UAE British

British Business Group

British Business Group is an Association of emigrant British business people together with the national business groups from the United Arab Emirates. It was molded over thirty years ago to encourage the progress of trade in goods and services between…
Singapore Business Council

Singapore Business Council

Singapore Business Council was founded 19 years ago on the year 1999, through the years they have accumulated above 1000 members of each type membership. They’re registered to Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry within the UAE. The SBC operates…
Mohamed Dekkak

Adgeco Group

Chairman and Founder Adgeco Group is a well established and distinguished Holding Company in the United Arab Emirates, which is founded in 1992 by its Chairman and Founder Mohamed Dekkak which caters to the Middle East and the North Africa…
Arab Peace Corps

Arab Peace Corp

Chairman: Arab Peace Corp is a Non-Profit Organization. Motivated by then US President John Kennedy’s Peace Corps, the Arab Peace Corps under the initiative of the New Arab Foundation’s vision and mission is first “to break the negative, strengthening the…
Mohamed Dekkak


Chief Financial Officer: CARLAC: (Council for Arab Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean) The Arab league is seen as a dynamic, vibrant and fast-pacing zone due to its extensive investment base, indisputably crucial and opulent cultural heritage as well as…
Mohamed Dekkak During the Speech on Ibn Battuta Festival

Ibn Battuta Association

Honorary President: Ibn Battuta Association (Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta) has been put up to mainly celebrate and continue the legacy of the great Ibn Battuta by means of cultural events. Moroccan Muslim scholar and traveler, Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta,…
Mohamed Dekkak with the H.E Governer Samir Layazidi inauguration project Tafraout

New Arab Foundation

President/Executive Director: New Arab Foundation: In 1961, U.S. President John Kennedy helped to found the Peace Corps; its mission is to promote world peace. Through the Peace Corps, he looked to energize shared comprehension amongst Americans and individuals of different countries…
Sahara Spirit 1

Sahara Spirit Foundation

Executive President: Sahara Spirit Foundation: Contributing to a brighter future: Your self-respect is the right you ought to have, as this is strongly believed by the Sahara spirit foundation. So many people have been refused their rights to have common…
Union Road Association

Union Road Association

Honorary Chairman: The Union Road Association for Handicaps is a nonprofit organization that focuses on raising global awareness about and needed support for individuals with physical disabilities. Our mission is to show the world that individuals with physical disabilities are…
Australian Business Council Dubai 1

Australian Business Council Dubai

Australian Business Council Dubai: On the off chance that you have a business or are working in an organization and might want to work with different individuals from the Australian Business Council Dubai, we can offer assistance! We encourage mutual…
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