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A Lifelong Love for Horses: 

Horses are some of the most beautiful creatures we share this world with, whether leisurely horse riding in a field or seeing them compete in some of the world’s biggest races, horses have always been a fascination to me. I fell in love with horses when I was young, and they have been my welcome companion ever since.

Whether it is the simple pleasure in the company of horses or the overwhelming energy around the racetrack, the passion for all things equestrian is always present. Let me take you to some of my favorite horses and special events that give the drive to my fondness and appreciation of horses to this day.

Arabian Horses

Mohamed Dekkak & Chairman of Adgeco Group with Arabian Horse

As a Muslim, I understandably developed an appreciation for the Arabian breed. These types of horses are also one of the oldest breeds that are alive today. As the name suggests, they can trace their origins to the Arabian Peninsula, where there is archeological evidence of the breed dating back 4,500 years.

Arabian horses have distinctive features, notably the chiseled head and dished face that give them a very different look to most horses. Coupled with a long, arched neck and shorter back, Arabian horses stand out wherever they are and are considered some of the finest horses available today, and as such are incredibly desirable for any horse owner.

The story of the Arabian breed is intertwined with the story of civilization, from Alexander the Great to Genghis Kahn, Arabian horses were the chosen mount of the great leaders of the period, even Napoleon chose an Arabian horse to ride.

Arabian horses are known as particularly intelligent animals who form a stronger bond with owners than most horses, and there is a scientific reason for this. Arabian breeds today are descended from the horses that were owned by Bedouin tribes, and such was the severity of the environment, this often meant the horses were kept close to their owners at all times, sharing water and food, and sometimes even the tents. That close bond and living with their human companions has resulted in a breed that forms uncommonly string bonds and shows higher than average intelligence.

Horse Riding

Of course, my passion for horses goes beyond simply enjoying their company, I love the thrill of horse riding. I can release my energy when channeling my inner equestrian spirit. From the Arabian horses to racing and a variety of others, riding these horses both in fields, on natural trails and even on the roads near to the stables is all part of the joy.

I have experienced my share of thrills while mounted on a good horse. I believe that it is when riding where the true bond is created, and where the connection is at its peak. Like millions of people all over the world, I appreciate the communication of trust and partnership with the horse during a ride and the thrill that comes from seeing the world from the perspective of these glorious animals.

World’s Richest Horse Race

Dubai’s local culture rests upon a long-standing relationship with nature and its many offerings. It easy to see that this mega-metropolis has easy access to beautiful open desert landscapes, strong Arabian horses, and the world’s exciting races like the much-celebrated Dubai World Cup.

The race has taken place annually since it was first running in 1996, it is currently held at the Meydan Racecourse in Nad Al Sheba. A 10-furlong flat sprint held on a dirt course, the Dubai World Cup has the largest prize purse in racing at US$ 10 million.

Famous for being the world’s richest horse race, the Dubai World Cup is the perfect place to make all your equestrian pursuits a reality. Being both a horse and a sports fan, this event is always a must-see. I have been blessed to be able to watch and experience some of my favorite horses display their strength on the race track as well as being able to interact with fellow horse enthusiasts. A truly unique experience for anyone who loves racing, it is a great event to meet old friends and make new ones too.

For me, everything about these animals is something to be enjoyed, which is why I am also so enthusiastic about racing. Being present in these kinds of events always leave me a deep sense of appreciation for these magnificent creatures.

Passion and Support

Mohamed Dekkak is receiving Honors and Award during Fusion Grand Orient Gala Dinner
Mohamed Dekkak is receiving Honors and Award during Fusion Grand Orient Gala Dinner

I may get busy doing charity and outreach programs, working with various non-profit organizations to improve the lives of the less fortunate from around the world. My interest, however, in improving awareness and animal welfare naturally extends to my love for horses. I am involved with several organizations promoting horse interests, eventually became a global influencer, blessed for being honored with an award at the World Arabian Horse Racing Conference, known as One World, 6 Continents, in 2017.

At the Fusion Grand Orient Gala Dinner at the event, held at Palais Namaskar, Morocco, I received the award for my work within the Arabian horse community, a clear demonstration of my commitment to these special animals and in particular protect the breed so that the Arabian horse will be a breed that lasts to bring joy to generations of horse owners to come.

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