Learn About the World's Greatest Traveler in International Festival of Ibn Battuta -

Learn Background & Legacy Of World Great Traveler In Ibn Battuta Festival

The only medieval traveler who visited almost every Muslim land was Ibn Battuta. He started his journey at a very early age by performing Hajj. This deeds of this famous travelers are preserved in almost every history book. Since every individual is not a book-friendly person, so there is a need for some festival or event to keep the cultural heritage of Ibn Battuta alive in the hearts of such people. For this purpose, an association from Morocco introduces an organization to set up such festivals that can entice people from different parts of the globe and spread the culture and tradition of Ibn Battuta.

The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta has organized the first edition of the International Festival of Ibn Battuta last February 2017, and is having the second edition of this festival on November 9-12, 2017. This event will be a great source of knowledge and learning. You can learn the background regarding the legacy of Ibn Battuta by becoming a part of this festival. Let’s take a look at different activities that can help you in learning the history of Ibn Battuta.

Documentaries of Ibn Battuta

Documentaries are always the best source of gaining knowledge, so it will be a part of the second edition of the Ibn Battuta festival. Through documentary films, people can experience the flavor of Ibn Battuta’s journey from beginning till end. These travel movies on the life of Ibn Battuta enable the tourists to feel like they have visited every country they are watching. Many myths or superstitions are associated with the journey of Ibn Battuta, so these documentaries aim at eliminating these myths and illustrating the clear and realistic picture of his journey. The documentary films or travel movies will enable the tourists to know the legacy of the most famous traveler and a great human being.

Art exhibition

The Ibn Battuta Association intends to revive the culture and tradition of the greatest traveler through various activities so that people can take an interest in learning about the background of Ibn Battuta. Paintings or Art exhibitions always produce glare in the eyes because of its amazing colors and the way it tells stories. Art communicates a stronger message than the written stuff, and it leaves a lasting impression, so people can learn a lot from the street art or paintings displayed in the auditorium. When a person becomes a part of this festival, then he will feel as if everything shows the history of Ibn Battuta.

Performing Arts

The theatrical exhibition will reenact the journey of Ibn Battuta in a very interesting way. Students from different schools will glorify this event by taking part in these plays. People who take less interest in reading can still learn the history of Ibn Battuta by watching the theatrical dramas which will be a part of the scheduled activities. These dramas are always thrilling for the people, and it can mesmerize the audience in a fraction of a minute. It is another way of illustrating the background of Ibn Battuta, so people can really enjoy this event yet can learn everything about the well-known traveler.


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