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Journey to Mecca of Mohamed Dekkak

The Best Place on the planet is Kaaba where people from the world gathered. Even you traveled around the world, but you always want to come here again and wish to live here for the rest of your life.

Every Muslims intends to visit this holy place at least once in their life.  In Kaaba, you feel the real-time peace for the soul which is a stunning experience in my life. When you see the Kaaba, you don’t even want to blink your eyes, and there is no better way in the life to see Al-Kaaba in front with your own eyes.

A beautiful place for meditation, just heaven on earth. There are no words to describe my happiness to visit this holy place. There you will be able to see people all over the world praying to God.

People from all the cultures and races arrive here to get the peace. This place is the most significant example of unity, faith & discipline.

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