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Low Carbon Renewable Energy COP22 side event

Low Carbon Renewable Energy:

The issue of Climate Change is utterly important to be discussed on a global scale as hundreds of countries have been suffering its fury.  In this regard, it is crucial for our global leaders to realize that the overall population needs good and reliable solutions to combat global warming.

The United Nations yearly convention on climate change is set to happen in the city of Marrakech in Morocco this 2016. The conference of parties labeled as COP22, this green initiative is scheduled to evaluate the improvements made with regards to efforts completed to fight global warming. Countries taking part in this event will talk about consenting to plans to keep away from the most exceedingly harmful effects of environmental change.

In accordance with this significant eco event, the Council on Arab World Relations with Latin America. The Caribbean also known as CARLAC, an organization set up to solidify the relations between Latin America, the Arab World and the Caribbean in cooperation with OCP Policy Center, a policy-oriented think tank based in Rabat together with business giant Masdar, FGV and School of Public Policy has put out a one day COP22 side event entitled “Low Carbon Renewable Energy: Lessons from MENA and Latin America Regions” on 10th of November  2016 at 3:30pm in Bab Ighli, Green Zone, city of Marrakech.

Countries from Latin America, the Middle East, and North African regions have already achieved the significant milestone of utilizing the power from renewable energy. The COP22 side event will work as an opportunity for these countries to present these lessons, experiences, and information, all while encouraging other countries to look into their country’s renewable energy sources as life-long solutions and eventually adapt the system of eco-technology.

Ambassador Hasan Abdelrahman, CARLAC’s Chief Executive Officer, announced the anticipated participation of high-level representatives from Latin America and Caribbean governments as well as civic leaders. Abu Dhabi-based businessman Mohamed Dekkak, one of CARLAC’s founding members and the organization’s chief finance officer is inviting environment leaders, peers and field experts on this very important side event to participate in a productive discussion on issues of climate change.

To prepare for COP22, a Pre-COP Ministerial Meeting was held last October 18-19. The meeting was chaired by COP22 President Salaheddine Mezouar, and Minister of the Environment of France and COP21 President Segolene Royal, together with Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, Patricia Espinosa.

The meeting – which warmly received ministers and representatives from seventy countries, aimed at finishing the preparation of the agenda of 22nd Conference of Parties, as well as planning the entry into force of the Paris Agreement due on November 4, and the initial meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement (CMA1) during the COP.

Representatives recognize the need to establish the implementation of the Paris Agreement before, and after 2020 with regards to capacity building and financial tools as well as rules for the execution of the agreement.

For more information about this event, visit CARLAC’s official website regarding Low Carbon Renewable Energy



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