Malaysian Business Council
Malaysian Business Council

Malaysian Business Council in Dubai aims to promote entrepreneurship and leadership between Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Founded in the year 1986, the Malaysian Business Council though not producing any profit, aims to help its members to promote their interests based in Malaysia with businesses linked in the United Arab Emirates.

As an effective business chamber, the council gives the forum for business officials from Malaysia and UAE. The MBC works seriously with the government of both countries and has an active part in developing the bilateral relationship. An Executive Committee is built to lead the council comprising of prominent business people in both countries to be able to maintain the vision and mission of the council that serves the best interest of Malaysia and UAE.

The Malaysian Business Council is a great arena to explore and improve the business dynamics in UAE. Since the members can share and develop every business strategy that they have to promote and uplift all the business sectors and industries. The members of the chamber have confidence and security because of the strong alliance between Malaysia and UAE.

The MBC facilitates meetings every month, to promote collaborations and networking among members and to implement valuable information that is essential in the development and growth of every business.


The Malaysian Business Council of Dubai is a profitless and voluntary association of businessmen both individual and group who aims to outlive their mission and vision such as:

  • To work with individuals and organizations in Dubai on matters of mutual interest.
  • To heighten awareness of Dubai’s commercial position in the Middle East among the Malaysia business community.
  • To promote the development of commerce and investment between Malaysia and Dubai.
  • To provide a forum in which Malaysian business executives in Dubai and business executives with Malaysian interest may identify, discuss and pursue common interests regarding their activities.
  • To strive to bring better a better awareness of Malaysian Businesses, products, and services in Dubai.
  • To provide a forum for Malaysian business and Malaysian Business interests, and acts as an advocate for the enhancement of the business climate in the UAE

Malaysian Business Council the Business Gateway

Being part of such a huge and stable business chamber in the country would take us further in the business industry. Despite so many advantages of being a member, joining was made easy and with minimal fees to be collected. There are two types of membership: Corporate Membership and Individual Membership. The Corporate Full Membership is for Malaysian Companies built in UAE, and have a shareholding or ultimate Malaysian and/or management. This membership can apply to a maximum of three persons. The Individual Full Membership is for all Malaysian citizens and permanent residents of Malaysia who are senior members and/or professionals of either Malaysian or Non-Malaysian entities established in UAE. This membership is only for one person.

Perks of the Membership:

As a member you are entitled to all these exciting privileges and advantages:

  • Exclusive invitations to Malaysian Embassy/Consulate led events with visiting Malaysian Ministers
  • Exclusive invitations for Malaysian-led trade missions for members only
  • Priority registration for MBC events and guaranteed access
  • Online and printed membership directory
  • MBC membership card and membership certificate
  • Member’s Benefits Program enjoy special discounts on products and services offered by fellow MBC members
  • Membership discounts on entrance fees to MBC events
  • Being a visible part of the Malaysian community in the UAE and supporting your fellow Malaysians
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