Mohammed VI Museum of Water Civilization

Marrakech’s newest museum features all about Water


Mohammed VI Museum of Water Civilization

Morocco’s Mohammed VI Museum of Water Civilization is Marrakech’s newest exhibition center which highlights the essence of water in both the country’s history and heritage.

The museum named after the Moroccan King, who, throughout his reign, has made many efforts to build water sources and canals was inaugurated by Prince Moulay Hassan during the first quarter of 2017 and was reported to value a total of MAD 163 million.

The said leader, who upon his arrival went over a section of the Royal Guard who paid the honors, and was welcomed by the minister of Endowments & Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, as well as the Wali of the Marrakech-Safi region, governor of the prefecture of Marrakech, Abdelfettah Labjioui.

Built with no walls showcasing a hybrid museological model which intends to uphold and introduce Morocco’s traditional hydraulics.

A basic life source, the museum aspires to communicate the value of water, promoting awareness on the many pressing water concerns. The facility displays the heritage of Moroccan School of Moroccan Water, ingrained in old practices that need to be preserved and used as a sample for efficient use of water resources.

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Endowments & Islamic Affairs, Mohammed VI Museum of Water Civilization holds a strong desire to play a part in the documentation and conservation of Morocco’s water system relating to the cultural, social and religious aspect of the country while showcasing the many different water resources and forms including hydrological, hydrogeological and marine.

The facility seeks to explore water’s spiritual elements and acknowledge the efforts of late HM Hassan II, to rave about the hydraulic policy of HM King Mohammed VI, and to bring to mind the traditional commercial and technological standpoints of water usage.

The museum is divided into 13 themes with emphasis on water space, its scientific facet, properties and nature benefits in a modern and futuristic setting inspired by water molecules.

The property will also become one of Marrakech’s iconic cultural infrastructure that will attract thousands of visitors. A place for fun and leisure as well as an educational experience on any water-related subjects that affect the country and world over. The museum will also carry out exhibits, education workshops, conferences, local and international seminars.

Educational tools will be made available at the museum for children and field researchers on water and hydraulic heritage. It also includes an office pavilion as well as green spaces. The building will be with no walls to create a water network just like during the old times.

Overall, the Mohammed VI Museum of Water Civilization is an archeological museum that preserves heritage, a science gallery to push for innovation, a new interpretation center to engage participation, and an international research center in encouraging discovery and communication.

The country has, over the past fifteen years, seen substantial improvements with regards to accessibility in the water supply as well as sanitation concern. Foreign aids are also supporting water resource management in Morocco by means of introducing modern technologies to help improve the farmers’ productivity in agriculture and other livelihoods.


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