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Benelux Business Council was established in 2010 as a non-profit organization that seeks to improve and solidify trade and market opportunities between Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UAE, the Benelux Business Council or BBC offers a great chance for members to meet and network their business in UAE, particularly in Abu Dhabi.

The business concept started in 2009 when Oscar Rijcken-Voigt of the Netherlands Business Council together with Didier Jacques & Youri Andre (Co-founder & Coordinator of the BelgoLux Assoc. in Abu Dhabi) discussed on the possibility and benefits of merging Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg to be able to extend to a much wider audience. In the process, Richard Oude Reimerink (Chairman of the Nederlandse Vereniging in Abu Dhabi – NVAD) joined to stand for Dutch interests.

The idea was well received by the Ambassadors of the said countries. Frank Thome also joined to share his vast skill as Committee Member of the BENCHAM. The board visited His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan in 2010 and formally invited him to become Benelux Business Council’s Honorary Chairman.

Looking back, the council has presently seen a momentous progress. From just a few pioneers, the organization has increased to about a hundred and fifty business people and executives coming from a wide range of industries, attending annual events, promoting each of their business interests.

The council offers an opportunity for business leaders to exchange ideas and knowhow on working in the UAE market. Members have the privilege to take advantage of the council’s benefit to connecting with the significant personalities from top leaders in the private and public sector.

With help from regular networking events, Benelux members can solidify business and government ties while developing strategic collaboration in the growing market opportunities in the country.

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member, whether an individual or company, one will be given an unlimited access to a directory list of members online and be given free entrances to major events. An exclusive BBC membership card will also be given containing discounts on services like hotels, car rentals, restaurants etc.

Here are some of the events that are being organized by the Benelux council on regular basis:

  • Monthly meetings, conferences, seminars
  • Business breakfast and dinners were chosen topics are discussed over meals
  • Monthly Business After Hours
  • Company visits
  • Events with other business councils

Benelux Business Council has increased dramatically over the years where members are coming from all prime industries as well as local and international subsidiaries of Benelux companies.

Type of Membership

Anyone interested in developing business or do partnerships with companies in Benelux countries or is a citizen/resident of a Benelux country may choose from among this membership option:

  • Companies who desires to get more exposures may opt for Corporate Membership. Annual Fee costs 5000 dirham which includes one corporate member and four associate members.
  • For small to medium enterprise, the mini corporate membership is best recommended with an annual fee of 2000 dirhams and including one corporate member. One thousand dirham is the price for every additional associate member.
  • Any residing person in the United Arab Emirates may also avail of the individual membership for 1000 dirhams

For those who are outside of UAE may choose the Offshore membership for 500 dirhams.

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