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Marbella: A piece of heaven in Andalusia

There is land in Andalusia where anybody’s dream getaway comes true. Bordered by sceneries of great beauty and with unmatched natural environments. Exuding the Mediterranean and unadulterated maritime tradition.  Marbella is the place where grand experience is the best start to appreciate life and be happy.

Marbella is called the golden city in Spain. It has 30 km of peaceful Mediterranean beaches with Sierra Blanca Mountains in the background. Marbella is located west of the Malaga, which is the capital city of Costa del Sol. Around 300,000 people living in the city and approximately two and a half million people visit Marbella every year.

Marbella RestaurantsMarbella is well known for its harbors and pristine shorelines. The place is called Puerto Banus and it is where you can find many locals and tourists walking around, enjoying the sun, and relaxing the lines of chic restaurants and cafes. The place becomes more alive at night as it also has plenty of bars. For those who love to shop, Marbella is a place to go as it has easy access to top designer stores. They can be found around the corners of the streets.

During the old times, Marbella was a small mining town. Now, it has grown into one of the most enchanting tourist spots on the Costa del Sol. The history is really prominent in its narrow cobblestoned streets and flower-ornamented plazas, which are filled with delightful shops selling all arts and crafts. One of the loveliest spots is the renowned Orange Square, which is located just off the main street and is home to the 16th-century town hall.

There is an old town in Marbella, which Spanish Christians retook from the Muslim invaders back in the 15th century. The place still has the remnants of Muslim arts and architecture and the people who visit the place without researching about the history of the old town will be surprised. It is very uncommon for a city that is associated with the contemporary world and wide-ranging tourism to successfully keep the treasures of the past. The old streets exhibit asymmetrical outline that is predominant during the Arabic era, while it ends to open squares, which are designed right after the Occupation of Christians.

Luxury is what best describes Marbella for its grand mansions and hotels. It is home to Royalties, Hollywood celebrities, and wealthy tycoons. Marbella’s hotels are what attracted the movie stars back in the 50’s. Here you can find the world famous Marbella Club Hotel and to prove its Muslim heritage, there are structures built by Muslim Royalties like the mosque of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia as well as the white house which was built to serve as his summer residence. The mosque is a gift to the people of Marbella. There is a place called Golf Valley, which has the most number of courses than any other places in the world.

The climate in Costa del Sol, especially in Marbella, is said to give the finest microclimates among the cities, with neighboring highlands shielding this city from icy winds.  Therefore, Marbella has the right taste of summertime and wintertime.  The people who decided to live forever in the city appreciate the mild winters, as well as those who just want to pass their winter break away from their country.

Another thing that cannot go unnoticed to the visitors is the friendliness of the local Malagueños. They are jovial and enjoy the experience with the visitors who are generally from other countries or parts of Spain. They welcoming and have a tradition of cordiality that is rooted. The people are astonishingly accepting of all people, as there are mosques, Christian churches, shrines, and synagogues found anywhere in the city. The locals love conversation and celebrations. They relish gastronomic food and their local dishes also have a distinct taste of mixed culture.

MarbellaMarbella’s history, its people, its streets, and its hidden beauty spots and monumental strength make it a place where the light of the dazzling sun shines incessantly. The bewitching power of the sea in Marbella embraces anybody from the first instant. It is a place for those who dream to live close to the stars, to live a life full of opportunities and feel deep inside the magnitude of peace and inner tranquillity.

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