The Journey Back Home -

The Journey Back Home
The Journey Back Home

The Journey Back Home

Ibn Battuta’s junk set sailed from China and back to Samudra on the island of Sumatra. He settled for a few weeks together with the sultan and continued to Quilon before to Calicut. He also considered going back to Muhammad Tughluq, his past Delhi employer and simply throw himself at his mercy. But Ibn Battuta feared for his life.


A Preview of India’s Future

By the time Ibn Battuta revisited India, the ruler Muhammad Tughluq had been preoccupied with fighting the rebels in the north. Several years after Ibn Battuta left India to go home, the ruler, in 1351, passed away due to illness. His Delhi Sultanate became a smaller northern state while the south battled between Muslim and Hindu kingdoms.


Returning to Persia

Ibn Battuta chose to embark on another hajj to Mecca instead of settling in India. With monsoon winds happening, he moved west across the Indian Ocean where he traveled by sea for twenty-eight days and reached Zafar on the south coast of the Arab peninsula.

Due to weather changes, Ibn Battuta sailed north via the Persian Gulf and reached Hormuz city. There, he realized that the elderly Arab leader was at was regarding territory control. The ports are a vital part of the trade in which due to war has been heavily damaged.

So Ibn Battuta traveled through Persia and discovered the fall out of the once mighty Ilkhan Empire. It was only 11 years ago that he traveled with Sultan Bu Sa’id who was so powerful at that time. The ruler had died due to poison and triggered the war between Mongols and Turkish generals.


Discover Ibn Battuta’s Adventures

If you want to know more about the Prince of Travelers, Ibn Battuta and his exciting adventures, participate at the upcoming International Festival of Ibn Battuta which is now in its second edition. The event is happening on November 9 to 12, 2017 and will be held at the city of Tangier, Morocco.

Organized by the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta, this one of a kind event will feature carnivals, conferences, outdoor screening of travel movies, music shows, street art and other exhibitions in line. The activities will be promoting the culture of traveling and how travelers can become Ambassadors of Peace.


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