or “antique,” or “vintage” cars that are over 20 years old tend to have a special place…
Mohamed Dekka and H.E Maya Tissafi

Swiss Business Council

Swiss Business Council was inaugurated in 1996 and aims to provide personal and business relations between its members and to elevate social, cultural and economic ties between Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Since its inauguration, Swiss Business Council has…
Malaysian Business Council

Malaysian Business Council

Malaysian Business Council in Dubai aims to promote entrepreneurship and leadership between Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Founded in the year 1986, the Malaysian Business Council though not producing any profit, aims to help its members to promote their…
UAE German Emarati Council

German Emirati Joint Council

German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce was founded in May 2009, it is a Semi-Government Organization and it composes of 5 Countries, first with Germany, UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Iraq. It is the first international Institute/Institution that comes…
Gate One Properties 1

Gate One Properties

President: Gate One Properties is innovating the Real Estate Industry with progression and passion. Celebrating 12 years of solid foundations in Real Estate, Gate One Properties is one of the region’s prominent real estate companies offering wide-range and professional property services…
Canadian buinsess council main

Canadian Business Council

Canadian Business Council attempts to cultivate correspondence and systems administration amongst Canadian and different specialists in the region, and to fabricate consciousness of the commitment that Canadians and Canadian products, services and advances have made in the improvement of the…
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