Mohamed Dekkak with association zyriab Oujda

Meeting on Moroccan Judaism

Mohamed Dekkak with Association Zyriab Oujda
Mohamed Dekkak with Association Zyriab Oujda


Under the patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME), in collaboration with the Council of Israelite Communities of Morocco (CCIM), organizes for the first time, an assembly meeting on the theme ”Moroccan Judaism: for a shared Moroccanness”, held from 13th until 18th of November 2018 in the city of Marrakech.

According to a joint statement by Serge Berdugo, secretary general of the CCIM and Mr. Abdellah Boussouf, the secretary general of CCME. Beyond the nostalgia and the memory, the capacity to meet, execute a dialogue and to think together Morocco, we must strengthen what makes up our uniqueness. We must make Morocco a field of ambitions and not a mere conservatory of a common memory.

This meeting attended by Adgeco Group’s Chairman and Founder, Mohamed Dekkak, brings together 250 that belongs to a Jewish religion, Moroccans residing in Morocco and abroad, including civil society figures, teachers, academics, commentators, business leaders, journalists, and researchers. Moroccan people that aims to celebrate this Moroccan exception, and deepen the reflection on questions such as what does it mean in the twenty-first century to be Moroccan when one lives far from one’s native land?” How to preserve our specificity in our host countries? Or how can the Moroccan communities abroad assume a role of treaty-unit, propose for a consolidation of the relations between the country of origin and host country? The goal of this meeting is not to provide answers to these questions, but to prolong the reflection.

Two exhibitions are scheduled on the sidelines of this event: “Portraits of Moroccan Jews from the Atlas and Sahara” of Elias Harrus, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and ” Rehabilitation of Moroccan Jewish Cultural Heritage: Synagogues and Cemeteries”, from Museum of Moroccan Judaism.

The latter exhibition covers around 50 photographs, which presents the rehabilitated memorial and cemeteries under the directives of King Mohammed VI to protect and conserve all religious sites including Morocco’s cemeteries and sanctuaries. This rehabilitation of Jewish cemeteries was launched in 2010 and is a clear evidence of the strong roots of the Jewish community in the geography and history and of Morocco.

The “Portraits of Moroccan Jews from the Atlas and Sahara” covers no less than thirty colored and black and white photographs. The collected pieces give visitors a trip back in time and explore further the everyday lifestyle of the Moroccan Jews from the Atlas and the South of the Kingdom. The photos give emphasis on the religious rites, crafts, culture and traditions of the Moroccan Jews.

These portraits are also a creative indication of the deep bond amongst the Muslim and the Jewish community, living in peace and harmony in this land of Islam with the most absolute respect of the other.

In addition to the exhibits, a documentary film entitled “Yahssra … Douk Lyam”, which was directed by Serge Berdugo and Marc Berdugo will also be screened.

This assembly is a joint collaboration of several institutions including the Judeo-Moroccan Heritage Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, the Alliance Universal Israelite and the Association of Friends of the Museum of Moroccan Judaism.



The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad


CCME or the Council of the Moroccan community abroad was established in December 2007 to be in charge of monitoring and assessing Morocco’s public policies with regards to its nationals living abroad. The organization also oversees social and human rights issues in line with protecting the interests of Moroccans living abroad, to solidify their contribution to the country’s economic advancement and build friendly relations and cooperation between Morocco and the host country.









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