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La Societe: Gastronomy and Fashion at its finest

Mohamed Dekkak with Mustapha Alaoui & Abdellah Benabdesslam at La Société in Paris, France
Mohamed Dekkak with Mustapha Alaoui & Abdellah Benabdesslam at La Société in Paris, France


If you are looking for a chic night out and craving for some treat while on your tour in Paris, this has to be included on the top spots to try out.

The La Societe is a restaurant located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The avenue is what you describe as effortlessly fashionable and all things picturesque. Alongside the street are famous fine-dining restaurants, tiered cafés, haute-couture shops, and ivy-covered fences.

If you are also into arts and antique crafts, there are galleries and small museums standing around the corners. The restaurant is where you can also find a historical landmark that is the oldest church in Paris. Brilliant musicians perform on the streets. Famous celebrities and middle-class Parisians often roam Saint Germain and once you get there you will realize that it is obviously a district where afternoon people-watching from a café or playing cards in a brasserie is normal daily happening.

La Societe is a fashion hub of grand Parisian style built by one of France’s leading designers Christian Liaigre and is owned by the Costes. Once you enter the restaurant, you will notice how beautiful and properly dressed the crew are. Anyone can easily assume that they are also guests and not working in the restaurant. Being a high-end restaurant in heart of Paris, La Societe does not only fill you with delicious foods but also fill your senses with elegance and style. The waiters are not only head-turners but also friendly and accommodating. While having your meal, your ears will be welcomed with music played from the grand piano, which sets a relaxing and serene atmosphere in the restaurant.

Mr. Mohamed Dekkak is a fan of mixed French-European and Asian cuisines and this is what La Societe is well known for. According to him, the restaurant is in a great location. The area is easy to access as it is just right on top of the Metro station. You have a choice to dine inside and be immersed in the artistic yet elegant interiors of the restaurant or if you are a nature lover, there are tables outside with canopies and the atmosphere is even better at night.

Once you find your preferred table and made your orders, you will be given a glass of champagne, and while drinking, you will get enough time to perceive the design of the restaurant. Everything from furniture and fixtures, and the floorings are of premium quality and you can choose from a plenty of loungers and leather-covered benches inside the restaurant. However, reservation is recommended if you have preferred spots, as there are times that the restaurant is jam-packed.

The food and drink are exceptional and served generously from the starter, the main course, and to dessert. La Societe exudes a lavish ambience that offers a distinctive and invigorating menu. Fish dishes are magnificent especially the sea bass tartar and steamed salmon, so was the prawn risotto.

At nighttime, the restaurant turns into a high-end club with lounge anthems and graced with dressy collections of Left Bank artists and fashion lovers. Some of the most notable dishes include a roasted duck, tuna nicoise and Le Club Saint Germain.

People do not just come to Le Societe for the food, but also for the experience and everything is worth the price spent. Initially, it is certainly not a tourist place so you get to watch really nice, aristocratic Parisiennes with their families and friends. It offers an all-day menu of post-modern brasserie faire served by the staff of impeccably good looks with manners to match and the ambience speaks of chic and trendy all over the place.

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